I’ve discovered amazing synchronistic connections between the former World Trade Center towers in NYC, an ancient temple on Malta, and Lake Nasser in Upper Egypt.

WTC Nasser1

I drew a line from the former location of the Great Spherical Caryatid (known as The Sphere) in between the WTC North and South Towers (destroyed on 9/11) to a point in Lake Nasser just south of the Aswan High Dam such that the line passes directly over the Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni on Malta.

Watch Bobzimmerfan’s video to understand the significance of The Sphere between the Twin Towers:

The Great Spherical Caryatid between the Twin Towers reminds me of Pomodoro’s series of Sphere within Sphere sculptures I mention many times in my video series. This Sphere represents the Earth (with 52 bronze panels representing weeks, rotating once every 24 hours) or bottom sephiroth in the kabbalistic Tree of Life.


The [Sphere] artwork was meant to symbolize world peace through world trade, and was placed at the center of a ring of fountains and other decorative touches designed by trade center architect Minoru Yamasaki to mimic the Grand Mosque of Mecca, Masjid al-Haram, in which The Sphere stood at the place of the Kaaba. –Source


The Kaaba in Mecca

It is a great irony that the official story of 9/11 is of Islamic terrorists who destroyed what the architect who designed the WTC saw as an exquisite monument to Islam.

Bobzimmerfan’s above video reveals that the term caryatid in the “Great Spherical Caryatid” means “replacement pillar”. Imagine an invisible pillar between the Two Towers.

If the twin towers represent Boaz and Jachin, severity and mildness, strength and beauty then the High Priestess Tarot card shows how the third pillar is the human body. The pomegranates are arranged in the Tree of Life pattern. The moon goddess Isis/Mary is holding the Torah.

High Priestess

Read on to find out why I drew the aforementioned line and how these sites are connected in meaningful and unexpected ways.

World Trade Center

An architect friend David Shipway had a hunch that the original Twin Towers might match the proportions of the columns of Boaz and Jachin (as described in the Bible) that were part of Solomon’s temple and a part of every Freemasonic lodge in the world. I made a model in SketchUp and verified this is indeed the case. The Twin Towers are overlaid as rectangles, drawn with real-world proportions:

BoazJachin WTC Proportions

Recall that Towers 1 and 2 had 110 stories each. If you include the roof level, the North and South towers had 111 floors.


    Image courtesy Jeffmock under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

    If you read my post on Repeating Ones you might recall that after analyzing many pairs of obelisks, minarets, pillars, and towers I came to the conclusion that they all symbolize the two halves of the human brain. Here’s what I said:

    My personal opinion about what 11 is all about is integrating our bicameral minds into a state of balanced consciousness. Schooling emphasizes the left brain at the expense of the right. Advancement in society is almost entirely a left brained affair. The feminine right side of our consciousness is being systematically suppressed.

    Cerebral lobes

    Image courtesy Wyglif under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

    At Bruce Lipton‘s open evening talk at Hollyhock that I recently attended he said,

    “9/11 destroyed the intelligence of an entire nation.”

    After discovering the work of Dr. Judy Wood I have to agree with Bruce. Andrew Johnson contacted me and suggested that I listen to his interview and Dr. Wood’s interview on Red Ice radio. I did and are these topics ever secrets in plain sight !

    How buildings turned to dust before our eyes and why many still can’t put two and two together is astounding. The War on Terror/Terra is literally a War On Consciousness. It has largely shut down critical thinking in large numbers of people.

    WTC dust

    Image source

    Consider the parallels with this Tarot card:

    The Tower

    Do you believe in Magick? How about directed energy weapons?

    Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni

    This 5600 year old underground temple consists of halls, chambers and passages hewn out of the living rock. The site was discovered accidentally by a stone mason in 1902.

    The Hypogeum was depicted on a 2 cents 5 mils stamp issued in the Maltese Islands in 1980 to commemorate the acceptance by UNESCO of this unique structure in the World Heritage Site list.

    Hal Salflieni

    I was reading an article about the Hypogeum at Viewzone.com that really resonated with me:

    Science Officer at the Hypogeum, Joseph Farrugia describes unusual sound effects in the UNESCO World Heritage Site: “There is a small niche in what we call ‘The Oracle Chamber’, and if someone with a deep voice speaks inside, the voice echoes all over the hypogeum. The resonance in the ancient temple is something exceptional. You can hear the voice rumbling all over.”

    Linda Eneix, President of The Old Temples Study Foundation Foundation, dedicated to archaeology research and education related to the ancient temples of Mediterranean Malta says, “Standing in the Hypogeum is like being inside a giant bell…you feel the sound in your bones as much as you hear it with your ears. It’s really thrilling!” –Source

    OK that may be interesting, but so what? Here are the facts that floored me:

    “Stone rooms in ancient temples in Malta were found to match the same pattern of resonance, registering at the frequency of 110 or 111 hz. This turns out to be a significant level for the human brain. Whether it was deliberate or not, the people who spent time in such an environment were exposing themselves to vibrations that impacted their minds.

    Findings indicated that at 110 hz the patterns of activity over the prefrontal cortex abruptly shifted, resulting in a relative deactivation of the language center and a temporary switching from left to right-sided dominance related to emotional processing. People regularly exposed to resonant sound in the frequency of 110 or 111 hz would have been “turning on” an area of the brain that bio-behavioral scientists believe relates to mood, empathy and social behavior.” –Source

    So the 110-111 hz signal helps us to integrate the two halves of the brain into a state of balanced consciousness.


    To get a better sense of this I used a sound generator to create the following track which plays two sawtooth signals at 110 hz and 111 hz. It’s nothing like the resonance one must experience in the Hypogeum but it’s as close as I can get without traveling to Malta.

    [mp3_embed playlst=”https://www.secretsinplainsight.com/wp-content/uploads/110-111.mp3″]

    The same article on Viewzone goes on to describe how omphalos stones were discovered deep in ancient Maltese temples. This rang a few more bells in my head and ties in perfectly with my post on Omphale.

    Be sure to also check out my post on Tina Silver’s discovery of The Temple of Woman which is about a mile and a half from the Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni in Valetta.

    It’s amazing how so much of what I’m tuning into is interconnected. I am led forward by “coincidence” if you believe there truly is such a thing. As for me, I’m not so sure.

    The Healing Voice

    Two nights ago I just went to another opening evening at Hollyhock, this time with Jill Purce (whose husband is the very interesting Rupert Sheldrake best known for his theories of morphic resonance). Jill gave a fascinating and brilliant talk about sound. She says we have lost our voices in modern times. People in the past more or less were continually singing when they worked. The song did the work. She posed the question of if we are to sing what song will it be? She concluded that one note is all that is needed. You can’t be out of tune if you are only singing one note.

    After she concluded the talking portion of the evening she gave a mind-blowing demonstration of this one note in the form of overtone chanting.

    Overtone chanting makes audible the natural harmonic spectrum of the voice in its pure rainbow colours, so that unearthly, angelic and bell-like tones are heard floating above the deep voices of the chanters.

    It is a form of chanting on one note where the partials – constituent parts (overtones or harmonics) are selectively amplified by changing the shape of the resonant cavities of the mouth, larynx and pharynx. These notes are always present in any note, but while they colour the note and give it its quality they are usually inaudible.  –Source

    This one note contains an abundance of overtones like white light which contains a rainbow of colours. I wonder if this one note doesn’t hover around 110-111 hz? It seems to me that this must be the one note that was sung in the Hypogeum and probably at many ancient temples around the world.

    This one note reminds me of Aum, the great omnific word behind all creation:


    Aum is pronounced in three sounds – A (aaa) , U (ooooo) and M (mmmmm) and signifies Right (A) and Left (U) Sympathetic Nervous Systems (SNS) and (M) Parasympathetic Nervous System. Right SNS (controlled by Left part of brain) looks after the actional aspect where as the left SNS [controlled by the Right part of the brian] looks after the emotional aspect of human beings. –Source

    Lake Nasser

    Lake Nasser was created with the completion of the Aswan High Dam which I’ve mentioned in several previous posts. I did a fair bit of research but wasn’t able to locate the precise GPS coordinates of the original sites of the Temples of Dendur, Debod, Taffeh, and Ellesyia which nonetheless are in today’s Lake Nasser. UNESCO spearheaded the rescue of the Nubian monuments from Philae to Abu Simbel in the 1960’s. These temples were moved to New York, Madrid, Leiden, and Turin.

    The point at the end of the line is north of Abu Simbel and south of Aswan and Philae, right where these four ancient Isis temples were originally located. Perhaps the circle is a bullseye on one of the temples?


    Here’s another coincidence:

    Lake Nasser holds 111 cubic kilometers of water –Source

    Other Encoded 110-111s

    As I mentioned in my Snowflake and the Flower post, the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth UK is 555 feet high but its roof is 110 meters high.

    450px Spinnaker Tower mascot

    Image courtesy Unisouth under the  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

    One Times Square, also known as the Crossroads of the World at 42nd and Broadway, is 111 meters in height. This is the location of the 77 foot Time Ball Drop mega-ritual that has been happening there on New Year’s Eve since 1907.

    Times Square Evening

    Image courtesy Michael McDonough under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

    As mentioned in Geomantic Triangles, the Flagler Obelisk which marks one corner of the Bermuda Triangle is 110 feet high.

    Flagler island monument 1922

    Flagler Monument Island

    In my Paris Part 3 episode I discuss the many secrets encoded in the Grande Arche in La Defense.
    One such fact is that the structure’s height is 110 meters.
    Grande Arche depicted in the center
    I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. The truth is stranger than fiction. Speaking of, this just in…
    The Rising memorial, created by architect Frederic Schwartz, honors the 109 men and women of Westchester County who were victims of the 9/11 event.
    Image courtesy Bo Gehring under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

    From the base, 109 steel rods, one for each of the victims remembered by this memorial, extend like spokes of a wheel which then intertwine. A 110th rod was crafted for the memorial as well, but that rod was cut apart so that each portion could be presented to an individual who helped make this memorial possible. –Source

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    27 thoughts on “110-111”

    1. I must admit, these are some interesting coincidences. When I come upon these findings, I think it is important to ask oneself; What if any, is the purpose for these qualities? How could they contribute to improvement of life? I do believe that everyone on this planet would benefit from increased right brain activity, but they would have to create the sounds in these places, to experience the effect. How many predominately left brain thinkers would do such a thing?

    2. What if all that is going on that we think is bad is only part of a bigger plan of assension? Bad is only a frame of mind, PERCEPTION. What if ALL can not assend at the same time? Maybe only those who are awakened! Just a thought. Again Scott you have made amazing connections. Thanks for your work. Jon

    3. I have been searching my thoughts about a video I came across awhile ago that I had dismissed that was talking about how the trade center buildings 1,2 were planed from the start to be taken down either with bombs or some other manor but I cant remember the name of the video. I don’t think that was so far fetched an idea knowing the long term planning the power elite have, or the hollographic nature of this universe. The as above so below could have many more permutations than we give credit to it. Consciuosness is still not understood by many and the Sub-consciuos mind even less.

    4. Watch Bobzimmerfan’s whole video linked above entitled Do You Belive in Magick Part 4. At the end you’ll see the 10th Kingdom movie showing the towers collapsing a year before the 9/11 mega-ritual.

    5. Scott, I don’t know if you are privy to his work, but Mark Passio, of What On Earth Is Happening Podcast & Website, also delves deeply into the occult aspects of 9/11, the Kabbalah & Tarot (Terra), as well as the War on Terror/Terra as you mentioned. His podcasts also excellently clarify the left & right brain dynamic in relation to consciousness and mind control. Your statement, “The feminine right side of our consciousness is being systematically suppressed,” basically sums up a lot of his argument and is spot on in my opinion.

      Mark has been interviewed by Jan Irvin on gnostic Media several times, and I felt like I should comment to make you aware of his work (in case you didn’t already know about it) since there is a great deal of overlapping research with you two gentlemen.

      Although his podcast works as a progression, I would highly suggest Podcast #’s 42-44 for Kabbalah & Tarot, 46-50 about subversive symbols & symbolism, 52-62 for extensive Freemasonry breakdown, 66 for Physics analysis of 9/11, and 67 & 69 for a breakdown of the occult 9/11 black magick ritual.

      Most have great images to accompany and supplement the learning on his site: whatonearthishappening.com

      I really enjoy your work and think it’s fascinating! Please, keep it up.

    6. Gregory DiPrinzio

      “In These Stones Horizons Sing”

      I’ve been enjoying your site, amazed at the connections you’ve found. I have not been through it all yet but am wondering if you’ve tried to connect the Wales Millennium Centre; I think it might be a major puzzle piece. Notice the inscription with regard to the word “one” or “ones”: stones, horizons, awen. Also the symbol for “awen”. Notice also the flag of Wales has a red dragon on it. With “awen” in the picture I think you might follow a path that leads in to literature, especially poetry.

      Also have you considered “Einstein”? One [st] one, in German? Washington, or in its archaic spelling Washingt[one]. The number one started out as a (horizontal) serpent that gradually became erect (vertical) in representation.

      1. I actually have a lot of fascinating info on Cardiff but cut it out of Volume 2 due to space limitations. Perhaps it will make it into Volume 3. I find the Millennium Centre fascinating.

        1. Gregory DiPrinzio

          Yes, it is an odd building. I’d like to see an interpretation of the strange architecture of the Millennium Centre.

        2. Interestingly, there seems to be a recent study that suggests the highest levels of insomnia are present in the city of Cardiff. I wonder if it lies on some kind of negative energy line perhaps..

    7. Here is a fact that many people miss about the Kaaba being 666 miles from Jerusalem while many see the Kaaba as a Islamic house of God it is old that Jerusalem it was originally built by Adam. And at the time of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) birth was in the control of Jews who had many Idols in it an Mecca was a great city of Idolators. Later in the Prophets (PBUH) life he concurred the city and destroyed the idols. So the fact that any thing built after it is 666 feet away if it reflects anything it would reflect what was built after not before. You might consider looking up the Golden mean and the Kaaba and its proportion to the earth and you will learn why God chose it as the place of this Holy house. You will see so much has been hidden from mankind about the Kaaba its very existence in the place that it exists is proof in itself that God is real and not some fairy tail.

      You are very right about the world being under mind control because if a group of the most evil people on earth was calling another group evil common sense would dictate that you look at what evil is calling evil. While there are many who claim to be Jews, Christians and Muslims when they are clearly not which is obvious by their action which the soul purpose is to turn people against people one would be wise not to necessarily ask what the Muslims believe but to read the Quran yourself. Is that not common sense? While it is was easy to corrupt the Bible and the Torah the Quran is unique for a reason. Hundreds of Millions of people have memorized it since the prophet himself. Computers have reveal there is no way it could be mad by a man even with the most powerful computers and the best mind in the world let alone by an Illiterate Arab. In order to destroy or change the Quran it is necessary to kill every single Muslim who has it memorized not just the book itself.
      In fact it says in the Quran that if all the Men and Join worked together they could not create a book like the Quran which is what was proven with the Computer testings.

      So had the minds of men not been under the control that they are then all this would be obvious to them. Pray and Establish worship to the one and only God of the world if you want to protect your mind from the evil of these people who seek to enslave you and turn you away from God.

    8. There are two sides to science. One that has been indoctrinated into the masses, through rote learning, that has its roots in reductionism and another that has no name. I strongly suspect Newton was either commissioned and/or coerced into writing his one sided set of physics papers, as Newton was a life long Alchemist and he would have understood through the practice of Alchemy that there were two side involved. The hidden/occult side reconnects, (Yin) however it is not the opposite of disconnecting side (Yang) as opposites are a quality of the disconnecting side (Yang) Trying to work with the Yin from a Yang perspective and using Yang processes, is near on impossible, as the two are literally worlds/dimensions apart. There are clues though as to how the Yin (hidden side) works and one would be through a sense of direction. In order for a mass to form in an patterned and/or organized way, there needs to be built into the designing process a built in GPS. Studying the hidden side for many years I asked, how could a wave share its energy without collapsing and being broken down as in the reductionist models and any good musician could tell you the answer; being through harmonics and resonance. Being a musician that can play without the use of a manuscript I can literally feel the directions of the next notes I play. Stephen Hawkins wrote in his book ‘A Brief History of Time’ ‘if you take away the imaginary part of fourth dimension, being ‘time’ you are left with a direction in space. This points towards feelings working in forth dimensional ways. I am a radio ham and when I transmit the signal bounces off layers in our outer atmosphere. These layer are effected by the solar radiation that is directed in and out through both poles on our planet. There is a less understood ‘ground wave’ effect that Tesla researched and may have used to give us all free power in our homes. Coming back to the alignments I feel they are something to do with this hidden/occult side of science. It could be that those doing the aliening may now only have fragments of the original knowledge that I believe was used in some sort of workings with the earth grid, many thousands of years ago.

    9. in the solfeggio scale 111hz is the interval between the frequencies :

      Ut: 396 Hz
      Re: 417 Hz
      Mi: 528 Hz
      Fa: 639 Hz
      Sol: 741 Hz
      La: 852 Hz

    10. 110 111 is a psalm of David. I suggest you read it. The sign on the exit to the San jauquin valley national cemetery reads San Fran 110 mls Sacramento 111 mls. There is a monument there of the 11th airborne ( the angels) my grandpa was one. His b- day was 11-01-11. Weird coincidence! My middle name is David and my son was conceived at mt Zion np. Read psalm 110 111!

    11. Scott

      Have been obsessed with 111 since my 33rd birthday.
      Also see you have written in Synchbook. Some authors here are friends .. and enemies 🙂 🙁

      Have found many things with 1110 as ALP or aleph 1 + lammed 30 + pe 80 = energy code, ie potential (1) is driven (30) into mouths (80) = 111

      In reading your material and seeing your expertise .. I need help in solving/formatting/extrapolation certain finds…please advise

    12. 111 is the gateway, and pathway to the divine…..

      Its mathematical and comprehensible….. anyone can figure it out and it is NOT hocus pocus or semantics or imagination.


      111 hertz relates directly back to 33 hertz, and the Earth Resonant Frequency of 7.83 hertz. This relating exactly to the speed of light and the Earth’s Diameter. All these being sent precisely by the Creator in harmony of the Golden Section, and Squared Circle of Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry being nothing more than basic physics of space, and matter to fill it in time. It all relates and comes back to the basic pattern or template of creation…. PHI.

    13. I see the coincidences, but I don’t see any positive results of any of it. So, I have to wonder if it is just for show and that they do not really understand the symbolism they are using or that if it is evil. I certainly don’t see anything good that came out of the WTCs or 9-11, on the contrary. So I am not sure what significance any of this has, other than superficial. This is going to sound very simplistic, but the Sphere looks like an ordinary “alien” motif to me and if you ignore the “trident” motifs at the bottom and top of the former towers, the negative space looks like the way alien’s eyes are usually illustrated. I know it sounds dumb, but look at and you will see what I mean, if you are like me and spend hours looking at things like that.

    14. also, that same motif as the former WTC is on the Trinity Church in lower Manhattan, beneath the spire. it just reads “alien” – I don’t know what the iconography is formally called.

    15. There is also evidence that the pyramids in Egypt were not tombs but energy centers based on the substances in the stones and the meridians that ran under ground. However, that energy was sustainable and because of our misuse of energy now I don’t think any of these materials and directions have the same power. Manhattan is also said to have stones and minerals underneath that have power and energy.

    16. I was looking at the Freedom Tower online and I came across a comment where someone noticed that it had sexual symbolism represented by the inverted triangles and the triangle within. I can see that. The antenna on top also gives it the look of a hypodermic syringe like other buildings in NYC. There is a circle on the roof of the building under the spire which can be seen as a roulette wheel (wheel of fortune). Gambling (Wall Street), sex trafficking (prostitution, pornography, advertising), and drugs are the “real” economy of New York City. I would say that is the more realistic symbolism.

    17. I have a personal story of 111 from a few years back. In 2008, I was at the end of 5 years of very self destructive behavior; on a downward spiral. I’ll leave out why, but I ended up in hospital room 111. I had spent the prior few years researching numerology as a tangent of my paranoid conspiracy “research” I was doing back then, so it meant something to me but didn’t know exactly what. At this point I began to live for God again and never turned back on the path i’d been on. After I got out, every time I was out and about, I would constantly see the address of 111 on various buildings and houses, without even being mindful of it (looking for it). At this time, I lost my house, my marriage of 11 years, custody of my baby daughter and 20 years of accumulated possessions. It was a horrible time for me. For the next 4 years, EVERY time I’d glance at the clock, it would be 10:11, or 11:01, or 11:10 or 1:11. This happened EVERY day and 3-4 times a day. EVERY DAY. One time I got to work and I have a solar calculator. First one in, turned on the lights and instead of it saying zero as usual, it said -111. How? I went back to an apt building I lived in when I was younger because I liked it and was looking for a new apt. Alot of huge changes happened in my life when I lived there in my youth. I looked up at the address and it was 1110. Never noticed it before. After 3 years of being alone and single and dating no one, the first girl I dated had her bday on 11-1. There’s more than I can remember now, but after 4 years, it all just stopped when I met my current girlfriend of 3 years. Her birthday is 4th of July (11) and her mom said she was born at 11:11 PM. Whats the deal? Maybe there really are unseen forces in this world trying to tell us something.
      Anyway, Ive noticed hollywood sticks 111 in movies all the time. The way its always presented seems to be in the context of impending doom. Silent Hill, American Gangster, even the three stooges. Ive seen it in MANY movies, always showing up right before something horrible happening.

    18. I wanted to add something to my last post. My first child who we adopted) was born 3-17(11) 2008 (1), so, 111 if you wanna look at it that way. The date I entered hospital room 111, was 8-22-2008. My last night there was 11-1-2008. My now 14 month old son took his first step on 8-22 and just said his first word on, of course, 11-1.

    19. Kathleen Ball :
      I do believe that everyone on this planet would benefit from increased right brain activity, but they would have to create the sounds in these places, to experience the effect. How many predominately left brain thinkers would do such a thing?

      You actually don’t have to visit one of these places to get this effect. You can experience this from your very own home. All the architects of places like this were doing was intensifying there own vibrations by way of altering acoustics. Anyone who has ever gotten carried away singing in the shower has wandered into this. I did a small 110 hz experiment in the shower just yesterday. Being a musician I cheated and used my guitar to help intensify the effect. In standard tuning, the open A string has a frequency of 110 hz. I used this as my base. First I got in the shower with my guitar(water off of course) and began to strum my open A string. Each pitch has an associated tempo(or frequency of picking) and the acoustics of the space (dimensions and reverberation) are also variables in this. So I played around to get the appropriate tempo(which seemed to be somewhere between 100 and 105 bpm) that synchronized with the pitch and then I began chanting “Om” or A-U-M. As the tempo matched the pitch of the open A string and my voice matched the guitar I was not just hearing this frequency, I was feeling it. It didn’t take long before my body began to expand and quite literally take on the form of the sound itself. I was associating less and less with my human form and was radiating into a grand oneness as my self began to evaporate. Although you can get the same loss or transformation of form using other frequencies, none of them feel quite like 110 hz. The experience afterwards is one of rejuvenation and much more subtle thought forms.

    20. Jupiter, the Moon and the north node of the moon’s orbit are in Gemini on 9/11 but Saturn is in Taurus, sidereal reckoning. This means if you were to go outside before dawn on 9/11, you would see the waning moon rising with the Twins in Gemini, and Jupiter with it. Saturn, you would be able to discern in the sign of Taurus.

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