Learning from CERN

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the largest, most complex and most expensive machine ever built on this planet. Over 10,000 scientists and engineers from over 100 countries collaborated on its design and construction.

The purpose of the machine is essentially to study the interrelation between the physics of the very small (quantum mechanics) and the physics of gravitation (general relativity).

The LHC consists of two rings: one large and one small. The smaller ring is called the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS), which is used as the final injector of high intensity proton beams just prior to particle collision.

Here is how the LHC looks along of the border of France and Switzerland, near Geneva:


Goro Adachi discovered in 2008 that the ring sizes correlates with the sizes of Earth and Moon. My “Earth-Moon diagram” below shows these bodies in their correct proportions. I drew two intersecting lines through the center of Moon for reasons that will soon become clear.


Inspired by the many fascinating correlations Goro Adachi just blogged about the LHC, I drew the following map of our inner solar system.


Note: Planets have elliptical orbits. The Sun is not located at the center of all the ellipses but in one of two foci of each ellipse. This makes the top view rather complex and particular. Adachi kindly sent me data from Starry Night Pro, which I verified by drawing each elliptical orbit in AutoCAD. I had to locate each orbit’s focus at the center of the Sun and orient each orbit’s perihelion.

I rotated the entire solar system so that Earth’s perihelion (the point in the orbit closest to the Sun) was at the bottom or 6 o’clock position. Then I took the linework from the Earth-Moon diagram shown above, colored it red, and placed the point of tangency of the two circles on the Earth’s perihelion. I scaled the red diagram to fit Venus’ orbit. Adachi noticed that the intersection point of the crossing lines (representing the center of the Moon in the Earth-Moon diagram) appears to be on Venus’ orbit.


Next, I copied the Earth-Moon diagram again and this time colored it yellow. I placed the bottom of the Earth Moon diagram on the 6 o’clock position and scaled it down to Venus’ orbit. I noticed that the top of the smaller yellow “Moon” circle appears to be tangent to Mercury’s orbit.


Once more I copied the Earth-Moon diagram and this time colored it green. It didn’t work in the 6 o’clock position so I rotated the diagram 180° to the 12 o’clock position. I placed the top of the diagram on Mars’ orbit and scaled it to fit the orbit of the Red planet. The center of the “Moon circle” is on Earth’s orbit. Adachi discovered this happens precisely at Mars’ perihelion.


The three correlations in red, yellow and green read like a cosmic blueprint.

I conclude that the Earth and Moon’s proportions strongly correlate with the orbits of our neighboring planets, implying masterful design.

The Earth-Moon proportion is very interesting in itself. It is a mystery I have written about before in this blog and in Quantification. Here is an image showing additional correlations:


Were the builders of CERN members of a vast international conspiracy to encode the proportions of Earth and Moon into their instrument? How did they keep that a secret? Why would they do such an unlikely thing? Encoding such macrocosmic harmony would be especially improbable for those who study the smallest microcosms.

Did aliens build the Moon so that it would fit into the cosmic harmony? If so, they must also have placed Mercury, Venus and Mars just as they are to create these harmonious correlations. How far must the conspiracy go before you start to question your belief in conspiracy? Why personify actors where none might exist?

Let us now consider another possibility exemplified in mound-building termite ants.


These ants construct vast complexes that are sometimes constructed over millennia. They intentionally seed, grow and harvest fungus inside, employ complex air conditioning systems that keep the internal temperature constant, build residences, nurseries, manage and transport water within the structure, build structural reinforcements, conduct building maintenance and repair, widely tunnel into the surrounding ecosystem affecting its fertility in positive ways, and are constructed with a great degree of awareness and specialization. All of this implies intelligence far exceeding any individual ant brain.

Read this fascinating National Geographic article for more info.

Who is the termite architect? With what material mind does this architect think? Are his/her neurons the individual ant brains? If so how would this architect physically communicate with millions of workers and constantly let them know what to do? Logically there cannot be any such material ant mind.

Explaining the ant conundrum leads us unavoidably to non-material possibilities. Is there an ant super-mind coordinating the colony’s activities over a long time, across countless ant generations? Is there an ant mind controlling the entire species? If the mind isn’t physical then we won’t be able to weight and measure and make it falsifiable. Perhaps there are subtle electromagnetic traces we have yet to discover. Perhaps the ants communicate with a fungal mind. The NatGeo article suggested as much:

“Collectively, the colony’s fungus accounts for nearly 85 percent of the total metabolism inside the mound, and Turner speculates that the fungus may send chemical signals to the termites that influence—control?—the way they build the mound. ‘I like to tell people that this may not be a termite-built structure,’ he says. ‘It may actually be a fungus-built structure.'” –Source

If so, fungus is a form of intelligent life. Terence McKenna certainly thought so (read Chapter 19).

Fungal mycelium on coffee grounds - Image by Tobi Kelner CC BY-SA 3.0

Fungal mycelium on coffee grounds – Image by Tobi Kelner CC BY-SA 3.0

Next up to consider: is there a human super-mind, coordinating the actions of 10,000 scientists and engineers at CERN? Is that God? If so, that would certainly be ironic!

The ancient of days by William Blake

The ancient of days by William Blake

Could the human super-mind be the Internet? Remember, the Internet was invented at CERN. I see the Internet as technological biomimicry of the human species super-mind.

Map of the Internet Jan 2015 - The Opte Project CC BY 2.5

Map of the Internet Jan 2015 – The Opte Project CC BY 2.5

How does Gaia consistently maintain myriad conditions for life on the knife edge, including whatever we humans have done quite recently to throw that balance off?

Suomi NPP space telescope took this in 2012. Image credit: NASA/NOAA/GSFC/Suomi NPP/VIIRS/Norman Kuring

Suomi NPP space telescope took this in 2012. Image credit: NASA/NOAA/GSFC/Suomi NPP/VIIRS/Norman Kuring

“I think much good will come from recovering a sense of the life of the heavens. We are coming to see the Earth, Gaia, as alive. I think we also have to take seriously the idea that the Sun is alive and conscious. If one wants a scientific rationale for this, it comes ready to hand through the discoveries of modern solar physics. We now know that the Sun has a complex system of magnetic fields, reversing its polarity every eleven years, associated with the sunspot cycle. With this underlying rhythm of magnetic polar reversals are a whole series of resonant and harmonic patterns of magnetic and electromagnetic change – global patterns over the surface of the sun of a fractal nature; patterns within patterns, highly turbulent, chaotic, sensitive, varied and complex. As electromagnetic patterns within our brains seem to be the interface between the mind and the nervous system, here we have a parallel in the physical behavior of the sun. It is perfectly possible that the sun has a mind which interfaces with the solar system itself as an organism. This is largely what astrology has concerned itself with.” -Rupert Sheldrake

Is there a solar super-mind, coordinating the sizes and orbits of its planets to maximize harmony?

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Coronal mass ejection image by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The neuronal structures within our brains, unplanned roads, and the large-scale structure of the universe (simulated on the Max Planck supercomputer) all exhibit the same specific branching, filamentous pattern. Come to think of it, so too do fungal mats, and maps of the entire Internet. What these disparate phenomena have in common is that they are all information processing networks.


Is there a universal super-mind processing all of its in-formation, holographically passing data to smaller network processing structures, all the way down?

Is your brain really the place where consciousness happens or do we have it all backwards? What if your brain is just a dumb physical receiving set that tunes into a channel of the human super-mind, like the way a radio tunes into the music or like the individual termites seem to do? Is there a hierarchy of minds and super-minds all the way up?

If so then the awareness running through all possible minds—gross and subtle—is the same awareness coordinating your human life. It is who you are. You are not only your limited human body nor your local human mind. You are vast. You are the architect, the patterner. You are the conspiracy. That is the deeper lesson of CERN.

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  1. i really think there is a super being call it anything (not God) that fixed this whole thing or we are just his toy…and again earth is old

  2. This seems to tie in with the ancient Gnostic teachings, as relayed by John Lamb Lash in his book ‘Not in His Image’. The idea of a synthetic solar system but an organic, living Earth.

  3. I think you’re really on to something big there. I allways wondered if someone is coordinating “Identities” on earth. Like stereotypes and stuff. You can’t deny that there are stereotypes. I met people in different places who were behaving exactly the same, in style of cloth but also in the very core of there persona. You just have to go to different high schools to see what i mean. Just like bees and ants have there different styles of workers who are “build” to do their preset “Jobs”.
    I also think that Gaia can actually see what kind of worker is needed for a good balance on earth each moment, or if male or female is needed.
    In the end we might not just be as great beeings as we think. We just haven’t realized that we are drones fullfilling Earths’ will. We confuse our mind for something unique but it might as well be just a receiver for the upper will. Are thoughts really our own product? Through things that take place in the mind we are completely remote controllable. Who tells us to have fear of something or to fall in love with someone? Why do we like our hobbys? Or that special song? We never question this because it brings us a good feeling. Scientifically these feelings come through hormones. But through hormones we are controllable. If the over mind has some sort of link to the human brain, i think it would be hormones.

    1. I agree with your comment. I have noticed similar stereotypes/characteristics in people as well…and wondered similarly if this was not a coincidence or flaw in my thinking. Definitely a “higher power” whether a one conscious of itself or not is the question.

      Has there been an “evolution” not in the Darwinian sense, but a natural (nature/life) progression (progression -as a noun, a thing) through the eons that has lead to a universal sentient Being that is simply repeating itself throughout infinity (infinity for the Being now) and we are just now becoming aware (because it wants/needs us to be aware as helpers/ants) of its now infinite expansion (as our technology seems to be doing)?…”Come, let us make man in our image.” Genesis 1:26

    1. I suggest that you (and everyone else here) read the Bible and discover the not-so-secret doctrine of SALVATION – which will do you a world of good after you depart planet Earth permanently!

  4. No, it can’t be God because that would mean the Bible is correct and if the Bible is correct, then lack of redemption would mean an afterlife of hell. Time to wake up people.

  5. You all can be the ants and bees and bugs, blindly obeying the SUPERMIND and trotting out your lives like a fungus on Gaia, and I’ll just be a man, made in the image of God, trotting out my life according to His will, here on planet Earth, God’s 2nd greatest gift to mankind [after Jesus the Christ, His Son]. “My thoughts are higher than your thoughts!” – and no amount of “deep thinking” [or CERN experimentation], will get them any higher. Hormone highs are unlikely to produce spiritual awareness, either – but ALIENS are very fond of them. You folks are a hair’s breadth away from INSANITY, especially the lunatic author of the article!

      1. Np problem. I was reading Goro Adachi’s credible Endgame articles (I and II) about the 3,600 year-old Himmelscheibe and related disks, lending ammo to Bob Fletcher’s anticipation of Nibiru’s visible return, starting in December of 2015 or 2016 – and then clicked a link to your Twilight Zone site. FYI, the SUPERMIND behind CERN and the LHC belongs to Lucifer! All the Zionist Slimeballs, crawling all over CERN and the LHC (like mind-controlled ants), are AGENTS of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE of SATAN. “I know the blasphemy of THEM which say THEY are Jews and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.” (Revelation 2:9).

        THEY LIVE and look just like us – BUT AIN’T!

    1. Certainly the thoughts of the Creator are higher than the creation. And you appear to be a student of the Bible and are apparently baptized and saved according to your religious beliefs. But why such anger and rancor at fellow (God created) human beings intelligently discussing the world, the creation of the Creator?

      I am pleased to find this blog and enjoy learning about the Absolute perfection of Creation and in a sense learning more about what the Creator has done. If it were even slightly possible to understand creation from some very intelligent information like this from this brilliant author, I would be very happy. Humans are curious about our origin and where we are headed. There is smart thinking here.

      Did not God’s only begotten son who came to the Earth to redeem mankind from the sin of disobedience to the Creator, leave with his disciples the two commandments to first love your Father in heaven and then also love one another on earth? So show some love. Did not God also state that He would repair the original sin that caused the “death” of man and fall from perfection by giving His only begotten son as a ransom sacrifice so that we may all live? And live on a perfect earth not in Heaven? I appreciate your passionate concern, but God’s got the wheel…you can relax and enjoy the ride.

      1. No disrespect for your belief system, but I do not share it. Commandment, obedience, anger, sin, and judgement are the language of fear. I do not fear God or see it necessary to personify the absolute. Imagined creator and imagined creation are one and the same.

      2. What anger and rancor? I pity God’s self-deluded creatures and their fantasies of being God! We are NOT meant to “relax and enjoy the ride”! The earthly path to God is “narrow and difficult and there are few who find it”. There are even fewer who choose to travel on it after they find it! “For the gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing”. What goes on here is mostly the creature, exalting itself above the Creator – like Lucifer, the bearer of false light!

        You will not learn anything of value here about the Creator. The right source is the WORD of God – Holy Scripture!

    2. You wrote: “Is there a universal super-mind processing all of its in-formation, holographically passing data to smaller network processing structures, all the way down?” I suppose it’s like tapping into the universal phone lines! Or more seriously, the beginning of understanding the language of creation which could be quite independent from the Creator itself.

      I’ve always thought that there would have to be an intercessor for a Creator (or Supermind) to communicate with its creation. Or a conduit to sort of step down the immense method to our comparable but lessor minds.

      Also, what do you think of Plato’s Theory of Forms? Are we simply progressing and asking for the right things and the realm of Forms is providing the answers?

      1. Traditionally, the Pope is the intercessor but that doesn’t work for me. Consider the possibility that no intercessor is necessary because you are God imagining yourself experiencing the incredible limitations of a specific mind and body and world. Now wake up, and ask a question. Who provides the answer?

        “All learning is remembering.” -Plato




  6. master of the universe

    Thanks to care about us Scott ,you are the best .just watched all your videos im taking a sandwich break and I will read everything here ,you made my day

    Number of God is one ,number of Jesus is infinite

  7. “Is your brain really the place where consciousness happens or do we have it all backwards? What if your brain is just a dumb physical receiving set that tunes into a channel of the human super-mind, like the way a radio tunes into the music or like the individual termites seem to do?”

    “Is there a hierarchy of minds and super-minds all the way up?” Absolutely!

    Happy to see your back!

  8. Another question is: Do companies like Apple, Samsung etc. know how to tune into those different types of mind? Why is it that certain types of people allways buy the same products? Do companies have secret techniques to sell their products? Brainwaves?
    I allways felt different than other people. This mind types might be a explanation for that. Most of my class mates participated in group activity like sports, partying or just chatting. I never understood why. Maybe they were “on the same wavelenght” ???

  9. Isaac Newton was the first person I am aware to point out that the Dome of the Rock/site of the Holy of Holies was exactly 666 nautical miles from the merkabah stone at Mecca. He spent years studying nautical miles with reference to Jerusalem/Temple. I think he published some obscure papers on the subject. I wondered if you have come across them.
    One of the things he mentioned was that Mecca was the navel of the world geometrically speaking. I have no idea what he meant by this.

    1. I didn’t know Newton knew about the 666 nautical mile connection. I’d like to read that paper so please share if you find it. Mecca is at the golden latitude, so 180°/1.618 ~ 111° and Mecca is at 21°N or 21° + 90° = 111° from the south pole. Maybe that is what he meant?

  10. I do take issue with having my mind or body adjusted without my permission. My concerns regarding CERN and other technology is that they can use these tools to alter humanity without our permission.

    I have many many references but will just share 2 here.

    The Human Agenda by Roderic Gorney, M.D. 1968
    gender bending > hermaphrodites > clones … for world peace. They did a 2 year study on the tax payers dime to work this out and now we see it in Cait and transgender memes. American Psychiatric Association

    Scientific Paper from 2001
    World Science meeting held at Loyola University in Louisiana

    Shortly we’ll be unable to perceive ourselves as a distinct separate individual. That ability will be gone. The top guy from Tokyo said think of it more like the beehive. You’ll hear the buzzing or whispering of voices going through your mind from central computers or regional computers as they program you and you’ll hear the voices of the recipients going back to the central computer. You’ll hear the buzz, just like the Borg in Star Trek. Star Trek was one of the greatest forms of predictive programming for this whole agenda. They’re very enjoyable. They make sure your poison is very enjoyable as they program you.

    Do you really want to be a termite in a fake manmade brain? The cosmic thing is pretty cool but I am very concerned about changes being made my mere mortals without consent. I like the idea of creator endowed rights whatever that means to each individual. Let us create our own destiny within the limits of the law.

    To sascha:

    Find a book called “Hidden Persuaders” by Vance Packard 1957 you can probably pick up a copy for 99 cents. Be happy you’re different and not easily persuaded.

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