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It’s About Time

In SIPS Volume 1, I revealed an alignment connecting DC, NYC, and Stonehenge…

…and profiled the research of John Michell and Robin Heath in the greater landscape temple surrounding Stonehenge…

Lundy island is the origin point of the greater temple that includes Stonehenge. The center of Lundy island is 123.4 miles, or 108 Egyptian royal miles, due West from Stonehenge.

Last night I had a subtle inspiration to draw a line from the center of Lundy at the precise latitude of Stonehenge to a specific location within Mexico City. The line I drew in Google Earth has a length of 8645864 m. You can download the kmz file here and see for yourself.

This distance encodes the number 864 twice. 864 is a key number I have blogged about in my previous post on 432 Park and written about extensively in my book Taking Measure.


The line passes right over Boston, a stone’s throw from the location of the original tea party…


…and continues over Manhattan—just 200 meters from the United Nations complex…


…then passes directly over the White House in Washington DC…


…and finally terminates at the center of the 330 foot diameter Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City.


Just think about that for a moment. How likely is it that one line should pass over five sites of such global significance? I can’t begin to calculate the odds. This alignment seems to be about leaders, from the ancients who created Stonehenge and its greater temple, to the founding fathers of America, to the leaders of all nations, to the President of the United States, all the way to the Great Mother.

Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego at the site in 1531 and today the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe is the most visited Marian shrine in the world. It is visited by millions of people every year (especially on her feast day of 12/12, the date I published this blog post) and is considered to be the national shrine of Mexico. The pilgrims are paying their respects to the image of the Virgin that was said to be miraculously emblazoned on Juan Diego’s peasant cloak almost 500 years ago.

This icon of the “Queen of Heaven” as she is known in Roman Catholicism (an epithet used millennia earlier for Isis) is located at the center of the shrine so that it can be seen from any point within the modern building which accommodates up to 50,000 people at a time.

Jan Zatko CC-BY-SA 3.0

Jan Zatko CC-BY-SA 3.0

The image of the Virgin of Guadalupe has been described as a representation of the Woman of the Apocalypse, a figure from Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation that is subject to a wide variety of interpretations.

Washington DC and New York City

The capital of the United States and the empire’s most populous city have a very special relationship in space. By virtue of the fact of where these cities are on the Earth, they encode a series of secrets in plain sight when structures within these cities are precisely compared. For example:

The distance from the George Washington National Masonic Memorial to the Statue of Liberty is 333 km.


This is amazing on multiple levels. The George Washington National Masonic Memorial in Alexandria Virginia (occupying the lower corner of the District of Columbia’s original diamond) is a replica of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt. The modern structure’s 333 foot height echoes the Scottish Rite’s 33 degrees. Jan Thulstrup pointed out on Facebook that the Statue of Liberty’s base star is rotated 33 degrees with respect to true north. I noticed that the rotated arrangement also looks like the Templar flag or cross of St. John.


In antiquity, the island just off the coast of Alexandria was known as Pharos although today it is joined to the mainland. According to Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval in Talisman: Sacred Cities, Secret Faith,

“There was a temple dedicated to Isis-Pharia near the Pharos [the lighthouse on the island of Pharos]. Apparently also her colossal statue once stood directly outside the Pharos, and is likely to have been perceived as part of the lighthouse complex. In Roman times Isis was frequently known as Stella Maris, i.e., ‘Star of the Sea’, and the same epithet has, for a very long while, been applied by Christians to the Virgin Mary…The connection between Sothis-Sirius and Isis-Pharia of the Pharos is probably due to the beacon of light from the lighthouse as it was seen from afar by sailors approaching the harbour, and may explain why the Pharos lighthouse was sometimes called ‘the second sun’—a term used by the ancient Egyptians for the star Sirius.” Talisman pp. 202-3

The second sun epithet reminds me of Walter Cruttenden’s cutting-edge astronomical research I presented in SIPS Volume 2 showing how our solar system and the Sirius system are gravitationally bound together in a binary star system.

The Statue of Liberty is itself a symbol of Isis for those who have the eyes to see this secret in plain sight. Her torch was literally the Star of the Sea as seen by millions of immigrants coming to America by ship. The correlations between the Statue of Liberty and the George Washington National Masonic Memorial lighthouse are amazing!

FYI: I pointed out in SIPS Volume 1 that the Statue of Liberty also encodes the 7:11 proportions of the cross section of Great Pyramid with her 7 rayed crown, standing on an 11 pointed base. The statue’s height from heel to top of head is 111′-1″, echoing the Great Pyramid’s 1/11th of a mile height and its 1-1/11′ pyramidion height (according to Richard Heath’s metrology in Sacred Number and the Origins of Civilization).

The distance from the Washington Monument to the New Year’s Eve Ball in Times Square is 333 km.
I wrote about One Times Square in 2011 but have discovered amazing new correlations.


The height of the Washington Monument is just 3/8″ shy of the perfect 555’5.5″ which just happens to also equal 6666″ if you round up to the nearest inch. The pyramidion measures 55’5.5″ or 666″ in height. The Washington Monument’s dimensions are a play of 6′s and 5′s.

Sync: the time ball is a geodesic sphere composed of hexagrams and pentagons, 6′s and 5′s.

Susan Serra CC-BY-SA 2.0

Susan Serra CC-BY-SA 2.0

The New Year’s Eve Ball Fact Sheet details the ball’s design. The time ball is covered with 2688 Waterford crystal triangles, a number that I find very interesting because the square root of 2688 is 51.85…and 51.85° (equivalent to 51°51′) is the slope angle of the Great Pyramid.

The fact sheet also states that the ball is illuminated with 8064 red, 8064 blue, 8064 green, and 8064 white Philips Luxeon Rebel light emitting diodes. There are those numbers again, 8-6-4. How appropriate for a glowing time ball!

The Sun’s diameter is 864,000 miles (99.8%). One Earth rotation is divided into 86,400 seconds—that is 24 hours exactly.

So why is the distance between these two monuments to 6 and 5 equal to 333 km? Perhaps this resonates with a fact I brought forward in Taking Measure:

Earth’s polar circumference = 6/5 x 33,333,333 meters (99.9%)

In case you don’t understand the sublime significance of 6′s relationship with 5, I invite you to read Cubits, the Snowflake and the Flower, and for the whole story, Taking Measure.

Jan Thulstrup observed that the number of verses in the Bible, 31104, is equal to 864 x 36. I recall that the sum of the numbers 1-36 is 666, so we appropriately have the number of the Sun/Son 864 and the infamous number of the beast 666 encoded in the number of verses in the Bible. Equally amazing is the following mathematical expression:


The ball drop is watched by approximately one billion people on television at midnight every New Year’s Eve. Before we had television New Year’s was personified by Father Time in editorial cartoons in newspapers such as the New York Times. Long before that he was known as the Grim Reaper, Chronos, Cronus, Saturn, and way back in ancient Egypt he was known as Osiris.

Sculpture on the Library of Congress in the Rotunda Clock

Rotunda Clock on the Library of Congress

Many depictions of the personified New Year showed an old man holding an infant, balancing immanent death with new life. To me this symbol is encoded in the relationship of 6 to 5, literally in life and death, or figuratively as rebirth within life. 6/5 is the marriage of Osiris and Isis, the alchemy in the reconciliation of opposites.

The New Year’s Eve Ball in Times Square is 5.55 miles from the Statue of Liberty at a bearing of 33 degrees true north.

The distance from the House of the Temple in DC to the Grand Lodge of New York in Manhattan is 330.33 km. That is 1733 16th Street, N.W., Washington DC to 71 West 23rd Street, New York

The distance from the Great Pyramid to St. Mary’s chapel in Glastonbury, UK is 3652422 meters. One year lasts 365.2422 days. See SIPS Volume 1 for more on the amazing significance of St. Mary’s Chapel.


Keith Hunter has brilliantly deciphered how the year is encoded in the Great Pyramid’s location. He shows how Earth’s latitudinal circumference at the location of the Great Pyramid divided by the pyramid’s base perimeter equals 36524.22 feet, a number 100 times the tropical year. He also shows how the height of the Great Pyramid is derived from the Earth’s orbital period, among other metrological wonders.

Here is another “coincidence”…


The distance from the center of the White House, USA to the center of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, France is 3330.33 nautical miles. This alignment bisects Versailles so it appears that the Sun King’s complex was designed to encode this alignment.

…and another…


The distance from Silbury Hill, UK, the tallest neolithic structure in Europe to the tallest modern building in Europe, the Shard in London, is 123,456 meters or 66.66 nautical miles.

…and another…


The distance from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (holiest place in Judaism and second holiest place in Islam) to the Kaaba in Mecca (holiest place in Islam) is 1,234,567 meters or 666.6 nautical miles.

…and another…


The distance from the end of the Avenue of the Dead at Teotihuacan, Mexico to the oldest standing obelisk in the world in Heliopolis, Egypt is 12,345,678 meters or 6,666 nautical miles. I never knew there was this curious metrological relationship between meters and nautical miles until stumbling upon these examples.

On a larger level, consider the following mathematical relationship:


This is Kepler’s Third Law of Planetary Motion applied to our solar system. You won’t normally see it written this way, but I rewrote the equation to highlight an interesting pattern, the repetitive sixes. Check it yourself with a scientific calculator! Note: AU stands for astronomical unit, the mean distance from the Earth to the Sun.

I am amazed that the rather remote island where I live in Canada, named Cortés after the infamous conquistador, is located 864 miles from the Transamerica Pyramid, the tallest building in San Francisco. I mentioned in SIPS Volume 1 that including its pyramidion and mast, the Transamerica Pyramid is 864 feet high. The Transamerica Pyramid is 8641 km from One Canada Square which for some years was the tallest building in London, England. One Canada Square was itself originally designed to be 864 feet high.

In my opinion, all of these things are so far beyond coincidence. What kind of intelligence has the capacity to encode precise relationships using our units of measure in the locations of temples and cities both ancient and modern? Wouldn’t that intelligence have to be eternal, meaning outside the flow of time?

Eternity is in love with the productions of time. -William Blake

Consider the possibility that time, space and matter might arise in awareness rather than the other way around. Are you a separate-self that is for a brief moment inhabiting a universe, or is all this synchronicity a clue pointing to how you, awareness, imagined your matrix playing out in time?

Maybe you have encoded these curious coincidences as gentle clues to help those “separate-selves” who are ready to wake up to who they really are?

“Before the world was, consciousness was. In consciousness it comes into being, in consciousness it lasts and into pure consciousness it dissolves. At the root of everything is the feeling “I am”. The state of mind “there is a world” is secondary, for to be, I do not need the world, the world needs me.” -Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

“Past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” -Albert Einstein

In 33°33′ there are a total of 2013 minutes. In 2014, we lift the veil on 33 and will experience whatever comes next.

Study and Genius Reveals Ancient Egypt and Greece by François-Édouard Picot

Study and Genius Reveals Ancient Egypt and Greece by François-Édouard Picot

Happy New Year, and when that time ball drops remember who you have been, are, and will always be — AWARENESS. It’s about time!

©2013 SIPS Productions Inc. – All Rights Reserved.

Trip to Italy and France

My wife, son, and I recently returned from a 3 week trip to Italy and France and we are continuing to digest the experience. International travel can shift one’s perspective and I no longer see myself or the familiar surroundings of home quite the same. It is much harder to articulate exactly what this shift consists of.

In Italy we first visited Venice and Bologna, then rented a car and explored the Umbrian towns of Perugia, Spello, Assisi, and Bevagna.

In Venice there must have been 20,000 people in St. Mark’s square on a rainy day! We were there right before Pascua and that is probably why there were so many Italian tourists in Venice. Here is a detail from Venice’s Church of the Maddalena (Magdaline).

Venice Maddalena detail

The most notable feature is the portal, with masonic symbols over the door (probably connected to the Balbo’s membership in the Knights Templar). The interior has hexagonal plan with four side chapels and a presbytery. Source

Sapientia Aedificavit Sibi Domum is Latin for “Wisdom Has Built Her House.” So much praise for Mary Magdalene. This inscription suggests to me that she was the mother of the bloodline of Jesus rather than the prostitute the church fathers have traditionally made her out to be.

I analyzed the symbols over the door in AutoCAD and amazingly, the area of the triangle precisely equals the area of the circle. So instead of squaring the circle here we see an example of triangulating the circle.

Here is a astronomical clock in Piazza San Marco. There is another 24 hour clock on the other side of the Rialto bridge. See my Volume 2 film for deep connections to the 24 hour day. The Venetians must have understood that the position of the Sun signals more than the time of day. The Earth rotates through the changing influences of the zodiac and don’t forget the Moon’s position in the cycle is noted in the center. Interesting also that the singular massive billboard at the other end of the piazza is for a IWC Schaffhausen watch with a perpetual calendar that also tracks the lunar cycle.


Saturn is the god of time and the masks of Venice’s Saturnalia are world famous. Here I am trying on a Plague Doctor’s mask.


After spending a few days in the lovely medieval village of Bevagna, we drove through the countryside exploring Umbria and spent the night in Orvieto. Here is Orvieto’s most impressive Facade of God.


Northern Italy was to me surprisingly lush and densely populated. Italy has about twice as many people as live in all of the vastness of Canada!

I was amazed to see immense fields of solar panels along the highway. We saw this again in France along with large wind turbines.

We dropped off the car in Orvietto and took the high speed train to Rome. Traveling by train is fantastic, especially since so many high speed rail lines have gone in. Trains are much easier than flying and way more convenient. The train drops you off in the city center so you can sometimes walk to your destination whereas the airport must be placed a great distance away, usually necessitating a long taxi or bus ride. There is no security at train stations so the hassle factor is greatly reduced.

Rome was very crowded but I’m told it had nothing like the number of people present a few weeks earlier when the new Pope was selected. Here I am in front of St. Peter’s, standing on the Western wind rose marker. Papa Francesco didn’t come out to meet me.

Scott Onstott in the Vatican

In the porch of the Pantheon I saw this interesting symbol suggesting masonry or sacred geometry.

Pantheon symbol

We flew from Rome to Marseilles, leaving behind the land of delicious pasta and pizza. In France we explored many medieval villages including Lourmarin, Bonnieux, Lacoste, Roussilon, Saignon, Apt, Rustrel, Goult, Menerbes, Senanque, Isle sur la Sorgue, Viens, Buoux, Simiane la Rotonde, and many other villages I forget the name of in the quiet and sparsely populated Luberon. We then drove west and stayed in the more populated Saint Remy de Provence, and explored Eygalieres, Uzes, the Pont du Gard, and Avignon. We took the TGV from Avignon to Paris and stayed in the City of Light for 5 days before returning to quiet Cortes Island, British Columbia, Canada where I live.

After reviewing the close to 3000 pictures we took on our trusty Canon point-and-shoot, I feel that digital photos don’t express emotional content very well. I have pioneered a technique that I discussed in one of my Photoshop User magazine articles (Sept 2012 issue) for turning photos into vibrant paintings. These digital “paintings” seem to me to be more emotive and alive as compared to photos.


The above image is of Glanum, the ruins of a Roman village near Saint Remy de Provence. The central part of the Roman town wasn’t discovered when Van Gogh painted these olive trees on site in 1889. The field where the olive trees were was excavated in 1921 and a forgotten town from 2000 years ago was rediscovered.

Olive Trees with the Alpilles in the Background by Van Gogh

Olive Trees with the Alpilles in the Background by Van Gogh

Roman ruins are impressive. Stone is so permanent. Even today, most everything in Italy and France is made of stone or brick. I can’t emphasize enough how significant this is.

Gordes in the Vaucluse

Gordes in the Vaucluse

Stone buildings with slate or tiled roofs last for hundreds if not thousands of years. Consequently the impression I get is that almost all of the housing is already existing. Therefore most of the construction effort in the built environment lays in restoration and renovation. Interiors can be redone and one can have a sleek modern interior inside a medieval stone shell. So people are largely freed up from having to each build their own house every generation like we seem to do in North America. Europeans seem to stay put also and live in the same place most of their lives, or at least that’s my impression. I have lived in almost 2 dozen houses in my life so far.

In Italy and France I had a palpable sense of permanence, continuity with the past, and how everything is already worked out by one’s forebears. This is a beautiful thing.

It was hard to find anything but Italian food in Italy and French food in France outside larger cities. I love both of these cuisines but after a while I was craving Indian, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Vegan-Raw-Organic, just to name a few. Then it dawned on me that North America is a mashup, a hodgepodge, a mixed bag of many influences. Nothing is very permanent in the US and Canada. We seemingly have many more options but freedom can also be paralyzing. Without a traditional culture’s wisdom to follow, many are lost. But in that chaos there is also opportunity.

We had one of our most memorable dinners in Bonnieux, a village in the Luberon which was once a Templar stronghold. The L’Arome restaurant building dates from the 13th century, around the time the Templars discovered the Americas.


Adjacent to the restaurant is a bar with an highly interesting name. Google tells me le Terrail is the name of the marquisate that Bonnieux probably belonged to long ago.


The fact that the bar’s name is “33” is something that I took as a confirmation that I was recognizing another secret in plain sight. Why 33? It is a harmonic of the universe. Do the bar owners know this? Are the owners part of some kind of vast conspiracy going back at least to the Templars? :)

It wasn’t open and I don’t speak French well enough to ask for anything more than a pain au chocolat anyway. And even then people don’t understand me. I have found the words “chocolate croissant” work much more effectively in France as you have to hit the French accent perfectly in order to be understood at all. My wife lived in France for a year and became fluent but still gets this treatment occasionally.

Incidentally Bonnieux’s neighboring village of Lacoste was the domain of the Marquis de Sade, and his chateau has fallen into as much ruin as his “sadistic” reputation. Lacoste is now primarily owned by French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, no connection to the fashion label Lacoste which was named after a French tennis player who invented the tennis or “polo” shirt. Here is the memorial to the Marquis de Sade next to his dungeons in Lacoste.

Marquis de Sade

We went to the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque, a 12th century Cistercian monastery. On the tour of the abbey I was impressed by how beautiful the simple stonework is and how monks have lived in silence there for 850 years and amazingly a few still do.


We attended Vespers and were delighted to hear the monks sing gregorian chant, one of the only exceptions allowed in their vows of silence. Chanting really sacralizes the space and makes you feel the architecture and devotion to God like nothing else.

On a guided tour of monastery I came across this measuring instrument that reveals the units the Cistercians were using before the metric system. It says Coudée 52.36, Pied 32.36, Empan 20?, ?lme 12.56 [a 3 is written over the 5 as a correction so maybe this is supposed to be 12.36], and Paume 7.64. Is this the key to medieval measure? This will require further analysis.


To North American eyes, the cars in Europe are beyond tiny. In Bologna where we were staying with friends we crammed 5 people into a 1980′s Fiat 127, no problem other than the loading and unloading process which is similar to how it was in my well loved 1967 VW Beetle. Their Fiat has a 900cc engine, smaller than most larger motorcycle engines. But that’s nothing…they have 50cc cars in Italy! Yes you read that right, cars with tiny motorscooter engines are popular because they are exempt from requiring a license to drive (apparently this is a controversial law in Italy). Here is a 50cc car.

50cc car

In France I saw Smart cars parked 90 degrees to how cars parallel park along the road; they just back into the curb and you 2 smart cars can fit in 1 normal parking space. Three wheeled motorscooters were popular in Paris having 2 front wheels in some kind of complicated steering linkage such that the scooter consequently doesn’t need a kickstand and presumably has better traction.

Everything in Europe is compact and efficient. For example, the roads in the Luberon are very narrow. What I would clearly call one single lane hosts 2-way traffic which can be nerve wracking.


The Luberon has 2nd gear and sometimes 3rd gear roads meaning they twist and they turn all the time. Everyone there seems to be part-time Formula 1 drivers and they push their cars to the limit. On Sundays dozens of motorcyclists show up racing their bikes for the pleasure of it.

The roads form a sort of neural network between villages so that every village is connected to all those villages surrounding them without having arterials nor freeways.

I really enjoyed feeling the connection with history and those who have come before. This is something that we have very little of in North America. It gives one perspective to consider the past.


Burning Man

I was invited to go to Burning Man when it was at Baker Beach in San Francisco in 1989. At the time I remember wondering what would inspire people to ritually burn an effigy of a man on the beach, and thinking it particularly chthonic (which didn’t appeal to my Apollonian nature) I didn’t go. After being hassled by the “authorities” in San Francisco, Burning Man moved to the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada in 1990 and has been hosted there ever since. 51,515 people attended burning man in 2010 and attendance was capped at 50,000 thereafter. The maximum attendance reminds me of the Great Pyramid slope angle of 51 deg 51 min but maybe that’s “just a coincidence.”

The reason I’m writing about Burning Man is because I looked at it in Google Earth and was amazed that this annual pilgrimage site in a remote desert occurs within a temporary urban design called Black Rock City (BRC) that appears to be a magical diagram. It was designed by the late Rod Garrett who was an architect.

Burning Man Black Rock City

The pentagon surrounding the complex is surrounded by a 6/5 meter high (1.2 meters that is) “trash fence” that has an exoteric purpose to collect wind-blown debris and an esoteric purpose to magically protect whatever is inside its perimeter.

I was pondering the shape of this Petri dish of human culture and chanced upon the concept of Yetzirah which has a strong correlation in terms of shape and meaning.

Yetzirah - World of Formation

Yetzirah is known as “World of Formation” in the Kabbalah. It seems to me that is what Burning Man is about: envisioning new modes of human interaction, a laboratory of culture, a world in formation. I read The Return of Quetzalcoatl (Tarcher 2006) a few years back and here is Daniel Pinchbeck’s take:

“I considered Burning Man to be a fulcrum for the evolution of consciousness on the planet, where cutting-edge scientists consorted with neo-pagan warlocks, and arcane bits of knowledge were exchanged at hyperspeed. But it was also a carnal carnival, an evanescent parade of erotic possibility. Nakedness, body painting, bizarre costumes, patterns of piercings, and every form of extreme self-modification became commonplace sights after a few hours at the gathering. As a laboratory of the contemporary freakster psyche, the gathering was not all sweetness and light.”

No photography is allowed at Burning Man unless approved by its organizers. In Nevada they seem to have an unspoken rule: whatever happens there stays there. This allows people to get into the spirit and let their guard down, let it all hang out (literally), do whatever they want, and be whoever they want to be.

BRC occupies 66.6% of a full circle within the 5-sided fence. In this sense we see another 6/5 comparison.

The magic square of the Sun’s 6 rows (or columns) add up 111 and produce a total of 666. The Sun therefore resonates with 666.

Magic Square of the Sun

Magic square of the Sun from Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s “De Occulta Philosophia”

Author William Neil recently contacted me and I learned from reading his site that the Tropic of Cancer is 66.6 degrees from the North pole, the Tropic of Capricorn is 66.6 degrees from the South Pole, the Equator is 66.6 degrees from the Arctic and Antarctic circles, and the Earth’s average orbital speed is 66,666 miles per hour (99.9%).

These repetitions of sixes also remind me of how the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is 666 nautical miles from the Kaaba in Mecca. The Eastern cornerstone of the Kaaba contains fragments of the meteoric Black Stone venerated at the site long before Muhammad was born. The Haj pilgrimage to the Black Stone in Mecca syncs with the pilgrimage to Black Rock City.

“The Black Rock” was also a mysterious 19th century sailing ship that was a key symbol in the television show Lost, shipwrecked on an island that was lost in time. It is interesting that the avenues in BRC are named after times on a clock face, such as 3:30, 6:30, and so on.

I noticed that the central axis of BRC leads directly to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. This is significant because the Cathedral there has been a major pilgrimage destination since the 9th century. Over 100,000 Catholic pilgrims still travel to Santiago de Compostela each year from all over the world. Is Burning Man aligned to become the secular pilgrimage destination of the new world?

Burning Man alignments

In the 9th century a hermit named Pelagius was guided to the place by a falling star and the etymology of “Compostela” is a corruption of Campus Stellae or “Field of Stars.”

Santiago de Compostela

Image by Manfred Zentraf under the CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported license.

Before the Catholic religion existed, the Celts made what was later known as Santiago de Compostela the place where souls of the dead gathered to follow the Sun across the Western sea.

Kevin McMahon noticed that a line originating at the center of BRC to the NW vertex of the pentagonal fence is at a bearing of 333.3 degrees true North (measured clockwise from north).

Here are a few facts from my forthcoming book, Taking Measure: Explorations in Number, Architecture, and the Cosmos (to be published in November 2012):

  • The Sun is 333,000 times more massive than the Earth.
  • It takes light 3.3 nanoseconds to travel one meter.
  • Earth’s polar circumference is 6/5 x 33,333,333 meters (99.98%).
  • The Dome of the Rock is 33 miles from the sea.
  • The Dome of the Rock is 33.33 degrees distant from Stonehenge at a bearing of 111 degrees.
  • 33.33 x 33.33 ≈ 1111


I noticed that the center of BRC is exactly 432 km from Masonic Center at 1111 California Street in San Francisco. The Sun’s radius is 432,000 miles (99.8%). See my Secrets of San Francisco post.

About a mile north of BRC is a remnant of the design created in 2009 by artist Jim Denevan who drove his truck around in numerous circles.

Burning Man and Jim Devevan's Land Art

Here is a detail of Denevan’s large scale work that measures 3 miles in diameter. The central axis of this land art is oriented toward Black Rock City at 222.2 degrees true north.

Denevan Land Art detail

I immediately recognized this design as an “Apollonian Net” because it is one of the first sacred geometry pieces of art I made about 5 years ago. I remember it was quite challenging to draw all the circles tangent to each other. I can’t imagine how challenging it must have been to drive a truck in this precise pattern. Kudos to Jim Denevan.

Apollonian Net by Scott Onstott

Here is an example of this geometry, very similar to the complete land art in the Black Rock desert:

Apollonian Gasket with curvatures

Image by Todd Stedl under the CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported license.

The numbers above indicate curvatures which are the reciprocals of the circles’ radii. This particular Apollonian gasket has some highly interesting curvatures.

In hyperbolic geometry all Apollonian nets are congruent. In a sense, there is therefore only one Apollonian net, which can be thought of as a tessellation of the hyperbolic plane by circles.

The curved surface of the Earth is an elliptical plane which is the exact opposite of a hyperbolic plane.

Jim Denevan’s web site shows an image of his land art superimposed over New York City’s Central Park, presumably because it is generally at the same latitude.

In fact the precise center of Black Rock City has the same latitude (40°46’58.48″N) as the center of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on the edge of Central Park.

That drew my attention to these center points. The center of Burning Man is where they burn the effigy of “The Man” at the end of the week long experience. I measured the two concentric circles surrounding this in Google Earth Pro and the inner circle has an area of 25,920 square meters (the Great Year is 25,920 years) and the outer circle has an area of 111,111 square meters.

Burning Man concentric circles

The Solomon Guggenheim museum was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) and is world famous. FLW conceived of the concentric circle design as a “Temple of the Spirit.” The Guggenheim has recently become a Lego set in their fascinating Architecture theme. Lego offers other FLW designs including Fallingwater and the Robie House, with has unique roof elements having a slope of 33 degrees. They are so cool that I’d like to build them all.

I overlaid the image of BRC over the Guggenheim to scale and maintained the same orientation. The comparison has several geometric points of agreement with the edge of the pentagon paralleling the edge of what Mark Gray has dubbed Man-Aton (Manhattan). BRC itself touches the opposite edge along the East River. Center Camp of BRC is overlaid immediately adjacent to the Met and its Temple of Dendur where I discovered an alignment in Secrets In Plain Sight – Volume 1 and Cleopatra’s Needle which is discussed in Volume 2.

Black Rock City superimposed over Central Park

I made an illustration a few months ago about the name of wise Solomon being a reference to the Egyptian sun god. The Israelites came out of Egypt after all.

Sol Amon

“Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six (666) talents of gold.” -1 Kings 10:14

Solomon Guggenheim was married to Irene Rothschild and together they controlled one of the world’s largest fortunes. Today the Guggenheim Foundation operates the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (designed by architect Frank Gehry) and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice among many other things. Guggenheim Partners manages over $100 billion in assets and another family vehicle, Guggenheim Investment Advisors, oversees $50 billion in assets. You get the picture, the Guggenheim family is among the elite 1%.

Guggenheim Skylight

Image by Rebecca Kennison under the CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported license.

The rays emanating from the disc at the center of the Solomon Guggnheim museum skylight have 36 major divisions. The sum of the numbers 1 through 36 is 666.

“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six (666).” Revelation 13:18

So this skylight resonates with the Sun and “The Man.”

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