432 Park Avenue

432 Park Avenue is an new iconic structure rising at the corner of 56th Street in midtown Manhattan (thanks to Darrell for bringing it to my attention). When completed in 2015 it will be the tallest residential tower in the Western hemisphere and the second tallest building in New York City after the One World Trade Center (formerly known as the Freedom Tower).

dbox for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

dbox for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties

Check out the view from 1271 feet.

The address is what initially interested me. 432 is a very significant number. 432 is part of a doubling sequence: 108, 216, 432, 864, 1728, 3456 wherein each term encodes secrets in plain sight.

432 Park has a very simple design based on “the purest geometric form: the square,” according to its architect Rafael Viñoly.

I noticed that each floor plate has an area of 8640 square feet. The tower has a total of 2016 windows with a total glazed area of 201,600 square feet.

In my book Taking Measure: Explorations in Number, Architecture, and Consciousness I explain how the material matrix in which we are embedded is based on the decimal system and why my qualitative numerological analyses discount the placeholder zero. Therefore, 432 Park’s floors and windows encode 864 and 216, the terms neighboring 432 in the doubling sequence.

The building height had me stumped for a while until I realized that 1398 feet = 864 x Phi. Phi is the golden ratio. See SIPS Volume 1 for how Phi is encoded in the Great Pyramid, the Washington Monument, and UN Headquarters which is visible from the windows of 432 Park incidentally.

The windows of 432 Park seem to underline the fundamental importance of the decimal system. Each of the 2016 windows is a 10 foot square having 100 square feet glazed area. Each side of the tower has 6 windows so looking around the penthouse you see 6, 6, 6, and 6 windows. The ceiling height is 12’6″, or 6’+6’+6″.

216 = 6x6x6.
Moon’s diameter = 2160 miles (99.9%).
Earth’s polar circumference = 21,600 nautical miles by definition.
Earth’s orbital velocity 66,660 miles/hour.
Earth’s precessional cycle is 6x6x6! or 25,920 years.
Arctic Circle to Equator = Pole to Tropics = 66.6 degrees (credit: William Neil).

The construction costs of 432 Park exceed $1.25 billion. The owner-developer Harry Macklowe expects to sell over $3 billion of condos in 432 Park. –Source The penthouse has already sold for $95 million. This ultraluxury tower is certainly for the one percent.

Travis J pointed out in a comment that the distance from 432 Park to the Statue of Liberty’s torch is 33,333 feet. In addition the distance from the Home of The Supreme Council, 33°, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in Washington DC to 432 Park is 333 km.

432 Park stats

Jan Thulstrup pointed out that 432 Park will actually be taller than One World Trade Center if you don’t count its controversial spire. Also Jan noticed that the bearing from 1 WTC to the corner of Park Ave and 56th Street is 33.33 degrees east of North.

Interestingly Macklowe purchased the Drake Hotel at 440 Park for $440 million and tore it down to make room for the residential tower with the new address of 432 Park. This syncs with the movement to change concert tuning from 440 Hz to the more harmonious 432 Hz.

In Yards I discussed how the Great Pyramid is metrological model of the Earth in 1:43,200 scale.

The height of the Great Pyramid times 43,200 = Earth’s polar radius in feet (99.7%)
The base perimeter times 43,200 = Earth’s equatorial circumference in feet (99.4%)

At an average rate of 72 beats per minute, in 1 hour the human heart will have beat 4320 times. In 12 hours, or 43,200 seconds, the heart will have beat 51,840 times. The Great Pyramid slope is 51.84 degrees.

432 x 432 is the speed of light in miles/sec (99.8%).

In the Hindu vedas, which are among the world’s oldest sacred texts, the Kali yuga (“the age of vice”) is said to last 432,000 years. Most interpreters of Hindu scriptures believe that Earth is currently in the Kali Yuga.

360 feet = 4320 inches
360 yards = 1080 feet

Venus is an average of 108 million km from the Sun (99.8%).
The Sun’s diameter is approximately 108 Earth diameters (99%).
The Earth is 108 solar diameters from the Sun (99.5%).
The Earth has a volume of 108 x 10^10 cubic km. (99.7%).
The Moon is 108 lunar diameters from the Earth (98%).
The Moon’s radius is 1080 miles (99.9%).
The element silver, which has always been associated with the Moon, has an atomic weight of 108 g/mol.
There are 108 double stitches on a baseball.
The highest frequency in FM radio is 108 MHz.

86,400 seconds in 24 hours exactly.
864,000 miles is the diameter of the Sun (99.8%).
Canberra’s Parlimentary Triangle has a 8640 meter perimeter (credit: Jan Thulstrup).
The distance from Stonehenge to Silbury Hill is 86,400 feet (credit: John Michell and Robin Heath).
Place de la Concorde in Paris is 86,400 square meters in area.
The Transamerica Pyramid is 864 feet high including its mast.
The distance from the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco to One Canada Square in London is 8641 km. One Canada Square was originally designed to be 864 feet high.

1728 billion cubic furlongs is the volume of New Jerusalem as described in Revelation.

3456 ancient Egyptian royal miles is the Earth’s polar radius (99.99%). A royal mile is defined as exactly 8/7 of a statute mile.

Ray Tomes discovered that powers of 34560 structure the universe:

  • If we take the average distance between moons and multiply it by a factor of 34560, we get the average distance between planets.
  • Take the average distance between planets, multiply it by a factor of 34560 and we get the average distance between stars.
  • Multiply the average distance between stars by a factor of 34560 and we get the average distance between galaxies.
  • Take the average distance between galaxies, multiply it by a factor of 34560 and we get the size of the known Universe.

David Wilcock summarized Ray Tomes’ research here.

32 thoughts on “432 Park Avenue”

  1. How interesting that he tore ‘440’ Park down to build ‘432’ Park. ‘440’ being resonant with ‘Standard tuning’ (A 440) and ‘432’ with the ‘Verdi tuning’ (A 432). I wonder if the building of this structure is a reference to this.

    1. That’s amazing Travis, it is! 432 Park Ave is 33,333 feet from the Statue of Liberty’s torch. That’s quite a symbol of illumination, isn’t it?

      1. Illumination indeed! Please help in validating this one too: 333 km (99.9%) distance from the entrance of the House of the Temple in Washington D.C. to the Northeast foundation stone of 432 Park Avenue. Other reference points at these sites may be more appropriate, but it’s a start. Thanks again to Scott for inspiring these investigations and for the instruction on Google Earth.

        1. That is also validated: the distance from the House of the Temple in DC to 432 Park in NYC is 333 km. Again, another amazing measurement!

  2. Danette Lois Perkins

    I have to wonder if the spin speed of earth would be the same as it is now or different if the earth were straight up and down giving 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness each day and not tilted. Was it once before the fall straight up and down or did God created the earth in this tilted fashion? Did the effects of the great flood cause the tilt or no? A very good observation about the buildings erected by the masons and their ritualistic agendas.

  3. That is incredible. I also like the fact that the earth is tilted 23.4 degrees. 234 plus 432 (234 backwards) = 666.

    Have you done much work on the “9 Code”? The fact that the digital root of all these numbers always equals 9:

    864: 8 + 6 + 4 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9
    432: 4 + 3 + 2 = 9
    216: 2 + 1 + 6 = 9
    72: 7 + 2 = 9
    108: 1 + 0 + 8 = 9
    34560: 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9
    360: 3 + 6 + 0 = 9
    234: 2 + 3 + 4 = 9
    1728: 1 + 7 + 2 + 8 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9
    25920: 2 + 5 + 9 + 2 + 0 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9
    666: 6 + 6 + 6 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9
    333: 3 + 3 + 3 = 9

    Enough to spin you right out.

    Great article.

    1. Also, the complementary angle of 23.4 degrees is 66.6 degrees (90 – 23.4 = 66.6).

      I wrote about the 9 code as you call it in Taking Measure. It’s all encoded in the apple! That reminds me, the original Apple-I computer sold for $666.66! See my post on 666.

      1. Thanks for the reply Scott.

        I’ve found your website today and have only scratched the surface of your articles. I thought I had a fair understanding of the depth of this, but I’m not even close!

        The information on here is completely mind-blowing. The world needs people like you keeping this information available. What a sad time we live in where none of this ever sees the inside of a classroom.

        Truly enlightening.

    2. “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”
      Nikola Tesla

  4. If you follow the line from 432 Park Ave to Washington DC(Masnic council) it crosses over St Patricks Cathedral, and Slightly north-east of Byrant Park Fountain

  5. I used the Verdi tuning of 432 from the harmonic number chart ( Horizontal row x 3 and Vertical row x 2) so top row is 1,3,9,27,81,243 ect.. and going down 1,2,4,8,16,32,ect.. and i filled in the chart then calculated the notes in the scale. I noticed the third row on top and and every row past, all the number’s could be reduced to 9 ( 8+6+4=18,1+8=9) so I decided to figure out what scale would i be playing only using the numbers (notes) that could be reduce to 9 and to my surprise it was the A major scale in the Verdi tuning! My calculation’s need to be checked out considering i’m a musician not a Mathematician.
    If I am correct, I think it’s another discovery of hidden knowledge
    A is the first letter not C

  6. Hi, Scott. Great work as always.

    Are you aware of the (now cancelled) TV show 666 Park Avenue? It was a supernatural drama about a NYC apartment building called “The Drake”. The building’s owner, Gavin Doran, is the head of an evil, masonic-like organization called The Order of the Dragon. The Order’s stated mission is to wield power and “make the world as we want it, not as it’s given to us”.

    In the final episode Gavin explains that a child will be born in The Drake that will wield real power and “bring the world to heel under his command”.


  7. What is the significance of the number 9 all these measurements and numbers leads us to 9 ? But this is really great job you are doing here Scott Thanks.

    1. It’s really 6666 feet from Cleopatra’s needle to the center of E 57th in front of 432 Park, not to the building. But that is something in itself.

  8. This is to Hagen S its about time someone other then myself put it together coming up with 9 not sure where you get the whole code of 9 its not a code it’s just the fact of 9 being the only true majikal number now it does not matter whether you believe in it or not what matters is they do numbers play a huge part in majik and the more power that is represented the stronger the spell the more energy that manifests itself anyway I just wanted to give you props for pointing that out cuz just before I scrolled down and found your work I was going to do the very same thing.

  9. In the 2014 RoboCop remake, (#SpoilerAlert) one of the houses he goes to is 432. I can’t remember what the name of the street is but it’s when he’s trying to track down whoever had him killed and the 432 house guy is just a link in the chain and I think he discloses the info needed.

    Another pop culture trivial notion but the house of 432 leads to truth. Or then again, maybe it’s just a coincidence.

  10. I also found this today amd the numbers jumped right out at me.

    NASA figures on Earth’s equatorial circumference:
    Metric: 40,030.2 km

  11. According to Peter Tompkins in his book Secrets of the Great Pyramid, the Great Pyramid represents the Northern Hemisphere in a scale 1:43,200. The scale was chosen because there are 86,400 seconds in a 24 hour day.

  12. Hello !!
    Well written about 432 park, it is a supertall residential skyscraper in New York.The tower’s condominium units feature high ceilings and the outer structural skin is composed of a grid of wide columns and equal width spandrel beams of reinforced concrete that encloses the symmetrical basket grid of window openings.

  13. Windows = 2016 = 666+666+666+6+6+6 as well as 6x6x6.
    Prog Rock group Genesis wrote a song about the apocalypse called “Supper’s Ready”. In it is a section called “Apocalypse in 9/8”.
    Esoterically 666+666+666=1998. Peter Gabriel also donned a Fox’s head and a red dress. Fox is the only word in the English language which equals 666. The New World Order may be commencing this year, hence all the hoaxed, terrorist shootings/bombings throughout Europe/US.

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