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A month ago Urban Asplund from Sweden shared with me the fact that Gamla (old) Uppsala is 2160 miles from Giza. This is an interesting distance because it is the diameter of the Moon and part of The Cosmic Sequence. It is significant on several additional levels as well.


The oldest Scandinavian sources talk of the king of Sweden as the “King at Uppsala”. The governing assembly held from pre-historic times up to the Middle Ages, the Thing of All Swedes, was held at Old Uppsala. The king would summon all free men living in the realm who were able to wield a weapon, and on location they would decide on all the crews, rowers, commanders and ships for the summer raiding season.

Asplund remembers that academics used to call the three largest burial mounds from the pre-Viking era at Old Uppsala the Pyramids of the North, but this was later dismissed as being overly romantic or something. I think it is time to reappraise that moniker.

Consider that there are 3 large mounds at Old Uppsala just as there are 3 large pyramids in Giza. The distance from the easternmost mound to the easternmost pyramid, the Great Pyramid, is exactly 2160, or 6x6x6x10 miles.

In Astana and the Olympics I published that the distance from the Great Pyramid to the end of the axis of Astana, Kazakhstan is 4,444,444 yards. Kevin McMahon made a video showing how the line of the Giza pyramids points directly to Astana. This line also points to Heliopolis just as the belt stars of Orion point to Sirius but that is another story. It’s especially fitting that the Google Earth image credits the Orion satellite at Giza, down near the bottom of the image.


Knowing this Asplund measured the distance from the easternmost mound at Old Uppsala to the Bayterek Tower at the center of Astana’s axis. This is exactly 1851.85 nautical miles.

Amanante CC BY-SA 3.0

Amanante CC BY-SA 3.0

Asplund realized that 1851.85 nautical miles is a very interesting distance. 1851.85 meters is 1 nautical mile. It’s a kind of recursion.

I think they rounded off when they created the nautical mile because it is defined at exactly 1852 meters. But wait there is more!

1851.85 yards is exactly 5555.55 feet. And 5555.55 feet is exactly 66,666.6 inches! Taking it down a notch, 185.185 yards is 555.5 feet or 6666 inches. I discovered that this last measurement ties in with the Great Pyramid (so too the Washington Monument, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Millennium Tower). Here is an image from my book Quantification, page 33:

Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus

The edge of the equilateral triangle inside the Great Pyramid measures 555.5 feet or 6666 inches. Connecting the dots, here is the Greater Pyramid of the North.


Kevin McMahon has connected Astana with the International Peace Garden in his research. His video #9 is relevant to this discussion. This screen capture tells the story:

Screen capture from Kevin McMahon's video at peacegardensecrets.com

Screen capture from Kevin McMahon’s video at peacegardensecrets.com

The distance from Astana’s Peace Pyramid to the International Peace Garden is 8880 km. The Earth is divided up into sections that are all divisible by 11 or 111. Consider that 3456+8765 is close to 111 x 111 (99%). The divisions in the graphic come from where the great circle crosses a land/water boundary or hits one of the two peace monuments.

I bring this up because of something Asplund discovered in Google Earth today (I put together the graphic):

Discovered by Urban Asplund

Discovered by Urban Asplund

I featured the building on the left in SIPS Volume 2. An entire building in the shape of the Freemasonic square and compass emblem was designed to be seen from above. Was it built for Google Earth, for Aliens or for a sky god? The corner of the square is at 100°3’33.33″W longitude. There are 33 degrees in the Scottish Rite and there is much ado about Threes.

The distance from the point marked by the square and compass to the center of the Kailash Temple of Ellora is exactly 6666.66 nautical miles.

Related to my research in It’s About Time, and the Verne Code in Quantification I deduced that 111111 x 111111 millimeters = 6666 nautical miles. That fact seems to tie in with the repdigits and divisibility by 11’s in McMahon’s research. Repdigits are keys. By the way, the square root of 111111 = 333.333.

The Kailash Temple is designed to recall Mount Kailash, the home of Lord Shiva. It is a megalith carved out of one single basalt crystalline rock. It was built in the 8th century by King Krishna I.

5 days ago Facebook friend David Smith shared an image of “AMAZING ELLORA CAVES” on my wall (thank you David). I learned about them in university years ago as an example of subtractive architecture, where rock was removed to reveal the temple, much like a giant sculpture. Abu Simbel in Egypt and Petra in Jordan come to mind. I measured the distance from Ellora to these other subtractive architectures but nothing of significance comes up.

Yesterday Christel Pilz listened to my interview on Alchemy radio and decided to send me a message on Facebook, “So many scholars and researchers seem to ignore ancient sites in Asia such as the Kailash rock Temple at Ellora in India, which seems to be one of the special place on earth. Its origin going back much further than what conventional archaeology keeps saying.” She asked me to look into it and sent me a beautiful essay she wrote about it. I would like to discover more about Asian secrets in plain sight of which my knowledge is sadly lacking.

Also yesterday, and completely independently, Urban Asplund sent me an email saying he felt that places like Serpent Mound in Ohio, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and Ellora in India need more attention. OK, I get it. With so many independent references to Ellora in a short period of time I felt I had better look closer so I measured the distance from Ellora to Angkor Wat and discovered that it is 3141 km, recalling Pi. I felt that there was something still missing however.

I found it today so here it is: the distance from the Kailash Temple at Ellora to the Kaaba in Mecca has a map length of 33.0°. I finally see that three of the most sacred places in the world are in alignment, located precisely to encode specific distances. This is what I was meant to perceive, and you who are reading this as well. Think about it.

Three of the most sacred places on Earth are in alignment

Three of the most sacred places on Earth are in alignment

I have seen before that the Kaaba is 666.6 nautical miles from the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the most sacred place in Judaism. This is from Quantification, page 59:

Sacred Stones

Sacred Stones

The Kaaba is also 5055005 yards from the Mahabodhi, most sacred place in Buddhism, where Buddha attained enlightenment. This is page 60 in Quantification:


Asplund discovered that the distance from the egg in the mouth of the serpent at Serpent Mound, Ohio to the entrance of the Louvre Pyramid is 6600.66 km and the line goes right down the Axe Historique. This ties in beautifully with what I presented in SIPS Volume 1 in regard to the Louvre Pyramid’s 666 rhombi en plus the alignment of the Champs-Élysées with the heliacal rising of Sirius.


Also today, James LaMarca sent me this photo of himself at the Louvre Pyramid on the occasion of his 33rd birthday. He says he happened to arrive at 10:08 and realized the significance, having seen SIPS Volume 2. In fact the azimuth of sunrise today at the Louvre Pyramid matches the geometry of the pyramid, squaring the circle, the time 10:08 and much more. What a day!

Photo courtesy James LaMarca on the occasion of his 33rd birthday.

Photo courtesy James LaMarca on the occasion of his 33rd birthday.

That is some synchronistic sacred geo-metry. Does anyone honestly believe that this is all just random? However I might challenge preconceptions, measurements and geometry are verifiable. My work is falsifiable and therefore follows the scientific method.

The Earth is a big place. It is normally very difficult to find precise resonant measurements and alignments between significant sites. In other words, you can’t make this stuff up. By working together through synchronicity we can hack the world matrix and discover what is really going on.


This just in…Urban Asplund discovered that the distance from the “Pyramids of the North” in Old Uppsala to the Obelisk of Axum (formerly in Rome) is 3333.33 miles (99.99%).


11 thoughts on “Hacking the World Matrix”

  1. It’s amazing how we are here to witness these connections showing glimpses of deep order beyond belief.

    Thanks for posting what you find, I often find these posts open up new vistas…

  2. Scott, in addition to the Serpent Mound, Ohio also has a contemporaneous “Alligator” Mound, though the creature depicted is now thought to be an underwater panther.

  3. You have the multiple sites mirrored after orion, but theres one you havent mentioned, and Id be interested to see how it lines up with anything, if anything at all…thornborough henge in england I believe. According to the book, Uriel’s machine, it predates the pyramids. Their theory is that it was used as an ancient observatory.

    1. Correction- I have several books by the same authors and got the books mixed up. It wasnt Uriel’s machine, but “before the pyramids”…an amazing read. I’m excited to see the author quoting from the same book in his latest post.

  4. There is also a serpent mound in North Carolina that disrupts the flight of birds heading north or south during seasonal migration. They start flying in circles over the mound. A compass will spin endlessly, when held on top of the mound (strong magnetic pull).

    It is thought that a tribe called the Pee Dee built the mound – as they had buildings on it. However, there are some who think the mound predates the Pee Dee.

  5. It is 22200 metres from Great pyramid to Bent pyramid – exactly at tops. I do not know where this comment will be relevant in this blog, please feel free to move it.

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xSOj85Fbto

    Many famous lord shiva temples are on the straight line from Kedarnath to Rameshwaram and on Same Latitude.
    This is one of the biggest mystery of Ancient Temples in India.
    At that time, there were no satellites, no mapping technology, no modern instruments to measure Latitude and longitude.
    how did they build these temples on the same Latitude?
    Check the video to know about such temples.
    Thanks for watching, Please Like comment and Share.

    To read More on this topic:
    check out these links:

    1] https://ramanan50.wordpress.com/2015/

    2] http://www.speakingtree.in/blog/from-

    3] https://ramanan50.wordpress.com/2016/

    4] http://www.booksfact.com/mysteries/an

    Mount Kailash and Taj Mahal (shiva temple) also at almost 80degrees.

  7. I don’t know if this is important or not but can you possibly relate the distance from Kaaba to the Golden Temple in India. The distance is 3646 km and the number 3646 shows up a lot in life.

  8. Scott, your work is a great service to humanity In helping uncover these secrets in plain sight. The Great Architect Of The Universe has left his fingerprints everywhere throughout his creation. We just need to look for them. Thank you for all that you are doing with your work!

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