The Temple of Woman

One of the best things about making Secrets in Plain Sight (SIPS) for me has been a number of interesting people who have contacted me. After watching SIPS, and noting the parallels between her discovery and my identification of a Temple of Man in Paris (see this episode), Tina Silver wrote to tell me about her discovery of what she is calling the Temple of Woman.

The Temple of Woman pays homage to the ideas of Schwaller de Lubicz relating to what he termed The Temple of Man in the way that he saw the human body mapping to the Temple of Luxor in Egypt. In fact Tina has been living in Luxor for some time checking things out for herself (kudos to Tina, there is no better way).

It’s in so formative a stage and there’s so little that is documented that it’s hard to say anything with real certainty. But since the evidence that the Temple of Luxor is intended as a”Temple of Man” is commanding, in principle it is both feasible and logical to suggest a “Temple of Woman” or “Temples of Woman”. -John Anthony West in an email to Tina Silver

The Temple of Woman is the city of Valletta, capital of Malta. I’ve heard the Knights of Malta described as the military arm of the Vatican, so I would expect some heavy-duty symbolism to be encoded in Valletta.

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Tina sees an intriguing parallel between the city plan of Valletta, and a depiction of a woman’s headless body. Tina soon discovered while visiting Malta that there are gargantuan headless goddess statues all over the place. In Tina’s own words,

The Palace is where the heart would be, the many piazzas for open air eating are where the digestive tract would be, you can see the identical ovaries (creative arts centres in reality), the womb (a gushing fountain in actuality), the Phoenicia Hotel (Phoenix = rebirth?) is next to the birth canal, the green strip is the vagina, and the two small pointed Picasso style breasts off to the left fit in the general grid/cube design of the city, with the navel further down (square pool?). The torso is headless just like the sculptures! The Police Academy (intelligence) is where the brain would be and outside of the rampart outline, the spine is down the centre, and if I am right about this being a giant depiction of a woman, then the fact that the disjointed head is feline could be representation of the lioness headed Sehmet. The Embassies are down where the left leg would be (female side=speech, diplomacy etc) with the Police HQ on the right side (physical strength).

Tina notes there is also an intriguing correspondence between the zig zags all over the Maltese goddess statues and the zig zagging ramparts at the bottom of Valletta.

Ms. Silver discovered there are 365 churches on Malta (an obvious solar reference), and most of the churches are filled with sunbursts and dove symbolism. Doves are in the bird family Columbidae. All the many references to Christopher Columbus, the goddess Columbia, the District of Columbia, the Space Shuttle Columbia, Columbus Ave in San Francisco (terminated by the Transamerica Pyramid) resonate with doves.

Michael Tsarion has identified the word dove as “a cryptogram for the ‘Davids’, the commanders of the Aton Cult.” See here The Atonist cult members worship the sun disc Aton (also spelled Aten). The pharaoh Akhenaton is who all of this traces back to. Many authors including Ahmed Osman show that after the Israelite exodus out of Egypt, Akhenaton became known as the biblical Moses.

SIPS has numerous references to the sun worshipping cult that has been for centuries and is today encoding solar references in cities, buildings, and art.

The gushing Triton Fountain situated in the centre of Valletta’s main bus terminus would be the womb of the Maltese Goddess. The Maltese sculptor Vincent Apap designed the Triton fountain’s statues in 1959. The headless woman’s torso sketch in the above gallery is from another one of Apap’s sculptures. Hmm, that’s an interesting “coincidence” isn’t it?

Triton is a moon of Neptune. The Greek god Triton was the son of Poseidon. The Mer-people resonate with the famous Starbuck’s siren that has been well researched here.

I noticed St. Lucia’s Street which has a resonance with the light bringer also known as Lucifer. St. Lucy is celebrated in Sweden and northern Italy in December with young girls dressed in white holding candles celebrating the return of the light.

Another intriguing fact Tina came across: “Postmodernist author Thomas Pynchon visited Valletta, researching his novel V.” In the book, the plot revolves around the mysterious woman V. who suddenly disappeared. Perhaps V. is short for Valletta?

Seek gnosis, the truth is out there.

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8 thoughts on “The Temple of Woman”

  1. Hi Scott

    I have been relistening to your interview with Henrich and was reminded to explore you site for book list etc. you must be fulfilling your dedtiny to help humanity. I keep having syncronicities about your work.

    Thanks to Tina for this and know that you are reaching those initiates who are ready for this aspect of the journey. Thanks to your wife and children who were deprived of your time while you gave light to us out here!


  2. That does look remarkably like a woman’s body (I’m sure it’s not just the way my mind tends to work!) Thanks, Tina, for this discovery. This has given me an idea for a new area of research. If I’m right I’ll be in touch 😉 Ben

  3. Scott, I really enjoyed your videos and you really hit a great many interesting points. However, the references to Sitchin detract from your work if you look at the scholarly work in Ancient Near East cultures and religions. Dr. Mike Heiser done some fascinating work in this area. I hope you find this helpful.
    Be well and blessed in Yeshuah HaMeshiach!-Tony.

    1. Thank you Tony for the counter info on Sitchin. I didn’t go into his work other than to say he is worth reading and I stand by that. No one is right about everything. I found Sitchin’s books extremely interesting and worth reading and thinking about but not necessarily believing for much of it is unverifiable. “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” -Aristotle

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  5. Hey Scott, I think I found this woman’s head. If you’re interested, let me know. I found some interesting connections between this city, knights of malta, cities within cities, a dictator and possibly more things.

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