CPAK 2016 — Sept 30-Oct 2 in California

I’m excited to be speaking at the 10th CPAK conference in the beautiful Southern California desert. I’ll discuss what I believe the ancient knowledge encoded in the Great Pyramid has to teach us today about our units of measure, mathematics, human history and beyond. Part of this ancient ‘secret science’ was revived by Da Vinci and although this was transmitted through the works of many later artists and architects, it remains largely an unperceived secret in plain sight. My mission is to let attendees in on the open secret and contemplate the implications it has about the nature of reality.

Please join me for a fascinating presentation at the Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge in Rancho Mirage, CA on September 30th-October 2nd, 2016. To register go to and use promo code: Onstott to receive a 20% discount on registration.



Sacred Geometry Intensive — Oct 14-16, 2016 in Ireland

In this workshop you will learn about a pattern of order permeating much of the world around us. This very special code of number emerges in both time and space. Many of our most ancient monuments and places of spiritual significance exhibit this code. This cannon of number is displayed in the sun and moon and even in the proportions of our bodies and DNA.

The sacred geometry inherent in this code appeals to both the logical and creative sides of our brains. This workshop offers you the special opportunity to not only become intellectually aware of, but also to directly experience these patterns.

Geoff has worked experientially with geometry as a catalyst for evoking deep inner experience. Hundreds of people have attended his mandala workshops in the past and have experienced how the creation of mandalas and reflection upon geometric archetypes is conducive to activating enhanced states of consciousness. We will create a large group mandala with Geoff’s expert guidance.

Scott Onstott’s ground-breaking work helps us remember this lost geometric code in a remarkable way and identifies its presence throughout our world in myth, art, ancient temples, modern architecture, the layout of cities, in alignments, earth measure and astronomy. Scott will guide you step-by-step in constructions with the traditional compass and straightedge drawing tools including:

  • Inscribing a circle in a square
  • Squaring the circle
  • Constructing a pentagram
  • Golden triangles and rectangles
  • Deriving the Great Pyramid slope in several ways
  • Exploring the golden ratio with custom golden ratio calipers
  • Nested vesica piscises
  • Seed, tree and flower of life emerging from circles
  • Pythagorean triangles
  • Using Pythagoras’ teacher Thales’ theorem to construct the square root of Phi
  • Discovering the true proportions of the Moon and Earth through simple geometry

I hope you will join us for this amazing workshop! Accommodation and quality vegetarian food will be provided for up to 40 participants. This small group size ensures the workshop will be highly interactive. No experience is required and all required drawing tools will be provided.

Sacred Geometry Intensive Geoff Fitzpatrick Scott Onstott

Please join us for the weekend of October 14th-16th, 2016 at the Transpersonal Institute in Ireland. To register click here.