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New Jerusalems

Before I discuss New Jerusalems, let us step back and first examine Jerusalem itself. Solomon’s Temple was located somewhere on Jerusalem’s temple mount. However, there is debate as to the exact location of the “holy of holies” where the Ark of the Covenant was kept. Was the holy of holies located on the Foundation Stone inside the Dome of the Rock or was it located elsewhere on the temple mount?

In 1977 Dr. Asher Kaufman published a paper, ‘New Light upon Zion: the Plan and Precise Location of the Second Temple’ that located the most sacred place in Judaism about 100 yards north of the Dome of the Rock under a small dome formerly known as the Dome of the Tablets that I covered in SIPS Volume 1.

Dome of the Tablets

Dome of the Tablets from SIPS Volume 1

The late John Michell discovered what he termed The Messianic Axis in Jerusalem that corroborated the Kaufman theory.

The ark of the covenant held the 10 commandments, which actually sound a lot like spell 125 from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, but that’s another story.

Here is what the Messianic Axis looks like along with Michell’s 5×12 sacred geometric overlay. Richard Heath shows in his book Sacred Number and the Origins of Civilization that the X’s mark the holiest places in Christianity and Judaism. I have shown how the 6:5 proportions of these X’s have a double-layered encoding in the metrology of Cubits. Curious how all these stories occurred along a line.

Michell's sacred geometry of Jerusalem

Michell’s sacred geometry of Jerusalem

Jan Thulstrup noticed that the dome of St Peter’s Basilica has an inner radius of 20.736 meters. The cubit that measures Jerusalem is 20.736 inches in length. This coincidence is entirely fitting for the holiest places in Christendom. Rome is a New Jerusalem.



The name Peter means rock. Speaking of domes and rocks, the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is 3333.3 km from La Place de la Nation in Paris.


The Tuileries Gardens in Paris shares Jerusalem’s 5×12 proportions. The Historical Axis of Paris exhibits the same pattern as the Messianic Axis of Jerusalem. The Sun King not only had but also built a messianic complex. Paris is a New Jerusalem.


Putting these patterns together, here is what emerges:


The Rond-Point des Champs-Élysées is 3652422 yards from the center of Jerusalem. The tropical year is 365.2422 days. The Rond-Point has 6 fountains arranged in a Star of David pattern. The heading from Jerusalem to Paris is 314° true north, recalling π. None of this is an accident but if it were, how amazing! What are the chances?

New Jerusalems are not an original idea. The Book of Revelation introduces the heavenly, or as we might see it now, a higher-dimensional template of New Jerusalem:

And I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. -Rev 21:2


Also later in Chapter 21 New Jerusalem’s cube-it dimensions are given:

And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal. -Verse 16

12 thousand cubed is 1728 billion cubic furlongs. Michell calculated that the 5×12 rectangle in Jerusalem’s long side measures 1728 cubits. The cubits measure 6/5 feet cubed, or 1.728 feet. Therefore the heavenly new Jerusalem of the Bible is dimensioned using the template from the real Jerusalem or maybe it is the other way around.

I showed in SIPS Volume 1 how DC is a New Jerusalem.


New York’s Central Park is proportioned by double 5×12 rectangles which just so happen to also correspond to the proportions of the dollar bill with 98% accuracy.


Urban Asplund measured the distance from the Round Fountain in the Tuileries, which corresponds to the holy of holies inside Solomon’s Temple, and discovered that it is exactly 6666.6 km to the center of Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park, Chicago.


Look at how both complexes are fronted by water, with the sinuous Seine running through Paris and the Chicago River and Lake Michigan in Chicago. Both complexes feature fountains with sprays of water.

In Revelation Chapter 22, John of Patmos’ described New Jerusalem as having a “pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God.”

La Jérusalem nouvelle. Le Fleuve de Vie. c1047

La Jérusalem nouvelle. Le Fleuve de Vie. c1047

Could this water of life proceeding out of his seat refer to the spinal Kundalini energy discussed in Serpent Wisdom?

Grant Park has the same 5×12 proportions. Amazingly, Buckingham Fountain is the official eastern terminus of US Historic Route 66.

The western terminus of Route 66 is the end of the Santa Monica Pier, which I discussed in SIPS Volume 2 (watch to learn how it connects to Baalbek, Century City and Hollywood). The distance from the end of the pier, the official “end of the trail” of Route 66 to the Dome of the Tablets in Jerusalem is 6600 nautical miles.

Route 66 snakes its way from Chicago to LA, over 2000 miles, all the way. Highways are like rivers. I see Route 66 symbolizing the water of life flowing to the Pacific ocean.

With all the repeating 6′s in the measures of these New Jerusalems I should point out a few more. The distance from the Round Fountain in the Tuileries Gardens to the obelisk in La Place de la Concorde is 666 meters. It’s like the template in microcosm.


The Kaaba in Mecca is 666.6 nautical miles from the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. These are the official two most sacred spots in Islam and Judaism, respectively. Clearly these encoded distances transcend any one particular religious tradition. Perhaps there is something or someone deeper, patterning the world.

"Sacred Sites" from Quantification

“Sacred Sites” from Quantification

Kevin McMahon posted this graphic on Facebook today. He also discovered that it is 777.7 miles from Grant Park Buckingham Fountain to the entrance of the IPG at a heading of 314° true north.


If you saw SIPS Volume 1, you might recall that Stonehenge has its station stones which describe a 5×12 rectangle.

from SIPS Volume 1

from SIPS Volume 1

Stonehenge is also 33.33° from Solomon’s Temple.

Stonehenge Solomon's Temple

Perhaps Stonehenge was the template for Jerusalem? Food for thought.

Asplund made the following connections. I call it the “Esoteric Metro”. All four sites are in an alignment and thus in a sense, they all resonate as New Jerusalems.


Some massive integration is going on lately. Here are two more stations in the esoteric metro. The two paths from Ellora and Carnac converging on the Freemason Emblem Building at the International Peace Garden meet at a 45° angle. The IPG is located at 100°3’33.33″W.


Did you know the highest concentration of lightning on Earth (20,000 strikes per night) occurs in a specific location? This happens over a spot called Aguas Muertas where the Catatumbo River empties into Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela.

So bright and reliable is the lightning that this location has been called the Maracaibo Lighthouse for hundreds of years.

The phenomenon is characterized by almost continuous lightning, mostly within the clouds, which is produced in a large vertical development of clouds that form electric arcs between 2 and 10 km in height (or more).

Wouldn’t it be amazing if people could harness that raw power? It might light up the planet in terms of providing for our electrical needs.


An average bolt of negative lightning carries an electric current of 30,000 amperes, and transfers 15 coulombs of electric charge and 500 megajoules of energy. Large bolts of lightning can carry up to 120,000 amperes and 350 coulombs of charge. -Source

Doing the math, I calculate that a single large bolt apparently provides the energy of 11,666,666,666 joules. :)

The Lighthouse of Maracaibo is 6666 miles from Heliopolis, which is in turn 3333 miles from the highest point on Earth. That is some serious Earthupuncture! It reminds me of moxybustion. The City of the Sun sure seems to be sited well for accumulating earth energy. It was built long before Jerusalem existed. In fact all that remains of Heliopolis above ground is this one granite needle.


The sacred geometry of Jerusalem (1728 cubits of 1.728 feet each) is encoded in our very units of measure, a secret in plain sight. One cubic foot = 1728 cubic inches.

The Earth’s diameter is 7920 miles. 7920 inches = 1 furlong. 17280 furlongs = 2160 miles. The Moon’s diameter is 2160 miles. We are living in the ‘heavenly’ New Jerusalem…

Earthrise in the Matrix

Earthrise in the Matrix

…spaceship Earth.

Deep Challenges

My research presents you with a series of challenges to your world-view. With discoveries like the 3333 mile distance between the ruins of Heliopolis and Mount Everest, you see either: (a) meaningless coincidence that you can immediately dismiss or (b) evidence of an advanced geodetic and metrological knowledge that is out of place with everything we know about ancient culture, or (c) something else. If you choose explanation (b), how do you reconcile it?

Heliopolis Everest

Urban Asplund emailed me with the data that the distance from Giza to Mount Kilimanjaro is 33.33°. I verified this fact in Google Earth, and I recommend you do this also with all of the distances and alignments I mention so you can see for yourself. Repeatability is what makes this science rather than superstition. Hopefully you will appreciate the research rationally and perhaps even be enticed to start your own.

Giza Kilimanjaro

The quoted distance isn’t to the summit, but to the side of the mountain. Still, it is accurate to say that the distance between Giza and Mount Kilimanjaro is 33.33°.

I discovered some time ago that the distance from Stonehenge to Solomon’s Temple is the same 33.33° distance. Of course Solomon’s Temple is long gone, but all three Abrahamic religions tend to agree that it was somewhere on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount and it falls entirely within that quoted distance.

Stonehenge Solomon's Temple

The Great Pyramid of Giza encodes 3333 inches inside it. This is evident if you simply inscribe an equilateral triangle within its elevation. So the fascination with Threes goes back at least to ancient Egypt.

"Eye of Horus" from Quantification

“Eye of Horus” from Quantification

However, this challenges our understanding of the so-called “English” system of measurement. Even if you take explanation (a) and reject this as a coincidence, isn’t it odd that St. Paul’s Cathedral is 555.5′ or 6666″ long or that the Washington Monument is 555.5′ or 6666″ high? These coincidences keep piling up quite inconveniently for world-view (a).

So if you are going with explanation (b), then it seems unavoidably like the ancient Egyptians were using inches, feet, and miles. However, the Great Pyramid also encodes 10π in meters…

"Ten Pies" from Quantification

“Ten Pies” from Quantification

…and even encodes the speed of light using the system of degrees/minutes/seconds and the metric system.

Detail of "The Meter" from Quantification

Detail of “The Meter” from Quantification

Asplund made this connection and I made the graphic:

"Mountains of Light"

“Mountains of Light”

The Louvre Pyramid is 481 km from the summit of Mont Blanc and Mont Blanc’s summit is 4810m above sea level. Mont Blanc is the highest summit in Europe. The Great Pyramid was 481 feet high when it was built and covered in gleaming polished Tura limestone casing stones, with joints so accurate they were practically invisible. The glass pyramid, the white mountain, and the gleaming pyramid all are expressions of the transmission or reflection of light. The numbers synchronize but they are a mismatch of kilometers, meters, and feet.

Egyptologists would call all of this utterly preposterous and I agree with them to the extent that it doesn’t make any sense from world-view (b). I can’t reconcile this out-of-place knowledge with what we know about ancient cultures so my world-view is necessarily (c), something else.

Consider the following facts. Heliopolis, the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Lighthouse of Virginia are all in an alignment. The distance from the Lighthouse of Alexandria, also known as PARia-ISis (see Talisman by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval) to the Eiffel Tower in PARIS is 3033.33 km.



Asplund discovered that the distance from the Lighthouse of Alexandria to the alignments of menhirs at Carnac is 3333.33 km. The distance from the Lighthouse of Alexandria to the Eiffel Tower is precisely 3033.33 km.

The distance from the tip of Eiffel Tower to the center of Sagrada Familia is exactly e million feet. The circumference of the Sun is e million miles (99.99%). Euler’s constant e is one of the most important numbers in mathematics.

"Mil e On"

“Mil e On”

All these resonators needling the Earth remind me of acupuncture and needling the human body. If they are doing that on the macro scale then they are doing it along great circles and encoding very precise distances.


The replica lighthouse in Alexandria, Virginia (give me a break) is 333 feet in height. Scottish rite freemasons seem to be in on all of this with 32, the highest degree one earns, and the 33° being by invitation only.

Lighthouse of Alexandria, Virginia aka George Washington National Masonic Memorial (333' height)

Lighthouse of Alexandria, Virginia aka George Washington National Masonic Memorial (333′ height)

However, the Sun disc has an angular size that varies between 32 and 33° of arc. This seems to be beyond conspiracy, unless the conspiracy includes the division of a circle into 360°, which goes back at least to ancient Babylon, which admittedly is located at 32°32’32″N. Don’t forget Homeland Security’s Babylonian Ziggurat in southern California located at 33°33’33″N where I learned to drive. Right. See Memorabilia.

I do not work for Homeland Security, the CIA, FBI, NSA, KGB, or the DMV. In fact I was kind of hoping you might donate or buy some of my books, videos or T-shirts to help me continue my research.

OK, here are a few more challenges. A line from the deepest part of the ocean, literally known as Challenger Deep, to Mount Everest continues to Abu Simbel, Egypt. Abu Simbel is the site of some exquisite rock-cut temples that remind me of Ellora. This is the “small temple”:

Ad Meskens CC BY-SA 3.0

Ad Meskens CC BY-SA 3.0

The distance from Abu Simbel to Everest is 3456 miles. 3456 is a term in what I call The Cosmic Sequence.

Abu Simbel Everest Challenger Deep

It appears to me like the ancient Egyptians somehow had global knowledge to line this up so beautifully. Maybe the following is really what is going on, who knows?


Here is another challenge from the deep:


The line from Everest to Challenger Deep continues on the other side of the planet to Easter Island. Furthermore it measures 6066 km from Everest to Challenger Deep and 6666 nautical miles from the deepest part of the ocean to Easter Island. It is 6660.6 km from Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the ocean, to Mauna Loa which is actually the world’s tallest mountain if measured from the sea floor.

I am talking about the structure of the Earth, not some crypto-Egypto conspiracy involving Satan, the Anunnaki and/or the Illuminati.

On the flipside, the distance from Easter Island to Heliopolis is 16180 km. Phi, the golden ratio is 1.6180…

Easter Island Nazca Heliopolis

Incidentally, the Nazca Lines are on this great circle and the distance from the famous Hummingbird geoglyph to the Great Pyramid is precisely 111.11°.

Asplund mentioned that he wanted to see how wide the Mediterranean was and so he measured it. It is 33.33° from Gibraltar to Beirut. That just about dimensions it perfectly, don’t you think?


In the same spirit I measured the distance between Hawaii and the mainland. Like Easter Island, Hawaii is one of the most isolated places on Earth. Just how isolated you ask? The shortest landfall is 33.0° from the Big Island to Point Arena, California.

Hawaii Point Arena

The last challenge is one Asplund posed to me and I added to. He found that the breadth and depth of Africa is 66.6° by 66.6°. I added the 66.6° angle between the north pole and the ecliptic to complete the highly improbable but factual picture of our planet. I almost forgot: spaceship Earth orbits at an average speed of 666666 miles/hour (99.9%).


While I was putting together this image last night, which was actually the first in my newfound green globe style, I was listening to music. iTunes reports that I have 51 GB of audio adding up to a whopping play time of 52:17:29:12 of listening pleasure.

Which long forgotten song or ancient melody do you suppose should happen to “randomly” play while I am comparing my image of Africa with the one earlier in this post on Kilimanjaro?

I’m sure there is no other song in my library or maybe even in the world having the words Africa and Kilimanjaro as lyrics. At least the gods have a sense of humor. I feel this play is supposed to be a comedy rather than a tragedy and we have all somehow lost the plot. Here is to meeting deep challenges with a sense of humor!

Speaking of, my architect friend Christian emailed me this image yesterday. Maybe this is what all those obelisks, lighthouses and menhirs are ultimately about after all.



Back in 2012 I wrote a post on Burning Man, a post-modern pilgrimage where 50,000 people converge on Black Rock City in the Nevada desert every summer. This cathartic festival culminates in the ritual burning of a giant man in effigy.

Burning Man

Julius Caesar wrote in his Commentary on the Gallic War that the Gauls sacrificed men by burning them inside wicker effigies but it appears that this might have been disinformation designed to demonize the druids.

Wicker Man

Wicker Man

Black Rock City is the name of the temporary encampment recreated every year in the Nevada desert. Designed by a now-deceased architect, Black Rock City occupies 66.6% of a circle inscribed within a pentagon. Kevin McMahon realized that the azimuth from the center to one of the points is 333.3° true north. I bring this up now because the axis of Black Rock City points to Santiago de Compostela, a traditional pilgrimage site in northwestern Spain.

Black rock city

Legend holds that St. James’s remains were carried by boat from Jerusalem to Galicia Spain where he was buried in what is now the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. The Way of St. James, or the Camino as is is known in Spanish, was one of the most important Christian pilgrimages during medieval times, together with pilgrimages to Rome and Jerusalem.

Counter to what you might expect, the number of pilgrims is growing today. Over 200,000 people made the walk last year. Shirley Maclaine chronicled her transformative physical and spiritual journey in her book The Camino.


People going on the Camino come from all over the world but I wondered if there is a symbolic start point for this pilgrimage?

The axis of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain points directly to the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels in Assisi, Italy. I wrote about St. Francis of Assisi (1181-1226), founder of his namesake Franciscan order, in Secrets of San Francisco.

Francis was a wealthy young man when he had an ecstatic vision of nature mysticism.

St. Francis in Ecstasy by Giovanni Bellini (c. 1475)

St. Francis in Ecstasy by Giovanni Bellini (c. 1475)

After going on a pilgrimage to Rome, Francis gave up his riches and possessions and begged with the beggars outside the doors of St. Peter’s. While homeless he had another vision where Jesus said to him three times, “Go and repair my house that is falling into ruin.” He returned to Assisi and circa 1211 rebuilt the tiny Porziuncola, a stone chapel that he lived outside of in a primitive hut. Francis later founded the Order of Poor Clares for women and became known as the patron saint of animals and the environment.

The Porziuncola inside the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels

The Porziuncola inside the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels – Georges Jansoone CC BY-SA 2.5

Francis died in his hut, not fifteen yards from the chapel, at sunset on Saturday, 3 October 1226. Shortly after 1290 the tiny stone chapel became entirely inadequate to accommodate the throngs of pilgrims visiting the site. The Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels was built around the Porziuncola to protect it and control the flow of pilgrims.

I took a pilgrimage there with my family (see Trip to Italy and France) and my wife was affected by its palpable sense of sacredness.

Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, Assisi

Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, Assisi

The prayer of Saint Francis, whether or not it was really written by him, affects me emotionally. It is a work of goodness and humility and thus resonates with St. Francis.

Make me an instrument of peace;
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is discord, harmony;
Where there is error, truth;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
And where there is sadness, joy.
Grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console;
To be understood as to understand;
To be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.

Francis of Assisi himself completed the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. The distance from the rond-point of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela to the Round Fountain in the Tuileries Gardens of Paris is 666.66 miles. Urban Asplund discovered this geo-metric gem.

Compostela Round Fountain

Note the orbs in the photo inside the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, possibly attesting to the sacredness of that space.

Asplund notes that the distance from the same Round Fountain in the Tuileries to Bugarach Peak overlooking Rennes le Chateau is 666.66 km. Furthermore it is due south. Bugarach Peak is located at 42°51’52.30″N, 2°22’45.21″E.

Pic Bugarach Round Fountain Tuileries

Bugarach Peak has been a New Age pilgrimage site since the 1960s.

For decades, there has been a belief that Pic de Bugarach, which, at 1,230 metres, is the highest in the Corbières mountain range, possesses an eerie power. Often called the “upside-down mountain” – geologists think that it exploded after its formation and the top landed the wrong way up – it is thought to have inspired Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth and Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Since the 1960s, it has attracted New Agers, who insist that it emits special magnetic waves.

Further, rumours persist that the country’s late president François Mitterrand was transported by helicopter onto the peak, while the Nazis, and later, Israel’s Mossad, performed mysterious digs there. Now the nearby village is awash with New Agers, who have boosted the local economy, though their naked group climbs up to the peak have raised concerns as well as eyebrows. -Source

The distance from Cleopatra’s Needle in New York City to Bugarach Peak is 3303.33 Nautical Miles.

Cleopatra's Needle Pic Bugarach

Twenty kilometers east of Paris is a commune in the historic province of Brie called Champs-sur-Marne. In 2005, a new rond-point was built in the Pyramid district (so-called because of a housing complex of the same name built in the 70s) featuring a scale model of the three pyramids of Giza, complete with Sphinx. The Nile is represented by purple flowers. The distance from the center of this rond-point to the purple peak of Bugarach is 666066 meters. Wikipedia lists the population density of Champs-sur-Marne as 3333 persons per square kilometer. I can’t believe it, but there it is!


The distance from the Round Fountain to the Luxor Obelisk in La Place de la Concorde is 666 meters.


The distance from the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile to the Louvre Pyramid is 3333 meters.


In SIPS Volume 1 I profiled the sacred geometry of Jerusalem…

…and showed how it was replicated in the Tuileries Gardens of Paris:

The Round Fountain in the Tuileries correlates with Solomon’s Temple. That’s interesting because Solomon is all about 666′s. Consider this bible quote:

Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold [666]. -1 Kings 10:14

This makes me wonder which man was referred to in Revelation. Might the beast actually be none other than wise Solomon?

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six [666]. -Revelation 13:18

The Seal of Solomon is the same as his father David’s famous Star, which is on the flag of Israel today. The Star of David has a resonance with 666.

star of david

In SIPS Volume 2, I connected Solomon with Sol Amon, names for the Sun and ancient Egyptian Sun God…

Sol Amon

…and observed that the grand total of the magic square of the Sun is 666.

Magic Square of the Sun

Solomon’s Temple (today’s Dome of the Rock/Western Wall/Farthest Mosque) is 666.6 nautical miles from the Kaaba in Mecca. What is it about sacred sites that draws pilgrims? They attract non-physical spirits and spirits-having-a-human-experience with a kind of magnetic action-at-a-distance.

The spiritual magnetism of the Kaaba

The magnetism of the Kaaba

Today my wife asked me what I was up to and I said I’m writing a blog post on Pilgrimage. She said, “Have you checked out Lourdes?” No I hadn’t. Following her suggestion and this synchronicity, here is what to my utter amazement appears:

Louvre Lourdes 666

In SIPS Volume 1, I analyzed the Louvre Pyramid and showed how it is composed of 666 rhombi. Its height is also 21.6 meters. 6 x 6 x 6 = 216. The Louvre is the world’s most visited museum and the Louvre pyramid is its entrance. I too entered there on my pilgrimage to Paris last year.

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes is built over a grotto where beginning on 11 February 1858, a 14-year-old peasant girl named Bernadette Soubirous claimed to have experienced a series of apparitions of a girl dressed in white and with a blue belt around her waist, who eventually introduced herself as the Immaculate Conception, a name by which the Virgin Mary was known. Among the instructions from ‘the Virgin’ were “Go and drink from the spring”, “Go and tell the priests to build a chapel here”, and “Have the people come here in procession”. These 3 instructions in particular were to prove pivotal in the development of Lourdes as a pilgrimage site.

Pope John Paul II at Lourdes grotto and spring

Pope John Paul II at Lourdes grotto and spring – Ireneed CC BY-SA 3.0

Sick pilgrims are reputed to be miraculously healed by Lourdes water. Each year about 350,000 pilgrims bathe in Lourdes water. Kind of makes me wonder about the qualities of the water from the Round Fountain up in Pharia-Isis.

Fittingly, pop star Madonna named her daughter Lourdes.

The Louvre Pyramid is a stone’s throw from the Round Fountain in the Tuileries. Speaking of stones, I put this diagram together two nights ago. The diameters of the planets are given in miles and the diagram is drawn to scale.

Philosopher's Stones

Philosopher’s Stones

It builds on the work of renaissance alchemist Michael de’ Maier (1566 – 1622), and contemporary alchemists Bert Janssen, Randall Carlson, and Gary Osborn.

All the rocky planets in our solar system loosely fit the diagram. You are looking at Earth, Venus, Mars, Mercury and the Moon, coordinated by sacred geometry. I submit that the rocky planets are literally the philosopher’s stones. Note that the angle of the triangle is 66° and that Mercury’s diameter is 3033 miles.

The angle between Earth’s North pole and the ecliptic is 66.6°. The ecliptic is the plane in which we travel around the Sun. Spaceship Earth’s average orbital velocity is 66600 miles/hour.

The 3-4-5 triangle encodes the Earth's obliquity

The 3-4-5 triangle encodes the Earth’s obliquity

Asplund noticed that if you draw a line from Santiago de Compostela through Bugarach Peak it goes directly to the City of Rome. More precisely, it is 33003300 inches from Bugarach peak to center of the Spanish steps, just below the obelisk at Trinita dei Monti. I was there last year on my Roman pilgrimage and made this photo-painting which shows the view from that exact point. I especially liked the sundials. Funny how the Spanish steps connect us back to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Trinita dei Monti in Rome

Trinita dei Monti in Rome

If you add up the Roman numerals DCLXVI (500+100+50+10+5+1), they sum to 666. However, Rome is certainly the inversion of everything that St. Francis of Assisi stood for.

Amor backwards is Roma.

Consider the Roma style of Burning Man, for example. The ‘Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition’ burned the brilliant Giordano Bruno at a stake in Campo de’Fiore in 1600 for nothing more than holding opinions contrary to the Catholic faith, believing in reincarnation, and the existence of a plurality of worlds.

This statue was erected on the very spot in the 19th century by Italian Masons.

Giordano Bruno in Campo de'Fiore - Sputnikcccp CC BY-SA 3.0

Giordano Bruno in Campo de’Fiore – Sputnikcccp CC BY-SA 3.0

I’ve pointed out before that the distance from the Campidoglio in Rome (considered the Roman kilometer zero) is 1111.11 km from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Both are centers of 12 pointed stars, or zodiacs.

Here is the Great Pyramid of Pilgrimage. Its template appears to be a pair of 3-4-5 triangles put together, more or less.

Great Pyramid of Pilgrimage

Great Pyramid of Pilgrimage

Asplund also noticed that the distance from Stonehenge to the Louvre Pyramid is 1293100 feet at a bearing angle of 129.31° (the same numbers). Also, Stonehenge is 3456000 feet from the rond-point of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. 3456 is a term in the Cosmic Sequence.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Stonehenge is also part of the matrix. It too was as much a pilgrimage site in ancient times as it is today. I find Bruce Bedlam’s theory that Stonehenge was a building has a lot of merit:

“You have seen the evidence. Evaluate and decide.”

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