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My research presents you with a series of challenges to your world-view. With discoveries like the 3333 mile distance between the ruins of Heliopolis and Mount Everest, you see either: (a) meaningless coincidence that you can immediately dismiss or (b) evidence of an advanced geodetic and metrological knowledge that is out of place with everything we know about ancient culture, or (c) something else. If you choose explanation (b), how do you reconcile it?

Heliopolis Everest

Urban Asplund emailed me with the data that the distance from Giza to Mount Kilimanjaro is 33.33°. I verified this fact in Google Earth, and I recommend you do this also with all of the distances and alignments I mention so you can see for yourself. Repeatability is what makes this science rather than superstition. Hopefully you will appreciate the research rationally and perhaps even be enticed to start your own.

Giza Kilimanjaro

The quoted distance isn’t to the summit, but to the side of the mountain. Still, it is accurate to say that the distance between Giza and Mount Kilimanjaro is 33.33°.

I discovered some time ago that the distance from Stonehenge to Solomon’s Temple is the same 33.33° distance. Of course Solomon’s Temple is long gone, but all three Abrahamic religions tend to agree that it was somewhere on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount and it falls entirely within that quoted distance.

Stonehenge Solomon's Temple

The Great Pyramid of Giza encodes 3333 inches inside it. This is evident if you simply inscribe an equilateral triangle within its elevation. So the fascination with Threes goes back at least to ancient Egypt.

"Eye of Horus" from Quantification

“Eye of Horus” from Quantification

However, this challenges our understanding of the so-called “English” system of measurement. Even if you take explanation (a) and reject this as a coincidence, isn’t it odd that St. Paul’s Cathedral is 555.5′ or 6666″ long or that the Washington Monument is 555.5′ or 6666″ high? These coincidences keep piling up quite inconveniently for world-view (a).

So if you are going with explanation (b), then it seems unavoidably like the ancient Egyptians were using inches, feet, and miles. However, the Great Pyramid also encodes 10π in meters…

"Ten Pies" from Quantification

“Ten Pies” from Quantification

…and even encodes the speed of light using the system of degrees/minutes/seconds and the metric system.

Detail of "The Meter" from Quantification

Detail of “The Meter” from Quantification

Asplund made this connection and I made the graphic:

"Mountains of Light"

“Mountains of Light”

The Louvre Pyramid is 481 km from the summit of Mont Blanc and Mont Blanc’s summit is 4810m above sea level. Mont Blanc is the highest summit in Europe. The Great Pyramid was 481 feet high when it was built and covered in gleaming polished Tura limestone casing stones, with joints so accurate they were practically invisible. The glass pyramid, the white mountain, and the gleaming pyramid all are expressions of the transmission or reflection of light. The numbers synchronize but they are a mismatch of kilometers, meters, and feet.

Egyptologists would call all of this utterly preposterous and I agree with them to the extent that it doesn’t make any sense from world-view (b). I can’t reconcile this out-of-place knowledge with what we know about ancient cultures so my world-view is necessarily (c), something else.

Consider the following facts. Heliopolis, the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Lighthouse of Virginia are all in an alignment. The distance from the Lighthouse of Alexandria, also known as PARia-ISis (see Talisman by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval) to the Eiffel Tower in PARIS is 3033.33 km.



Asplund discovered that the distance from the Lighthouse of Alexandria to the alignments of menhirs at Carnac is 3333.33 km. The distance from the Lighthouse of Alexandria to the Eiffel Tower is precisely 3033.33 km.

The distance from the tip of Eiffel Tower to the center of Sagrada Familia is exactly e million feet. The circumference of the Sun is e million miles (99.99%). Euler’s constant e is one of the most important numbers in mathematics.

"Mil e On"

“Mil e On”

All these resonators needling the Earth remind me of acupuncture and needling the human body. If they are doing that on the macro scale then they are doing it along great circles and encoding very precise distances.


The replica lighthouse in Alexandria, Virginia (give me a break) is 333 feet in height. Scottish rite freemasons seem to be in on all of this with 32, the highest degree one earns, and the 33° being by invitation only.

Lighthouse of Alexandria, Virginia aka George Washington National Masonic Memorial (333' height)

Lighthouse of Alexandria, Virginia aka George Washington National Masonic Memorial (333′ height)

However, the Sun disc has an angular size that varies between 32 and 33 seconds of arc. This seems to be beyond conspiracy, unless the conspiracy includes the division of a circle into 360°, which goes back at least to ancient Babylon, which admittedly is located at 32°32’32″N. Don’t forget Homeland Security’s Babylonian Ziggurat in southern California located at 33°33’33″N where I learned to drive. Right. See Memorabilia.

I do not work for Homeland Security, the CIA, FBI, NSA, KGB, or the DMV. In fact I was kind of hoping you might donate or buy some of my books, videos or T-shirts to help me continue my research.

OK, here are a few more challenges. A line from the deepest part of the ocean, literally known as Challenger Deep, to Mount Everest continues to Abu Simbel, Egypt. Abu Simbel is the site of some exquisite rock-cut temples that remind me of Ellora. This is the “small temple”:

Ad Meskens CC BY-SA 3.0

Ad Meskens CC BY-SA 3.0

The distance from Abu Simbel to Everest is 3456 miles. 3456 is a term in what I call The Cosmic Sequence.

Abu Simbel Everest Challenger Deep

It appears to me like the ancient Egyptians somehow had global knowledge to line this up so beautifully. Maybe the following is really what is going on, who knows?


Here is another challenge from the deep:


The line from Everest to Challenger Deep continues on the other side of the planet to Easter Island. Furthermore it measures 6066 km from Everest to Challenger Deep and 6666 nautical miles from the deepest part of the ocean to Easter Island. It is 6660.6 km from Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the ocean, to Mauna Loa which is actually the world’s tallest mountain if measured from the sea floor.

I am talking about the structure of the Earth, not some crypto-Egypto conspiracy involving Satan, the Anunnaki and/or the Illuminati.

On the flipside, the distance from Easter Island to Heliopolis is 16180 km. Phi, the golden ratio is 1.6180…

Easter Island Nazca Heliopolis

Incidentally, the Nazca Lines are on this great circle and the distance from the famous Hummingbird geoglyph to the Great Pyramid is precisely 111.11°.

Asplund mentioned that he wanted to see how wide the Mediterranean was and so he measured it. It is 33.33° from Gibraltar to Beirut. That just about dimensions it perfectly, don’t you think?


In the same spirit I measured the distance between Hawaii and the mainland. Like Easter Island, Hawaii is one of the most isolated places on Earth. Just how isolated you ask? The shortest landfall is 33.0° from the Big Island to Point Arena, California.

Hawaii Point Arena

The last challenge is one Asplund posed to me and I added to. He found that the breadth and depth of Africa is 66.6° by 66.6°. I added the 66.6° angle between the north pole and the ecliptic to complete the highly improbable but factual picture of our planet. I almost forgot: spaceship Earth orbits at an average speed of 66600 miles/hour (99.9%).


While I was putting together this image last night, which was actually the first in my newfound green globe style, I was listening to music. iTunes reports that I have 51 GB of audio adding up to a whopping play time of 52:17:29:12 of listening pleasure.

Which long forgotten song or ancient melody do you suppose should happen to “randomly” play while I am comparing my image of Africa with the one earlier in this post on Kilimanjaro?

I’m sure there is no other song in my library or maybe even in the world having the words Africa and Kilimanjaro as lyrics. At least the gods have a sense of humor. I feel this play is supposed to be a comedy rather than a tragedy and we have all somehow lost the plot. Here is to meeting deep challenges with a sense of humor!

Speaking of, my architect friend Christian emailed me this image yesterday. Maybe this is what all those obelisks, lighthouses and menhirs are ultimately about after all.


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  1. haha yeh that’s right, it just “randomly” played that one like you not the biggest toto fan ever 🙂 Great article. Why not discuss the apparently inherent Anunnaki, Sumerian, elite bloodline, illuminati, satanic freemasonry elements?

  2. this is very interesting a research. such information is ( hidden) from the everyday life of scholars. am privileged to register for similar insights.

  3. hello, it is always fascinating to follow your videos and articles. One subject that it would be insightful to research further would be the energy grid of the earth itself. As the earth is a highly geometrical shape, so is the geo-energy grid. So, if someone can locally identify energy vortex points, these points would imo be in mathematical and geometrical relations to the earth’s energy grid as a whole. In this manner, even though you are unaware of what is built on another continent, if the earth energy vortex is properly identified, this would undoubtedly be in relation to other vortexes and energy ley lines on other locations. Imo, what is mostly measured in you your discoveries through google maps is less due to man than it is due to the geometric underpinnings of the earth. In geobiology this is a known fact, i would suppose the ancient builders used this knowledge as well. This way of positioning can be done with a simple pendulum.

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