Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower is the colloquial name for the One World Trade Center building which is currently under construction and scheduled to be completed ’round about Dec 21, 2012.

Governor of New York George Pataki stated in 2003 that, “The Freedom Tower isn’t going to be One World Trade Center, it’s going to be the Freedom Tower…I think One and Two World Trade Center are sacred names which should never be used again.” –Source

Freedom Tower

Image copyright Silverstein Properties

Google Earth allows you to view latitude and longitude coordinates in degrees/minutes/seconds or decimal degrees. You can change the display to decimal degrees in the program’s options.


The point marked Freedom Tower in the above image has the following coordinates which you can easily verify:

Latitude 40.713°

Longitude -74.013°

Decimal longitudes west of the prime meridian are negative and those east of it are positive. Adding the latitude and longitude values we get:

40.713° -74.013° = -33.300°

I suggest you pull out your calculator and verify this. That’s what I did this morning and my jaw hit the floor when I read my friend Jan Thulstrup’s post on this discovery. See my post on 33.

An architect friend David Shipway had a hunch that the original Twin Towers might match the proportions of the columns of Boaz and Jachin (as described in the Bible) that were part of Solomon’s temple and a part of every Freemasonic lodge in the world. I made a model in SketchUp and verified this is indeed the case. The Twin Towers are overlaid as rectangles, drawn with real-world proportions:

BoazJachin WTC Proportions

Just in case you think the symbolism ended, the 9/11 Memorial opens on the 10 year anniversary on 9/11/2011:

9+11+2+0+11 = 33.

The story of Samson the giant Israelite from the tribe of Dan tearing down the two pillars resonates with 9/11. See my post about the Children of Dan.


Samson Destroying the Temple of the Philistines by Phillips Galle (16th century)

The Freedom Tower will be the tallest building in the United States at 1776 feet including its mast. July 4th, 1776 was of course the date the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Us declaration independence2

The pyramidion on top of the Transamerica Pyramid lights up on July 4th. Incidentally the Freedom Tower looks to me like two Trance America Pyramids (as above, so below) merged together if you will. Can you see that?

Freedom Tower TAP

Right image courtesy Daniel Schwen under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.

July 4th is also Aphelion, the day the Earth is farthest from the Sun.


1776 is an interesting number. It is the sum of 888 + 888.

The Bavarian Illuminati was formed also in 1776 on May 1st (Beltane).


Reflecting the Freedom Tower in an Orwellian mirror it appears as a Tower of Slavery in a novus ordo seclorum.

Globalism is all smoke and mirrors.

Another friend Dr. Mark Gray pointed out that the upper part of the building’s form is known to mathematicians as a square anti-prism (stretched upward):

Square antiprism

Image created by Robert Webb’s Great Stella software

If prisms split light into a diversity of colors then the antiprism symbolically sucks up all colors of light. Back to the light bearer, or E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one) if you will.


The square anti-prism is also known as the anticube. That’s interesting because the full form of the building is an anticube sitting on an cube, as above so below, as if reflected in a symbolic mirror.

I don’t fully understand the math but the Wikipedia page on the square anti-prism shows the following diagram which represents the anticube’s vertex figure:

Square antiprism vertfig

The red edges are shorter than the yellow edges. I can’t help but remember the D+M pyramid on Mars that I wrote about in The Snowflake and the Flower.

Here’s a sequence of zoom shots of the base of the Freedom Tower that yet another friend, Grant Chamberlin took two weeks ago:




What’s going on here? Grant presented it to me as a D+M pyramid. Why did someone involved in the design or construction of the Freedom Tower paint this mark? Were they aware of the design’s mathematical meaning? It seems unlikely but there it is in plain sight.

Grant took these photos just as they were building the halfway point where the floor plate is perfectly octagonal. If you watched my videos you might remember how the octagon is resoundingly a solar symbol.

The Freedom Tower will have 104 floors when completed. The octagon is therefore on floor 52, resonating with 52 weeks in a solar year, just like 555 California Street in San Francisco which has 52 floors in all.

Wtc lookingup

Not including the mast, the height of the building is 1368 feet, the same exact height as WTC1 which was of course destroyed on 9/11.


Image source

This view of WTC1 (from the northeast) looks like a “bubbler” of dust. This does not look like a “collapse.” Material is being launched upward and outward. The whitish material arcs over and begins to fall downward while the southern portion (away from the camera) appears to shoot straight up. –Dr. Judy Wood

In less than 2 weeks we are coming up on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. It’s one hell of a secret in plain sight. How many people still think people with box cutters made 500,000 tons of material go up in smoke? I recommend checking out Where Did The Towers Go?, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and the Ring of Power video which exposes the Zionist connections by following the money (thanks to Jon Mayberry for sending it to me):

I wrote about the connection between the Kaaba and the World Trade Center in my post on 110-111 and it is worth repeating here:

The [Great Spherical Caryatid, aka The Sphere] artwork [in between the twin towers] was meant to symbolize world peace through world trade, and was placed at the center of a ring of fountains and other decorative touches designed by trade center architect Minoru Yamasaki to mimic the Grand Mosque of Mecca, Masjid al-Haram, in which The Sphere stood at the place of the Kaaba. –Source

It is a great irony that the official story of 9/11 is of Islamic terrorists who destroyed what the architect who designed the WTC saw as an exquisite monument to Islam.


The Kaaba in Mecca

The 9/11 Memorial’s reflecting pools in the footprints of WTC1 and WTC2 are like twin mirrors reflecting the form of Grand Mosque in Mecca:

Kaaba 911

The above image was posted by Mark Gray on Facebook. The 9/11 memorial inverts the form of the holiest place in Islam and therefore resonates with Islamic anger.

The precise distance between the Kaaba in Mecca and the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is 666 nautical miles. I recommend you verify this yourself in Google Earth to fully experience the mystery.

Mark also discovered that the pier that accesses the Statue of Liberty (SOL) on Liberty island is oriented perfectly in line with the Kaaba in Mecca. The red line stretches from the torch of the SOL to the center of the black cube in Mecca. See One Times Square for more on the SOL’s torch.

SOL Mecca

Incidentally the SOL was built inside the pre-existing 11-sided walls of Fort Wood which were completed in 1811. The SOL was dedicated on 1886.

The SOL’s crown of 7 rays compared to the base star’s 11 points matches the 7:11 proportions of the Great Pyramid from height to base.

Back to NYC, here is a computer rendering of the West Chamber within the 9/11 Memorial:

West chamber

Rendering copyright Squared Design Lab – Image Source

The West Chamber is a room of massive scale and soaring height. Here, the “slurry wall,” a surviving retaining wall of the original World Trade Center that withstood the devastation of 9/11, will be presented as a testament to survival and determination. Against this backdrop will be the “Last Column,” 36-feet high and covered with mementoes, memorial inscriptions, and missing posters placed there by ironworkers, rescue personnel, and others. Removed during the ceremony marking the close of the recovery effort at ground zero, the column, laid prone, was draped with an American flag and escorted by honor guard. Standing tall once again, the Last Column will encourage reflection on the foundations of resilience, hope, and community with which we might build our collective future. –Source

Is it any wonder why the Last Column is 36 feet high? The sum of the numbers 1 through 36 is 666. See my post on 666.

The slurry wall is setup to become another Wailing Wall like the one in Jerusalem. Both walls are situated on the Western side of their respective complexes. The Wailing Wall is also known of course as as the Western Wall.

Wailing Wall by Gustav Bauernfeind

The Wailing Wall, Jerusalem by Gustav Bauernfeind (19th century)

The atrium space of the 9/11 Memorial will feature two tridents presumably made out of the original steel beams from the Two Towers right on the spot where the Great Spherical Caryatid (known as The Sphere) used to be. See my posts on 110-111 and Ellipses.


Rendering copyright Squared Design Lab – Image Source

Mark Gray reads the two pairs of 3 prongs together as another 33 and I think he has found another huge secret in plain sight.

Patrick from Ontario Canada sent me this image that synchromystically resonates with the two tridents (33) and the twin towers. Look closer and you’ll be looking into the cold blue eyes of a destroyer:

Transformers dark of the moon

Image source

The Transformers subtitle Dark of the Moon is another powerful clue. Are we looking at Lucifer in the above image? It has been said the Prince of Darkness has a base on the dark side of the moon. This reminds me of Mike Myers’ hilarious rendition of Dr. Evil’s moon base in The Spy Who Shagged Me.

Pink Floyd’s famous cover of The Dark Side of the Moon also resonates with the light bringer’s prism and the Freedom Tower’s anti-prism shape:


Image source

Chapter 9 verse 11 of the book of Revelation (Christian holy book) states:

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.


Image from The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan 1850 edition

Thanks to info a mutual friend Gerald Santana uncovered, Mark Gray brought the following pieces together about the trident symbols:


Here’s another reading Mark makes on the trident symbol:

Get ready for 9-11-11…When looked upon as a weapon of Shiva, the trishula [trident] is said to destroy the three worlds: the physical world, the world of the forefathers (representing culture drawn from the past) and the world of the mind (representing the processes of sensing and acting). The three worlds are supposed to be destroyed by Shiva into a single non-dual plane of existence, that is bliss alone.


Image courtesy Dave Kleinschmidt under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

I like where Mark is going with this (purification and bliss through Shiva’s destruction), but I’m not sure those behind 9/11 megaritual as Jake Kotze likes to say were destroying in order to help us out.

However, no matter the destroyers’ motives the result is the same. We wouldn’t be growing so exponentially in consciousness without the resistance the negative elites are providing. 9/11 truth is helping to wake up more and more people. We shall overcome by waking up NOW! Do you see what a team effort this is?

Shiva Shiva Shiva Shambo.


Shiva sculpture in LACMA (see Magic of Hollywood)

©2012 SIPS Productions Inc. – All Rights Reserved.

57 thoughts on “Freedom Tower”

  1. Ah, I was wondering when you would get around to this secret in plain sight!

    I was curious about the unusual shape/architecture of the Freedom Tower, and it’s semi-octagonal features. I am also curious to see the finished product from an overhead view. The 33.300 degree reference is almost comical but still blatant enough to seriously irritate me.

    Here are some ideas I played with in regards to secrets in plain sight at the 9/11 Memorial & Freedom Tower:

    1. WTC 1 & 2 seemed to be symbolic of Jachin & Boaz (the male/female correlation). I feel like the Freedom Tower is a hermaphroditic joining of the two like in the Alchemical tradition.

    2. I wasn’t sure about the tridents either, but my first thought was Poseidon since the footprints of WTC 1 & 2 are now aquatic memorials.
    -Wikipedia of Trident:
    -There are many possibilities for correspondences with the trident, I believe, and may be as simple as a classic devil reference.

    3. The footprint memorials themselves scream esotericism, but I can’t quite wrap my head around it. They appear to be something like a bottomless pit where water is fed to. The water, of course, is probably symbolic of life or something to that nature. And they remained built/designed ad quadratum. Haven’t been able to connect all of these features, but I am sure there are some major correlations.

    4. My final thought is that the Freedom Tower is actually the Tower of Babel being resurrected in New (Babylon) York.

    1. Woooooow! Almost speechless… I just read the info you added about the trident. Neptune/33/Magnesia certainly is a more plausible connection.

      The simple Wiki definition for the Neptune symbol states, “Mind or human spirit (crescent) transcending matter (cross)”

      Mind over matter (Neptune) + Magic (Magnesia)=???

      Sorry about the flood of comments, Scott. This is just too good! It resonates big time. Thank you. I am humbly grateful.

  2. Has anyone considered that the film “Ghostbusters” could actually be prophetic? Anyone who has seen it regarding the building, will understand.

  3. But I love Tower 1.

    It looks like the North Tower.
    Same height as said building.
    It even has a spire.

    I like to think of it as a kaleidoscope.

    There’s so much more that I want to write, but I can’t articulate.

    It can’t be evil…

  4. I think that Freedom tower is central pillar of kabbalah tree – which named Israel ( Is-Ra-EL)
    (Yesod-moon-Isis-woman; Tiphareth-sun-Ra-man; DAAT-abyss and knowledge how to cross abyss:); Kether-crown – Elochim)
    Daat and the abyss..I think 9/11 memorial is allusion to abyss..water flows to abyss..this 9/11 memorial pump energy from people to abyss, to underwold…like vampire…I think such occult meaning of memorial..

  5. Magnesia is also the name of a city in Atlantis. 10 Kingdoms, 10 FEMA regions…
    Plato rediscovered: human value and social order – Google Books Result…
    T. K. Seung – 1996 – Philosophy – 325 pages
    Theirs was a government of law like the government of Magnesia. The division of Atlantis into the ten kings’ territories resembles the division of Magnesia into …

  6. Just a little more info on the 33 connection to the freedom tower. It will have 104 stories . If you divide 104 x 3.14(pi)= 33.12 . This may seem insignificant until we condider that the longitude and latitude of Roswell,33.28 x 104.56 .

  7. The first time I ever saw the WTC 1&2 water monuments I felt I knew what the meaning was behind this strange thing. There will be people gazing into the water falls and pools. Their thoughts and feelings about what happened on that dat September 11 2001 will transfer into the water. Thoughts/words and feelings are remembered by the water. See Masuru Emoto and his work on water to see this connection. These thoughts and emotions will be gathered by the the entities in the spirit world. They ‘mine’ us for our base emotions. Why they need this energy is a mystery to me. I believe it has something to do with their ability to stay within this realm of existence. I believe that they are emotionally parasitic in nature. I believe they do not have us in their best interest. I believe that thee water monuments should be taken down for all water is connected on earth and this is effecting the consciousness of water around the world.

  8. The Quran verse that you have mentioned above is false, it does not make any sense. Go check The verse and the line by yourself before you post and claim upon things please.

  9. Chapter 9 verse 11 pf the Quran.
    “But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due and they are your brethrin in religion. We detail Our reverlations for a people who have knowledge”

  10. Hi I’m really thinkng that the freedom tower is a HAARP antenna and thr water is a cooling system to cool down what ever is being used to create the billions of watts needed. Notice the heavy amounts of chemtrail activity (aluminum barium) needed to receive HAARP ELF’s and the HAARP sine type of wave clouds over the NYC and metro east coast…

  11. I see this unfolding and have some idea of where it is leading to. Wonder if there’s a high speed intra-dimensional transport device (directly to hell?) in the sub-sub basement level that only the initiates can use/know about? Or something equally awful and demonic in origin?? Wouldn’t surprise me one bit! I cannot identify the “why” but the building definitely has a demonic or evil aura about it. Am I alone in seeing/sensing that quality of evil about it or do others pick up the same sense about it? Strange, I admit, but that’s my reaction to merely viewing photos of it. I’m almost afraid to eventually visit the building when it opens.

  12. It is set up like the great pyramid in egypt. Water, spire for for electricity, and tesla . mechanics and,the entire game is sick to humans we have been the butt of their experiments long enough. Lasers from space took towers down. The water fountains are still being used to absorb the aftermath of the energy and instability of that area. The illuminati are always tampering with their HUMAN RESOURCES. Post katrina new orleans were i live was as creepy as creepy gets. I

    1. Great point Kim, but I’d like to add in order to ensure anyone reading here, that it’s Tesla technology used – not relating him to any affiliation to the blatant evil intentions we are witnessing. Nikola Telsa too, was crushed by this system at the hands of JP Morgan, who also crushed George Westinghouse in the process. Morgan and Rockefeller together became the center of control of the US economy…intent then, is the intent now – thanks Kim!

  13. Twin towers gone, one tower – ‘Freedom Tower’ – hah! – in their place. Duality into the ‘Oneness’ hyped by the ‘New’ – ie luciferian – Age. Uranus – Aquarius – absolutely. Technology ruling – in ‘their’ dreams -over what used to be duality/fertility, etc. Monsanto and the terminator seeds. Twin towers – masonic pillars – gateway. Only enter through the gateway. Take the gateway away – and it’s open season for anything that was barred before …? Love, though, is always stronger than all ‘their’ crap. Love is the reality.

  14. Just thought that I would point out if it hasn’t been already, that the image you show from Transformers is actually that of Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobots, who is here to help the human race against Megatron the leader of the Decepticons.

  15. Note that the exact distance (in miles) from the Statue of Liberty to Kaaba is exactly (to three decimal places) 6413.784. The sum if these digits is 33. 🙂

  16. They may be using the symbol of the trident which is the weapon of the sea god Poseidon to explain that they’re melting the two BIGGEST poles on the planet, north and south (as above so below) which would cause a great flood and achieve their goal of wiping 90% of the species out and scaring the survivors into worshipping them as gods?

    The “green group” has been about this for a while now.

  17. In my opinion, the tridents look like the forks in science that create vibration or frequency, related to the weather manipulations going on around the world.

  18. Most interesting read indeed. A number of questions in my mind about why these buildings have anything to do with Kabbah, especially the SOL. However, i feel i must share a Quranic reference here that actually does make coincidental sense about 9/11 and the towers. Surah (Chapter) 9 continues through Juz (Segment) 11 and Ayat(verse) 110 states :”The building which they built will never cease to be a misgiving in their hearts unless their hearts be torn to pieces. Allah is Knower, Wise.”…..the towers had 110 stories?

  19. This is the most unreasonable thesis statement and supporting evidence I have ever read in my lifetime. These are just coincidences. And not really coincidences. You are just ignorant. Wow. Goodbye.

    1. How many coincidences does one need before clarity unfolds on your end? I pretty sure everyone here is basing opinion on pattered evidence – can I get a show of hands in the room supporting this? When a continuing pattern reaches this level as, “almost to many to count,” Self awareness would have already reared its head, pulled up a lounge chair, took a nap, then wrote a thesis on societies decadence from lacking any self in the 21st century…but I respect your freedom of speech, and your one supporting piece of evidence in debate

  20. I know this is long out but in regards to the tridents inside the new freedom tower. Check out the Neptune Symbol and what it means!

    Symbolizing the principle of dissolution and universalization, Neptune dissolves the barriers and antiquated forms Uranus has scattered and broken up. Neptune symbolizes the new ideals and values that guide the creation of a new social order from the ashes of the old—everything from Marxism and Fascism to spiritualism, psychotherapy and astrology. Neptune also represents “oneness” and the mystic’s drive toward the unitive state. In a birth chart, it symbolizes your receptivity toward transcendent experiences, your feelings of compassion and oneness, and your susceptibility to psychic and psychological influences. It also shows where your unconscious is most active and how you can best realize detachment and non-possessiveness.

  21. +god is good
    -devil is evil
    Manifest in your own destiny and stop trying to make humans oppose the view of life. For life is real and it’s what you make of it. Only a slave can enjoy freedom. Cause nothing on the outside can enter if you don’t allow it . We work to endure and ignore pain because pain is gain.

  22. I love it when I’m witness to even just one individual who represents an awareness to what unfolds around us in today’s society. Consistent pattern of profound evidence time after time, not to mention over history. It appears as if it’s connecting pieces together further and further back…back to our point of origin. I concluded my research and one thing that shows itself as remarkable truth…4 periods of rule – 1st law of rule, “They must not know”, as 4 world evolutionary phases that the 4th identifies itself as NEW World, using correct Hieroglyphic translation [add that deception to the list]- add 1949 to this, as a man named George Orwell told us a little about this potential – “Nineteen Eighty-Four” [not 1984, as some wrote it out to be], and it reach #13 on the editors list – aaand presto! Wikipedia attempts to sway value away from just how it relates today, tagging another writers opinion in the mix, and leading us straight to our tag of “nothing to see here, move along” information resource…show us who has Wiki in their back pocket, and I’ll show you another tag of “intent”…eyes wide open folks because it appears we have an infinite process with covering up historical tracks…

  23. Has anyone else been creeped out with placing of the remains on sight of the memorial…UNDERGROUND? opinions please…

  24. Also, has anyone else seen the resemblance via Google Earth of the 9/11 memorial and the Pyramids of Giza. Not just the footprints but ALL surrounding architecture?

  25. Conclusion….

    Relax and focus on your daily growth of becoming a better human being. What shall happen will happen either way. Better best to be prepared. Learn from the past, plan for the future, but live int he present.

  26. Chapter 9 verse 11 of the Koran (the Islamic holy book) states:
    “But if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, they are your brethren in faith; and We make the communications clear for a people who know.”
    This is true Not that you said . Do not change the meaning of the Quran

  27. It is all about sun-worshiping(paganism).
    That little handwritten sign on that building is a sun disk and that refers to sun-Helios-apollo-lao-xxx-1000- worship, yes the beast from the pit in Revelations.
    The tripod is from Zeus and that’s the devil,his son is Apollo the destroyer.

  28. after i seen a video on this but not by you
    It was put together by someone else it was called
    One world freedom tower crowning the tyrant i could see the
    Meanings of this. I total get it. And believe it.
    Jesus is coming soon. That’s all

  29. You wrote “Do you notice that there is no WTC6? There used to be a WTC 6 before 9/11 but they aren’t rebuilding its namesake. Don’t you wonder why?”

    PI/6 rounded to 4 decimals = 0.5236

    Standard Latin Gematria (WTC) = 523
    523 = Prime(99)
    99 = 9*11
    523 MOD 99 = 100
    100 = Hebrew Gematria Israel

    Prime(523) = 3761

    3761 is the Epoch Year of the Hebrew Calendar, almost a year BEFORE the Creation on September 11 3760

    The first 5 decimals in e are 71828

    71828 MOD 5236 = 3760

    1. Addititional numerical resonannces

      The height of the Giza Pyramid in feet rounds to 481

      481 is found at position 481 in the decimals of PI/6,

      The sum of the distances of the 7 words/numbers in Genesis 1.1 from 481 = 666

      The digits 666 are found in position 360 in the decimals of PI/6

  30. The centre of the tower is the most important part of the building esotericly, where the two triangles intersect. The world trade centre has 104 floors height but only 94 is floors.

    104= 5
    94= 13
    5×13= 65(!)

    6/5 is mentioned here before on the site

    104/2 = 52 (weeks in year)

    50-55 floor — The general Services administration (GSA) is a branche of the united states government which overseas the basic functioning of FEDERAL AGENCIES.

    In december 2013 (12-2013=9) it anounced it would be moving its regional headquarters in the 300.000 feet of the world trade thereby occupying the centre of the two intersecting triangles.

    The seal of the general services administration has 13 stars. a pyramid and an eagle.. Couldnt find its official meaning

  31. The intersecting triangles is similar to the star of david.
    If one uses a tetraktis, assigns numbers to the jewish letters by applying gematria, then inverts the tetraktis on each other and addss the numbers, the centre of the jewish star gives the number 42 (which answers the question in hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.) The seat of god, the centre of solomon seal where the two dualities balance. 42 is numbers of floors of WTC 5. Its all there for those who have eyes to see. It just shows that this is valued ideals and knowledge by the elite. You don’t see them building jezus crosses like the old churches. New age, new (old) beliefs. Every culture and age has its symbols. The question is what does one gain by understanding it besides understanding its symbolism.

  32. Statue of Liberty or SOL Latin for Sun. Statue points directly east looking for the rising sun. SOL looks like image of Queen Semiramis looking for her SUN Tammuz. In our current mythology it could be the Virgin Mary looking for her SUN Jesus. Jes Hebrew word for fire. Solomon Brothers building came down after trade centers. Solomon Latin SOL Sun.

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