Thanks to Brian who sent me a knot of numerical coincidences that unravel as follows…

The Great Pyramid

According to Richard Heath’s metrology in Sacred Number (well worth reading by the way) the Great Pyramid (GP) measures 480 English feet to the top of the “unfinished pyramid” which happens to be precisely 1/11th of a mile.


The pyramidion measured 1-1/11 feet in height. Herodotus tells us it was made of electrum and brilliantly reflected light (electrum is an alloy of gold and silver). The valuable pyramidion is long gone of course.

GP 1 11

So all together the GP measures 480 + 1-1/11 feet = 481.090909 feet which equals 5773.090909 inches.


Well here is where things get interesting. The Jewish year 5773 is equivalent to the year 2013 in the Gregorian calendar. I verified this here.

If you listened to my Red Ice interview you may remember me talking about an interesting building in Southern California in Laguna Niguel where I grew up called the Chet Holifield Federal Building. The Ziggurat (it is a step pyramid) as it is known is located at 33°33′ North latitude. I didn’t mention that its two major tenants are Homeland Security and the IRS but that is a fact. The architect of the Ziggurat was William Pereira, the same man who designed the talismanic Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco which I discuss at length in my videos and interview.

On a side note it’s well known that 33 is a huge deal to Freemasons who have a total of 33 degrees in the Scottish rite.

Chet Holifield Federal Building

Do the Math and Prepare To Blow Your Mind

The square root of 33.33 equals 5.773

Also the number of minutes in 33°33′ = 2013

The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Ziggurat in California, Jewish reckoning of time, the Scottish Freemasons, the English foot, and the conclusion of the Mayan calendar are all synchronistically, mathematically, and geomantically connected.


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  1. wow! you untangled that knot amazingly. well done sir. Most definitely blew my mind. Did you ever get to do anything with the Time square stuff and the mayan ritual of the ball game?

  2. Good Work’
    One Simple Point you missed in plain sight is the Numerology of 5773
    = 22, 22 in the Moderm TAROT Card/Code is said to be “The World” and
    21 is said to be “The Fool”. In the Original Ancient Wisdom these two
    were reversed. Remember the Tarot synbology is The Fool doe’s his
    Journey through the Great Age [of 25,920 years] at 21 he either ends
    up A Fool and learnt little or becomes a Master of himself having learnt well. This is confirmed by the hidden letter code, FOOL = 6663 = 21, and Master = 411259 = 22.[There is 22 Master Cards in deck, 22 letters in Hebrew Alf.,

    The Original 21, [= 300 in Greek No.] Sh = the fool = o, “A lucky
    number of overcoming, called “The Clenzed One”, Indicates non
    Influenceability, overcoming of the Human condition, dimention, and
    purification, The way of Enlightened Purification”.
    [We get the “Key to the Door” at 21,is steming from this lost truth].
    is IGNIS, upright tri/angle Pyramid and Fire Symbol, this is opp.
    to an Inverted Pyramid way back at Card 13, Death, as by Half Way
    through the Age, Mile Stone “The Fool” either Dies to the old
    or continues being a Fool for greed and Control to the End.

    The Original 22, Reads. A lucky Number of Absolute Truth. Called
    The Magician’s Crown [Card No.one is the Apprentice Magician]
    Indicates Honour, Forfillment, Progress, Elevation and Success,
    Achieved through the Purification of Profound Energies. The Way
    Of Total Enlightment”. 22 = 400 in Greek No.] and is a Luna Sign.

    Now see Psalm 21 and 22 and Reverse Them for they were Corruupted,
    Now see Psalm 23, “The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want”,,,so
    there truly is Reserection and Sulvation for those who seek out the
    Real Truth and have not wasted there lives with the Gold Trinkets of
    the Day, and there Strugles for False, Tempory Power.

    Note. The Bible ends in The Revelation that must come to each of us
    in a very personal way, then we will see it ends at Ch. 22, V. 21.

    These “FOOLS” are now playing there last cards in the “End of the Day/Age”. remember that 2013, is just 100 yrs. since the Banksters replaced the Gold Standard [in USA] with worthless, Paper Money and endless Interest to keep most in Debt. to there Banks.
    2012 is 99 yrs. since 1913 and is the Collasp Point of Paper Money.

    5772 = 21 = and could well link to Mayan Shift Point of 21/12/2012, [21 is 12 in Reverse and is 9 days from 12/12/2012, watch this time].

    TO EXPOSE MORE, 5772 Div. by the Incoming Light Harmonic of 144 = 40,
    Interesting, “40 days in the Wilderness”, Lost for an Age/Parable???

    The Master of Harmonic Re-discovery, Bruce Cathie of New Zealand, [see his Five Books on Harmonic Disclosure] said we must double 144
    to account for the “Anti-Matter-Cycle” thus 288 D/L Har. is the
    “Ideal” but when the Cosmic light/Frequency inters our “Earth/Air/Space” it slows down to Apx. 287.78 Harmonic.
    Thus 2013 Div. by 287.78 = 6.9949, Now this is “Just Under” the
    Harmonic NASA uses for Resonate Frequency of Earth, which is 7.
    [and “On the 7th. Day”, Parable]

    See B/C book “Harmonic 695”, page 189, Quote, “I was informed by
    a Scientist that the Harmonic used for all Caculations connected with the Earth was 7”.
    7 is also “Just Over” the Speed of Light Harmonic Reciprocal of
    69444, which is derived from taking the Number ONE/UNITY/PRINCIPAL
    and DIV. BY 144 = 69.444.

    Lets also remember the “Pyramid” of life Symboligy ends at a Flat
    Square of 6 x 6 stones = 36, so the base of the Hypothetical Cap
    Stone, [representing the “Count Down Time” of Trensisition to a New
    Inverted/Invisable Pyramid Above, so one must go through the
    “Wombhole” First, then comes a New, Higher Dimentional Age, for those who can Graduate.]
    The Base of the Cap would contain 5 x 5 stones = 25, so since energy always travels Both Ways, up and down, the Incoming Energy – Coming Down, is found by Div. 36 by 25 = 1.44, a lesser Har. of Light, as it is Decending.
    Ps. The “CAP” would contain 55 stones, and is the Biblical Number for Man.[5 Levels Acending/Decending from 25 – 16 – 9 – 4 – 1 = 55].

    For those “ASCENDING” we do the reverse equation of 25 Div. by 36 =
    HARMONIC, – 69444,- thus the “Speed of Light”, in Consciousness, can be Trancended, and thus another LIE by the old order is super-seeded.

    PS. This is where J.C. Trancended his Mortal Body and “Put On” his
    “Coat of Many Colours”, [as a Demo of “What we can do – in these – “Latter Days”], but he warned all “Do not touch me, I do not have
    on my Earthly Body”, because he was already in his “Light Body” of,
    a much Higher Frequency, and so what he has done, so we can also do.
    ….. in a “Little While”, at the end of the 7th.day/frequency/shift.

    Keep doing your best and I’m sure You Will Be Blessed.
    The Revilation Continues….. to Self – Realization and Illumination.

    LOVE. Robert Martin.

    A few fitting quotes from RUMI.

    “Out beyond all idears of wrong doing and right doing
    there is a “field”,……. I’ll meet you there”.

    “The Wound is the place where the Light inters you.”

    “Come with us today, the waters have parted.
    We no longer have any need of what we own or
    Who we have been.” Rumi.

  3. An additional comment re the Date of 12/12/2012,

    [just 9 days before the Mayan date of 21/12/2012]

    As Energies are multiplying, ie. “The Frequency is Rising”,

    From 12/12/2012 we get 12 x 12 = 144 x 2 = 288 x 12 = 3456.

    4 x 864 [The Harmonic of Time] = 3456.

    3456 is the Number of the Cube, thus ‘Squaring the Circle’ to completion..

    3456 is the Number of Egyption Royal Miles in the Polar Radius of the Earth.

    3456 is the Grand Unifying Number that Unifyies all from the greatest Macro Universes, to the smallest Micro sub atomic particles.
    See David Wilcocks Book/Work from 2004. “The Divine Cosmos” for
    all the details, and see Dan Winters work for aditional Links.
    Robert Martin.

  4. guys all of you are so talented and brilliant.. im not a smart person but i know im full of wisdom.. im not against of calculation and exposing the truth but i hope that every one remember that Jesus or Yahushua said that He is the way the truth and the light.. i just hope we could also include YAH`s Holy Bible and the way of true salvation and not just the harmonics of the world and the awakening.. cause we all are experiencing that but i could see the more the knowledge the lesser the wisdom.. again im not protesting or against on anything cause the admire all your intelligence.. i just wish we could add YAH as this is for His glory and the knowledge is from Him too.. thank you for all the info and the hard work.. this really helps me to also help others.. thank again..

    may our ABBA guide us for more truth to help others..
    for the TRINITY be the glory..


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