I’ve posted a new 16 min video episode at SecretsInPlainSight.com. I was led to New York City by a hunch I had in Washington DC and struck gold when drawing a path in Google Earth between the Tip of the Federal Triangle and the center of Stonehenge. As strange as it may seem, Stonehenge is at the heart of this fascinating conspiracy as you’ll see in the Stonehenge video segment. The great circle path bisects NYC’s Central Park. What is more, Central Park itself is proportioned by four of the same Pythagorean (5:12:13) triangles that started me along this line of reasoning; the same triangles surround the White House in DC and form the station rectangle at Stonehenge.

Following a unusual submerged linear structure (I’m calling an aqueduct) in Central Park’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir, we are led to an actual Temple of Isis within the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A 3500 year old Egyptian obelisk stands just outside the Met, moved there by Masons in the 19th century.

The Statue of Liberty is investigated and the research of Hancock and Bauval sheds light on the true meaning of the colossus. Can you guess who she really is?

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Extending the line of the aqueduct through the Temple of Isis all the way to the East River we are directed to the United Nations Headquarters where I discover much more related symbolism. The Secretariat’s building proportions link it with the Great Pyramid and the Washington Monument. The city within a city theme from Arnoldo Pomodoro’s sculptures is picked up and will later be followed in San Francisco, London, and the Vatican. The incredible mural in the Security Council chamber by Norweigian artist Per Krogh has Masonic, Egyptian, Judeo-Christian, and French revolutionary themes, complete with a Vesica Pisces, Masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin, and a controversial depiction of Lucifer and Cain.

Finally I take a look at themes running through the Coats of Arms of the United States, Israel, and the US Virgin Islands and make some very provocative connections.

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