My thanks to Taylor Morgeson for discovering another Secret in Plain Sight after watching my videos. Taylor is teaching music theory and finishing up his thesis at the University of North Texas (UNT) in Denton.

First of all, Denton is at 33°13’N latitude. The numbers 33 and 13 are obviously both very important to freemasons.

Taylor says that if you draw a line from the center of the fountain in the linear complex in front of the UNT Administration building…

Denton line

…to the golden boy atop the Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg, the bearing is 0.00°, perfectly true North.

Denton Winnipeg

I profiled the Manitoba Legislative Building (MLB) in my Jerusalem Part 2 video because it is a freemasonic replica of Solomon’s Temple. Frank Albo has written a book called “The Hermetic Code” about the MLB and he also gives tours of the building when he’s in his home town:

Winnipeg manitoba

Manitoba Legislative Building

Perhaps the MLB inspired the soon to be Dr. Albo to get his PhD in Architectural History, which is what he is working on now at Cambridge. Frank also became a freemason to see what else he could discover.

Winnipeg is the center of North America. The MLB is thus its geodetic center.


Image source

Taylor Morgeson also points out that if you draw a triangle connecting the MLB with UNT and Phoenix Arizona (which is also on the 33rd parallel) the angle at the top of the triangle on Google Maps measures 33°. I verified this in SketchUp.

Denton Phoenix Winnipeg Map

I noticed that the triangle looks like a Pythagorean 3:4:5 triangle under the spherical projection of Google Earth. This is close but not exact because the lines are actually sections of great circles whose centers are at the center of the Earth.

GE denton

Taylor tells me there’s another very interesting building at UNT’s College of Music called the Winspear Auditorium, part of the Murchison Performing Arts Center whose axis is also oriented North-South:

Winspear Auditorium

Here’s what it looks like inside…

Murchison 1

Image courtesy Craig D. Blackmon under the Creative Common Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license

…and outside:

[iframe width=”555″ height=”666″ src=”″]

This building seems to be a temple of the pentagon/pentagram. A temple of music and of life, that’s beautiful.

I used the line tool in Google Earth to measure the distance from the pentagonal window on the north side of the Winspear Auditorium to the south door of the MLB in Winnipeg.

This distance is 6,055,555 feet.

Please see my post on The Snowflake and the Flower to understand the significance of the above distance.

Here’s a video Taylor made of his alma mater. Check out “The Sustaining Arch” and how it aligns with the jet of water from the fountain and the tower on the top of the UNT Administration building. This line continues all the way to the MLB.

Was this all consciously planned? Or did the universe make it so?

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7 thoughts on “Denton”

  1. Well, In the case of the arch, it just happened to fit there best. I worked with the university architect, and we settled on placing it atop of the wall so that it would not obstruct pedestrian traffic and would be highly visible. Of course, once we put it there, we naturally placed it in the center of the wall. It did happen to end up framing the clock tower nicely though 🙂 Didn’t plan that. I believe the universe has a way of ordering things without us noticing.

    1. Thank you Jonathan. That is exactly my conclusion: the universe orders things, mostly without us knowing. It is worthwhile to recognize the secrets in plain sight if and when we get around to noticing.

  2. Jonathan’s description is disingenuous at best, to put it politely. The arch is not atop a wall, it was actually placed at the end of a heavily traveled path. A half wall approximately 20″ high was built to cover the 3 steps that used to be directly underneath where the arch is now. IMO the arch is somewhat camouflaged as most people in my department had ever even noticed it and there are similar sculptures around the library that are in plain sight but not the arch; so why place it there? It’s hard to think it the local alignment wasn’t intentional because it frames the fountain and clock tower so perfectly. I will concede that the alignment with the MLB is coincidental but just because Mr. Snow is unaware of the symbolism in his own art does not mean the architect is too.

  3. Would the arc’d wall also serve as a baffle? seems like putting a fine frequency arts building right next to where I-35 West and East meet would affect the tuning. Where could one find the last ‘private’ video?

  4. If there is a correlation between these two points (and I am currently researching the New World Order and Satanism as a threat to mankind), then there should be a corresponding architecture in Savannah Georgia (equidistant in the opposite direction allowing for curvature of the globe – Please look into it! I fully expect that the sites you uncover will form the shape of a Pentagram of some description; revealing more of the plot to subvert America. I’ve been able to trace the connection between Freemasonry and the Askenazi ‘Jews’ of Khazar heritage and a form of Apocalypse cult based upon the 1% or social elite and the reconstruction of the Temple of Solomon in preparation for their ‘Second Coming’. This is an issue of global importance and all Intel needs to be shared openly and publicly and communicated as widely as possible.

    Feel free to correspond.

    Best regards,

      1. I did a quick rough measurement and I am guessing Atlanta is more accurate than Savannah. I only have a very old Atlas and a compass to do the calculation with.

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