Hearts of Charleston and Bath

After giving my first interview about Secrets in Plain Sight the floodgates burst open and hundreds have been contacting me with mostly very interesting theories and raw data about secrets in plain sight people are noticing in their own environments. I am thankful for this and consider this one of the best things about making the videos.

I also want to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all the people who have kindly donated money to support my research. You have my sincere gratitude for this show of support in both informational and financial terms. I feel re-energized that I am on the right track in my research and after a slow start to my video series, things are looking up as more people are discovering Secrets in Plain Sight every day.

In the course of this exposure I was fortunate to connect with John Kale in regards to Charleston, South Carolina and Daniel Tatman in regards to Bath, UK. Both gentlemen have been interviewed multiple times on Red Ice Radio. John Kale is going to interview me soon on his Cosmic Gnostic Radio, and I had a very interesting private conversation with Daniel Tatman on the phone.

I noticed a synchronicity in both cities. See if you can spot it too:

Charleston South Carolina USA

Charleston sc

Bath UK

Bath uk

What struck me was how both cities have a similar shape. Charleston’s shape is defined by its location at the confluence of the Ashley and Cooper Rivers as they empty into the Atlantic ocean and Bath’s shape is defined by the river Avon.

To me both look like the human heart.

Heart diagram

I mentioned this synchronicity to both researchers and both were amazed. Daniel Tatman says he’s perceived this heart correlation to Bath before and will actually be making this connection in his forthcoming book on the Bath Mysteries. Notice how the Pulmonic valve matches the three roads entering the “circus” of Bath (which is what they say in the UK for traffic circle). The symbolism in the Circus will blow your mind (he shared some small pieces of it with me on the phone) and I eagerly look forward to reading more about Bath when Dan’s book comes out.

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  1. As above so below. Something I noticed while looking at the earth from satalite is the simular look of a cancer destroying the body and the sprawl of the cities and destruction of the rain forest. Not in all cases but for the most part where man is the earth dies. We need a return to the ancient ways. If only we replaced what we took would the earth be healed. On a positive note the earth has survived much worse in it past.

    Thanks for the post kepp up the good work.

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