Discovering precise encoding in the majority of Leonardo’s art, the author’s insightful analysis reveals the existence of a cosmic ordering principle – or secret science – in Da Vinci’s art.

“People resonate powerfully with Da Vinci’s art because our DNA, the human body, and even the earth-moon system share the same mathematical ordering principle,” says Onstott, who adds that Da Vinci encoded his most important secrets in plain sight, where they have been overlooked for centuries.

Leonardo’s secret pointing with the divine proportion’s divisions to physical and illuminated third-eyes suggests he saw the divine not just in a transcendent heaven, but immanently in the human body and in the world.

Da Vinci’s paintings and drawings, although few in number, are the most visited, most written about and most valuable art in the world. Onstott explores whether this mass appeal could be due to Da Vinci’s practice of encoding a secret science, or self-similar proportion, into his works, and concludes that the secret science works because it is part of us, no matter whether we are conscious of it or not.

“There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, and those who do not see.” –Leonardo da Vinci

8.5″ x 8.5″ full color paperback — 54 pages
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I have been working my way through Secrets in Plain Sight: Leonardo da Vinci and highly recommend it for your own careful consideration. It is worth pondering long and deeply…The illustrations in Scott’s book must be seen to be fully appreciated. I would suggest that a physical copy belongs on the shelf of every library, public or private, home or university. -David Mathisen

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