My thanks to Alec Ratcliffe for discovering another Secret in Plain Sight where he lives in Bolton, UK. He discovered that Bolton is the midpoint of an alignment connecting Stonehenge to Rosslyn Chapel.

SH Bolton RC

The road that leads to the centre of Bolton is the A666 which was nicknamed the “Devil’s Highway” due to its number and appalling accident rate. Bolton’s city council renamed the A666 “St. Peter’s Way”, lowered the speed limit, and made safety improvements to reduce the death toll which was three times higher than other motorways in the borough. –Source

Winter Hill Bolton 666

The phone number of the Bolton Town Hall is 333333. Are you starting to get the picture?

Right of way

Image courtesy Alec Ratcliffe

The above signs mark a public right of way that is actually an ancient right of way leading over Bolton’s Winter Hill:

Sunday morning

Image courtesy Alec Ratcliffe

The top of Winter Hill has the highest television transmitting antenna in the UK at 1035 feet in height. Take a look at its very long shadow.

Winter hill

The transmitter on the top of the Winter Hill antenna is 777m above sea level.

Support wires, to hold the mast vertical, are pitched at 120° when viewed from above. These are connected at 5 heights, reminding one of pyramids.

Antenna wires

Image courtesy Alec Ratcliffe

Gratings on the roads in Bolton have rhombi and pyramids on them. Hmm.

Grating road

Image courtesy Alec Ratcliffe

The coat of arms for the Bolton County Borough Council features an Elephant and Castle on top:

Bolton County Borough Council

Image source

The pediment of the town hall shows the Elephant and Castle on the shield the Queen is holding.

Queen elephant

Image courtesy Alec Ratcliffe

In fact Elephants and Castles are all over Bolton. Here’s another:

Elephant castle

Image courtesy Alec Ratcliffe

There is a major road intersection in South London called Elephant and Castle which is shaped like an inverted pentagon with respect to true North. The Michael Faraday Memorial within this pentagon has a swastika-like form from above. It contains an electrical substation that powers the London Underground.

Elephant London

Elephant and Castle, South London

“Elephant and Castle” is derived from a coaching inn of that name on the site. The earliest surviving record of this name relating to the area is in the Court Leet Book of the Manor of Walworth. This local court had met at “Elephant and Castle, Newington” on 21 March 1765. Previously the site was occupied by a blacksmith and cutler – the coat of arms of the Worshipful Company of Cutlers [knife makers] features an elephant with a castle. –Source

“Worshipful Companies” are livery companies of the City of London.

The active livery companies play an important part in social life and networking in the City of London, and have a long history of cultural patronage, and control of the City of London Corporation. –Source

I talked a bit about the City of London Corporation and the Lord Mayor in my London video episode.

The senior officer of a Masonic Lodge is normally addressed and referred to as the “Worshipful Master.” The office of Worshipful Master is the highest honor to which a lodge may appoint any of its members.

Following my intuition I pondered the connections between Bolton and the freemasons. After finding so many Secrets in Plain Sight in my last few posts in New York I have wondered about its namesake in York and the York Rite of freemasonry.

I discovered that the oldest freemasonic lodge in York, Lodge 236, used to meet in a place called Elephant & Castle in the 19th century. Lodge 236 was established on 7/7/1777. –Source

All those sevens tie in well with Bolton having Elephants and Castles all over the town and the Winter Hill transmitting station being 777m above sea level.

Are these all just coincidences? Here are a few more:

  • In my post on 666, I mentioned Cergy-Pontoise has an area of 77.7 square kilometers.
  • In my post on One Times Square I mentioned that the Time Ball drops 77 feet on New Year’s eve.
  • Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11.

The Knights Templar is an autonomous body within the York Rite. Thus the order still exists today in freemasonic form. Here is the symbol of the Knights Templar order:

Knights Templar Logo Freemasonry

In Hoc Signo Vinces is Latin for “In this Sign You Will Conquer.”

The sign shown below is the infamous Nazi iron cross. Hitler conquered for a time using the swastika at the center of this very similar symbol.

EK 1class

Luz from Columbia sent me this picture yesterday of an artificial intelligence chip IBM has just developed. See here. I don’t know if the Templars are connected to artificial intelligence at this point but I have a great respect for the illuminating power of coincidence. My friend Rick counted and there are indeed 33 lines on each edge of this neurosynaptic core chip:


Image source

Will artificial intelligence conquer our minds? Man vs machine is a common theme in popular television series and movies.

Everything is connected. Following the connections through alignments, numbers, and symbols sometimes leads to profound insights.

Perhaps the Faraday Memorial at the center of the inverted pentagram within Elephant and Castle is a clue. If the London Elephant & Castle sends power underground, then what is the highest transmitting antenna in the UK sending through the air?

Television is the most successful device ever devised to control the mind.

Mind control

Artwork by Scott Onstott

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14 thoughts on “Bolton”

  1. Great find I am sure more will turn up. Once a pattern starts to emerge, it reveals its self in different levels of obscurity. The UK has to riddled with such aliments. My resent research is focused on the the magnetic bands that radiate from pole to pole and the qualities of the of the energies that lay beneath them. The ancients put signs of the zodiac around the equator and I feel the qualities of each sign are related to the resonant qualities of the energy bands. I wonder if there are any tie up qualities that link the ley lines to these bands? They are bridging the qualitative and quantitative realms their designs and use of numbers.

    1. Steven I’d like to hear more about your research. Are the signs of the zodiac located at specific sites around the equator? In my post on Omphale I discuss the book Twelve Tribe Nations by Michell and Rhone where the authors describe amphictyonic leagues in which the zodiac was mapped onto an omphalos stone and the countryside around divided into 12 zones, one for each tribe. Dividing into twelve is one of the most ancient practices known. Some say Ophiucus is the secret 13th sign of the zodiac, just as 12 spheres pack perfectly around a central 13th in 3D space or as Jesus was surrounded by 12 apostles. 12 and 13 are secret lovers.

  2. Bolton is in ENGLAND. For conspiracy theorists you’re remarkably unresisting to changes in terminology imposed by trans-national bureaucracies – like Brussels – currently seeking to abolish this country by removing it from the lexicon and hence the imaginative landscape.

  3. try again,
    If one digs deep enough we will find that we all live in a matrix world, created around us. The NWO is actually an ongoing process …a type of control system which will capture every human’s mind,soul and spirit. Those of us who believe in God, will know the final destination, where mankind will have to choose between good or evil.
    Keep up the good work everyone, as the more we expose, the more people we stand to gain for good.

  4. I was in Boston recently and drove down Arch Street. I found that directly across of the building at 33 Arch Street (a 33 story building with 56 000 square meters of office space) is an Elephant and Castle tavern. I thought of your sight right away. It has been a while since I’ve been on here but I remembered that Elephant and castle reference in one of your posts.

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