The Divine Proportion

by Scott Onstott

An astonishing full-color view of the proportion that simultaneously patterns structures as small as DNA and as large as galaxies. This collection of illustrations will take you on an epic journey exploring the golden ratio in mathematics, geometry, music, philosophy, psychology, art, archaeology, architecture, molecular biology, plant morphology, human physiology, geography, physics and astronomy.

This book has the potential to change the way you view the universe and yourself.

The Divine Proportion by Scott Onstott cover

8.5″ x 8.5″ full color paperback — 54 pages
Sample pages:

Book review:

“For those who are interested in acquiring knowledge of nature’s continuous geometric proportions, self-similarities and primordial spirals encoded in and found throughout this Universe, this book is a must have. With a remarkable collection of illustrations, Scott Onstott introduces you to the divine proportion pervasive in all fields of science, music and ancient history from the divine proportions at the atomic scale, to our galaxy and the pyramids of Egypt. Thus, enhancing your ability to perceive nature’s golden proportions. A great collection with powerful insights.” -Adam Dorfman, author of Conceptual Revolutions in Science