Extraterrestrials at Coronado Navy Base

The Coronado Swastika has been known for a while but I thought I’d post it here. It’s hard for me to believe that this was an accident.


Here are the coordinates: 32°40’33.58″N 117°09’27.77″W

How asleep could you expect an architect to be to build a compound in the shape of a swastika on a US military base? If the architect was a Nazi or just into sacred Buddhist symbolism then how could the higher ups in the military not notice this obvious plan either?

The Wikipedia article on the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado says this was an ‘oversight’ back in 1967 when it was designed and again when it was built in 1970.

The Navy has fully utilized this building complex for more than 35 years, and intends to continue the use of the buildings, as long as they remain adequate for the needs of the service. However, in early 2007 the San Diego chapter of the Anti-Defamation League and U.S. Representative Susan Davis  began quiet talks with the Navy, and on September 26, 2007 the Navy announced that they would budget up to $600,000, starting in the fiscal year that begins October 1, to modify the buildings’ walkways, “camouflage” landscaping and rooftop photo-voltaic cells to hide the swastika look from the air.

Nothing seems to have changed as of the date 8/24/2010 on the Google Earth satellite imagery. I’m not sure how panels on the roof and landscaping could ever hide this obvious symbol.

Extraterrestrials in Coronado?

I have another story about the Coronado base that comes down through my family. My great uncle eventually became an Admiral in the US Navy and I did meet him once before he died when I was about 17 years old. In fact he was quite a war hero in WWII.


His daughter tells me this story with her permission to publish:

In Paris he was part of some very hush hush stuff at SHAPE. Wonder about that. [See Bob Dean interview on Project Camelot] And of course I told you on his death bed he said it was time to continue building the space ships…in Coronado I saw an ET one night and my Dad was downstairs with Military men…I remember he didn’t dismiss me just looked wide-eyed when I described the ET. I told him it talked to me but didn’t seem to have a mouth…I was 3 or so…he asked if it was scary and I said No…it was friendly but strange looking…I believe my Dad was the third youngest Admiral in history…have you seen the film by Mitchner – Bridges Of Tokorei? It was about him…Brilliant Guy…like you…Dad was the lead…played by William Holden…Mitchner interviewed him for the book…can rent it and play instantly on amazon…2.99! One of Dads’ favorite stories was about how he hated Roosevelt…said there Dad was out to sea in the thick of it and Roosevelt said they weren’t at war…you know Dad actually talked very little about things in the military…I had no idea what a war hero he was until I found a box of newspaper articles written about him…box was in the garage…all of his medals rather embarrassed him…and isn’t it interesting you were both interested in architecture! He saw symbols in everything…like a puzzle to be solved…

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