Location, Location, Location

It has long been known that the three most important factors determining real estate value are: location, location, location. I notice that this aphorism is true not only for residential and commercial properties, but also somewhat unexpectedly for sites having great symbolic and/or spiritual significance.

My research reveals a previously unknown system of non-monetary valuation transcending any particular culture, tradition, or time period that takes the entire Earth and the built environment into account.

Repdigits and transcendental mathematical constants are the keys to locating sites in this system. For example, consider the fact that the Western Wall in Jerusalem is 666.6 nautical miles from the Kaaba in Mecca. These two are the most sacred sites in Judaism and Islam.

'Sacred Stones' from Quantification

‘Sacred Stones’ from Quantification

Why nautical miles? There are 6x6x600 nautical miles in the meridian circumference of the Earth, revealing more repdigits in the unit used to do the encoding.

The nautical mile was originally defined as one arc minute and the metric system was originally defined by dividing the arc length from the pole to the equator into 10 million parts called metres. So one degree is 10,000,000 m / 90° = 111,111.111… m and one arc minute is 111,111.111… / 60′ = 1851.85185… m.

The nautical mile was defined as exactly 1852 m by international convention, so they rounded it off to the nearest meter. This obfuscates two very interesting patterns. The repeating numbers use the same digits of the Great Pyramid’s slope angle of 51.85° (51°51′) and the following:

1851.85185… yards = 5555.555… feet = 66,666.666… inches.

There is also an unusual link between nautical miles and meters:

666.6 nautical miles = 1234543.2 meters
6666.6 nautical miles = 123456543.2 meters

The black stone in the Kaaba is 5055005 yards from the Mahabodhi Temple in India, the location of the original tree under which the Buddha became enlightened.

'Sages' from Quantification

‘Sages’ from Quantification

The Buddha apparently died 333,333 feet from the place where he was born.


The distance between the center of the world’s largest Buddhist meditation center (capacity 1 million meditators) and the third eye of the world’s largest Buddha statue is exactly e million (2,718,282) yards. The transcendental constant e is Euler’s number, used in finance, engineering and many scientific disciplines.

300,000 Buddha statues adorn the Dhammakaya Center and the yard is a unit equal to 3 feet. The ‘Great Retreat’ in Buddhism correspondingly lasts 3 years, 3 months and 3 days.


According to the Bible, Jesus lived 33.3 years and performed 33 miracles. Did King David, father of Solomon, really rule for 33 years and did Jacob really have 33 children or are these repdigits actually codes?

The Kaaba, the stone cut temple of Ellora in India and the largest religious complex in the world at Angkor Wat not only form a great circle alignment but the distances between them also encode 33° and π.


Long ago, the Western Wall in Jerusalem formed the foundation of Solomon’s Temple. Solomon’s Temple was 33.33° from Stonehenge.


The Dome of the Rock stands on the site of Solomon’s Temple and is 3333.33 km from the center of the symbolic Place de la Nation of Paris.


In the 19th century, one of Cleopatra’s Needles was moved exactly 3333.33 km from the harbor wall in Alexandria to where it now stands in London. Likewise the Ishtar Gate of Babylon was moved 3333 km to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.


The Eiffel Tower stands 3033.33 km from the site of the former Lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt. In turn the Lighthouse was 3333.33 km from the standing stones of Carnac, France. The oldest standing obelisk in the world, in Heliopolis Egypt, is in a great circle alignment with the Lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt and the replica Lighthouse of Alexandria, Virginia (333 feet high), officially titled, “The George Washington Masonic National Memorial.”


The center of the Eiffel Tower is exactly e million (2,718,282) feet from the center of the Cathedral of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, which is topped by solar discs. The Sun disc’s circumference is e million miles (99.99%).


The world’s tallest building is currently the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It is e thousand feet high and 1633333 meters from the Kaaba. The total land area of the League of Arab States equals 13333333 square kilometers (99.9997% accurate).

'Arabic Connections' from Quantification

‘Arabic Connections’ from Quantification

A higher structure known as the Kingdom Tower is currently under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It will be 3303 feet high when completed. Funding was just secured to complete the tower, probably by 2020.

The Kingdom Tower will be 33.3° from the Golden Temple in India, which the most sacred shrine in Sikhism.


The center of the Kingdom Tower of Jeddah is 3,333,333 inches from the word Allah (in Arabic calligraphy) atop the world’s highest and largest clock tower in Mecca, steps from the Kaaba. The Kingdom Tower is also oriented so one leg points at the Kaaba and the Abraj Al-Bait Tower.


The vector connecting the word Allah on the clock tower terminates at the center of the equilateral triangular void within the Kingdom Tower, symbolizing the Eye of Providence, or Allah in this case.

Eye of Providence from Jewish cemetery - Image Aw58 CC BY-SA 3.0

Eye of Providence from Jewish cemetery – Image Aw58 CC BY-SA 3.0

Sometimes important sites are related by repdigits within cities. For example, consider Tehran, Iran. The Tower of Freedom is 55,555.5 feet from the center of the Mausoleum of the Ayatollah Khomeini. Interestingly, this distance is also equal to 666,666 inches and both complexes ironically have similar plans. The Tower was built in 1971 to honor the Shah and later renamed Azadi, meaning Freedom, after the Revolution of 1979 that ousted the Shah. The architect of the tower was a Baha’i who was driven out of the country when religious pluralism was rescinded in the Revolution of 1979, led by the Ayatollah Khomeini. It is therefore highly unlikely that there was a conspiracy to locate the Mausoleum of the Ayatollah in a repdigit relation with the Shah’s tower. The encoding transcends culture and religion, a secret in plain sight.


I have thus presented you with many such secrets in plain sight, many of which hinge on different units of measure. These units of measure are ultimately based on, and have surprising resonances with the dimensions of the Earth and the Moon. For example, the Imperial system of inches, feet, yards, furlongs and miles has clear resonances that are far from accidental. There are 63360 inches in a mile (5280 feet/mile x 12 inches/foot). There are 63360 furlongs in the Earth’s diameter. The circumference of a circle encompassing the Earth and the Moon measures 63360 miles.


John Michell discovered that the combined Moon & Earth radii measure 1x2x3x4x5x6x7 miles. The arc length around one-quarter of the circle circumscribing the Earth and Moon is 8x9x10x11 miles, which is also curiously equal to the Earth’s diameter.

Read the essay “Yards” in my Anthology for more info on the resonances of that particular unit.

The Imperial system is not unique in having resonances with the Earth and the Moon. The Metric system does also. The combined diameters of the Earth and the Moon are equal to 10,000 times Ф km (99.97% accurate). The symbol Ф represents the Divine Proportion. The Earth’s polar diameter is 10,000 times the square root of Ф km. The Earth and Moon are divinely proportioned with respect to each other as shown by the triangle and the diagram showing two intersecting golden rectangles tangent to the Earth below.


In fact the Imperial and Metric systems are related by the divine proportion, or nearly so (see the tiny half percent gap on the upper right).


So our systems of units resonate in multiple fascinating ways with the structure of our planet and its natural satellite. Here are some surprising repdigit patterns in our units, revealed by a hexagon inscribed within the Earth.


I do not believe the Moon was made by aliens or is made of cheese, nor do I believe the Earth is flat or that sea-monsters patrol its edges. Please read David Mathisen’s well-written article, “The Invisible Kraken: Evidence that the Earth is not Flat” and think about it if you are a “Flat Earth Truther.” Do not contact me with flat earth theories or conspiracies about NASA or scientists in general, or about people suppressing flat earth theories or the theorists themselves.

“Belief is the death of intelligence.” -Robert Anton Wilson

So what do I ascribe to the meaning of location, location, location? Although you might initially think that these structures were sited according to a grand human conspiracy, the great antiquity of many of these examples stretches this theory well beyond its rational breaking point. The standard materialist view would have physical agents coordinating all of this, so aliens are the next most likely suspects. However, consider their motives.

If aliens encoded repdigits and transcendental mathematical constants both in our units of measure and in the locations of many significant structures, they must have had for thousands of years, and continue to have up to the present time, intimate knowledge about what our species considers significant. If we could put aside our primate/primal fear of people who aren’t from around here—aliens—we might consider that these agents know us very well, so well perhaps, that they must not be alien at all. They might know us better than we know ourselves.

Why would anyone bother to encode all of this—what could they possibly hope to accomplish with such a massive effort? Clearly the encoding transcends any particular culture, ethnic group, religion or belief system, spans a great deal of time, and reveals a high level of intelligence. As such it appears to be a universal message to humanity, one that has been there in plain sight all along, waiting for discovery. This has only been possible for about a decade, since GPS satellite data has been publicly accessible through computer interfaces such as Google Earth. Now that the genie is out of the bottle, what does it mean?

Encoding messages in the locations of significant structures is a non-destructive, gentle approach that reminds me of the low-impact of crop circles. Information is conveyed but it remains entirely up to us to assign meaning, if and when we are able to do so and curious enough to do it.

I think we have to work this out backwards, in other words, “by their fruits we shall know them.” The fruits have to be knowledge and perhaps human enlightenment. So who would want to educate and enlighten us?

We can rule out God, unless you define God as a being who transcends religion. We can rule out aliens too, unless they aren’t actually alien and have transcended their own selfish agendas.

More likely are higher selves and/or spiritual beings, but that requires one to consider trans-material reality—things beyond that which we can readily weigh and measure.

It’s amazing to me, but scientific materialists who believe that everything is made of atoms tend to see no contradiction that everything came from nothing in the Big Bang. Scientific materialists also believe in dark matter and dark energy. Neither dark matter nor dark energy has ever or probably can ever be detected, and yet we are supposed to believe these substances are 96% the mass of the universe, because that figure makes the math in the standard model of physics work out. That is like saying invisible pink unicorns are 96% the mass of the Universe, an unfalsifiable (you can’t ever prove that it is false) and therefore unscientific premise. Time to rethink the standard model?

“According to the standard Big Bang narrative, space and time did not exist prior to the Big Bang. Therefore, the “cause” of the Big Bang could not have existed within space and time. In that case, it existed outside space and time, hence was dimensionless, hence was immaterial, hence was mental! The very thing that scientific materialism claims cannot exist — independent, causal mind — is the only possible, plausible candidate for explaining the Big Bang.” –Hyperreason by Mike Hockney

In addition, we can rule out dark matter and dark energy as immaterial encoders (assuming they even exist) because these universal forces or fields presumably don’t “know” anything, including what is significant to our particular species.

The encoders are minds possibly imagined by a singular mind (the Universe itself) with an intelligence that chooses to encode repdigits and transcendental mathematics in the locations of our significant sites for some teleological purpose. I suspect that this purpose is to teach us eventually who we are.

Information processing networks

Information processing networks

“Let us pretend that there was a machine, which was constructed in such a way as to give rise to thinking, sensing and having perceptions. You could imagine it expanded in size (while retaining the same proportions) so that you could go inside it, like going into a mill. On this assumption, your tour inside it would show you the working parts pushing each other, but never anything which would explain a perception.” -Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz

Perhaps the first thing to realize is that more is going on here than just atoms. Quantum physicists have known for a century that atoms are really 99.9999999999% empty space, but we have yet to come to terms with that information.

99.9999999999…% = 100%.

The only possible descriptions of sub-atomic particles are mathematical descriptions because that is precisely what they are: mathematics.

Our Pater & Mater (Latin: Father & Mother) are Pattern and Matter

Our Pater & Mater (Latin: Father & Mother) are Pattern and Matter

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” -Nicola Tesla

This is the key: the universe is 100% mathematics, the universal language. There is no objective “substance” out there. However, if all is number, then who are you?



Saturn's Patterns

Saturn’s Patterns

19 thoughts on “Location, Location, Location”

  1. I recently saw a video on Bernardo Kastrup’s youtube channel where he talked with Jungian analysts about his new book. He talks about the possible fundamental nature of this reality as time and spaceless, akin to a cross referenced database, where time and space are not factors in regard to how things are linked up. Other factors; psychological, mental and emotional, are what is relevant. This since the universe is a mental, psychological, emotional construct. It is not material.
    It came across as true to me, and my opinion is that the materialist spell has to be broken, because it is utter nonsense. To put it bluntly.
    Wonderful article Scott!

    1. I can see how this universe is emotional when i fall in love with different people. The feeling of love is allways the same even though the “outer shell” of the person can differ very much.

  2. Could it be possible that early builders used these measurements as part of their celestial navagation system? If i wanted to go from one site to the next id always know id have to travel 333333 . i could imagine this woukd come in handy if our grid goes down and were left to travel like the ancients.

  3. I’d like to see your work in the form of children books or perhaps an interactive website oriented for education/classwork. Wish I had come across your work during my school years rather than decades later!

  4. The subject of Mathematics proportions and the natural world is indeed a fascinating one but I think all those kind of proportion regarding all the “so called” sacred sites it’s just mental masturbation for me, sorry just an opinion

  5. Hi Scott! Excellent post! Regarding the 3,6,9 key here is a short video about this and the 432 Hz:
    Saturn’s rings and the mathematical proportion of the “spacing” deserves an investigation!
    Left brained math is mascu-LINEAR while right brained math is femi-NINE.
    Zero is a concept not a number! It is a mirror that separates the two brain hemispheres and every culture which adopts it as a mathematical foundation devolves spiritually. The positive/negative two choice system is a perpetual state of conflict. Femi-NINE math is referred to as Vortex Based Math and this is a higher geometric topology system called the hypersphere.

  6. Hi Scott, that’s a fantastic article. I’m more convinced than ever that the siting of sacred places around the world was precise and designed in line with various values, such as sun and moon cycles, significant proportions of the Earth’s dimensions, and of course, Phi. You show that these parameters are still being used, and that’s amazing.
    I’d like to share a couple of findings in relation to the places and figures above.
    You observe that the distance between Stonehenge and the Western Wall in Jerusalem is 33.33 degrees. This line is also azimuth 111.17 degrees from Stonehenge, which is equivalent to 180 divided by 1.619 (close to Phi). Another famous religious centre is Santiago de Compostela, and the distance between the cathedral there and the Place de le Concorde in Paris, on which there is an obelisk, is 666.66 miles.
    Also, I was very interested in your Heliopolis – Lighthouse of Alexandria – replica Lighthouse of Alexandria, Virginia alignment. I have found a line also starting in Heliopolis, via Alexandria which heads for the States, and Mexico, but I was looking to link places with an Archangel Michael connection, instead of lighthouses and Alexandria. The two lines are almost the same, except that yours fits much better with the Founding Fathers of America sites, that is Monticello, Jefferson’s residence, and Mount Mitchell, and of course, the lighthouse, which I didn’t know about.
    I’ve been looking at places linked to the Archangel Michael and how they are often connected, either to each other or to sacred places such as Stonehenge and Delphi, and I followed a trail (one of many) from Heliopolis to the Cathedral of Saint Michael in Sorrento, and came to the Grande-Miquelon island of St Pierre-et-Miquelon, (Miquelon is an old Basque form of Michael), then the White House in Washington, the vicinities of Monticello and Mount Mitchell, and the churches of San Miguel, Salamanca and San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico. (Via a few other Michael churches in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Bristol, a couple more in New Jersey, at Cherry Hill and Greenwich. However, there are lots of other Michael churches near enough to the line, in the US part, so it may just be chance that they are on the line.)
    I’ve also found that many key sites in Western Europe are linked by sunrise azimuths on days when darkness and light are in Phi ratio, places dating sometimes from the Neolithic, sometimes from the 6th or 7th centuries, or from the time of the Normans and the great cathedrals, and suggests an ancient network of sunrise lines.

    I quote you in my latest blog post, I hope that’s alright.

    Many thanks

    1. I’m happy you are taking my research and running with it Melissa. I once made a graphic showing the precise distance from the centre of the round fountain in the Tuileries garden in Paris to the all seeing eye at the top of the dome in the cathedral of Santaigo de Compostela is 666.66 miles.

      tuileries to santiago de compostela 666.66 miles

      That’s amazing because the round fountain symbolizes the holy of holies in the sacred geometry of Jerusalem, of which the Tuileries is a replica, and the eye is the holy of holies in terms of the pilgrimage that culminates in that spot. Are you familiar with the Michael line running across England and Wales? John Michel identified that years ago in his books. You might also like this model I made of the rhumb line of constant bearing:

      rhumb line connecting mount carmel with skellig michael

  7. Hi Scott, thanks for your reply. Sorry, I didn’t realise you had already written about that Santiago – Paris figure – weird, though, isn’t it? If it’s not a coincidence, then you have to wonder about the technologies used to produce such exact links between sacred places. In that respect, the Michael alignments, as they are commonly defined, are weird: places at odd intervals on lines which change course all the time, which seem way to clumsy and haphazard. I’m not sure about the Michael alignment across Europe being a loxodrome. A rhumb line is supposed to cross all meridians or lines of longitude at the same angle, a path of constant bearing. But the Michael Apollo line across Europe changes azimuth at every point. Skellig to Saint Michael’s Mount is 115.42°, then Saint Michael’s Mount to the Mont Saint-Michel is 118.33°, Mont Saint-Michel to Le Mans Cathedral (Place Saint-Michel) 118.21°, Le Mans to Sacra di San Michele 118.02°, Sacra di San Michele to Monte Sant’Angelo, 115.41°, Monte Sant’Angelo to Corfu, Artemis Temple, azimuth 123.7°, Corfu, Artemis Temple to Temple of Apollo at Delphi, 118.50°, Temple of Apollo at Delphi to Delos, Temple of Artemis, 115.52°, Delos to Archangelos, Rhodes, 116.6°, Rhodes to Mount Carmel, Stella Maris Monastery 119°. That’s a significant change in bearing from point to point. Is it just as a result of basic technology? What’s more, the change is not even gradual. And how to account for some of the places on the line being far apart, and others not? The more you look at this line, the less sense it makes. You’d be forgiven for thinking there was no line at all in fact. I couldn’t stop looking at it though, it’s a mish-mash, but it’s a compelling mish-mash.
    I found you can just about make sense of the link between the first handful of places by looking at the azimuth of the rising sun on a day in winter when daylight and darkness are in Phi ratio. I got the idea of calendar days being defined by their daylight to darkness ratios from the Book of Enoch, although there is no mention in it of Phi.
    For daylight and darkness to be in Phi ratio, you’d need as close as possible to approximately 9:10 or 14:50 hours of darkness or of light, the time between sunrise and sunset. You can look this up on sunearthtools.com, for various places at various dates. The days in winter when this occurs on Skellig are the 9th of November, and the 1st of February. The closest sunrise azimuth for a winter Phi day at Skellig is 116.81° (value for 9th November 2026), which is close to, but a little greater than the Skellig – Michael Mount line azimuth (115.42°). At Saint Michael’s Mount, the winter Phi days are the 12th November and 29 January, with a sunrise azimuth of 117.43° (value closest to Phi ratio is for 12th November 2024), pointing closely to the Mont Saint-Michel (azimuth 118.32°). On the Mont Saint-Michel, a winter Phi day sunrise azimuth is 117.94° (value for 16th November 2027), and the azimuth linking it to Le Mans cathedral is 118.22°. Winter Phi day sunrise azimuth at Le Mans is 118.26°, and this bearing leads to the Sacra di San Michele, azimuth 118.02°. Winter Phi day sunrise azimuth 119.46° from there (value for 26 November 2022) leads to the Santuario di San Michele in Recco, azimuth 119.33°, winter Phi day sunrise in Recco is 119.8° (29 November 2019 value), leads to Certaldo, azimuth 199.99°, and Spoleto, azimuth 120. Winter Phi sunrise there is 120.61°, value for 7 December 2019, which leads to Larino, azimuth 120.62°. Winter Phi day sunrise in Larino is 121.1°, 15 December 2019 value, and goes to .. well, nowhere, the winter Phi day places run out here.
    While this makes sense of Skellig to the Sacra, it leaves out the Monte Sant’Angelo completely, and fizzles out before Delphi.
    However, one argument in favour of Phi day sunrise azimuths linking significant places is the summer Phi days. A summer Phi day sunrise azimuth on Skellig leads precisely to the Rock of Cashel, in Tipperary, a rock on top of which is a ruined Cathedral dedicated to Saint Patrick, and on to Anglesey. A summer Phi day sunrise azimuth at Saint Michael’s Mount leads precisely to Stonehenge.
    A summer Phi day sunrise at the Mont Saint Michel leads to Avranches and Rouen Cathedral. The cathedrals in Le Mans, Chartres and Reims are aligned, on a 62.41° path, which is Phi day summer sunrise from Le Mans.

    Then there’s the English Michael alignment you mentioned, which can be made sense of with 15th May sunrise line from Saint Michael’s Mount. If you divide the number of days between the summer solstice and the spring equinox by Phi, you get a date close to the 15th of May. Incidentally, Saint Patrick’s Day simply marks the date of equal day and night at the latitude of Skellig Michael.
    Saint Michael’s Mount – Glastonbury Tor is 58.70°, and to Avebury, 58.82° – also, St Michael’s Mount- Burrow Bridge 58.64°, and Saint Michael’s Mount – The Hurlers stone circles: 58.31°, they are almost perfectly aligned, much better than the vague line running from Land’s End to Norfolk, which in fact misses Saint Michael’s Mount completely. The English Michael line is oriented to a 15th May sunrise, and a 15th May sunrise as seen from Skellig Michael shares an azimuth with a line that runs through the heart of Dublin all the way to Durham Cathedral. Another argument in favour of considering sites in terms of their location as Phi day significance, is that at Monte Sant’Angelo, winter solstice is pretty much a winter Phi day. Monte Sant’Angelo is a few miles from the exact latitude where winter Phi Days are no longer possible, the latitude no longer able to bring days short or long enough. Delphi is a place where summer solstice is also a summer Phi day. And Monte Sant’Angelo is on a line drawn from Delphi that matches the azimuth of sunset on that day, summer phi day solstice.
    Christopher Wren used summer and winter Phi days to create his network of churches around St Pauls’ Cathedral, the London Mithraeum, and the Freemason’s Hall.
    He also used Michaelmas sunrise lines, and places churches dedicated to Michael accordingly, as well as to Mary.
    A Michaelmas sunrise line from Skellig Michael leads precisely to Stonehenge. A Michaelmas line from Stonehenge leads precisely to the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula in Brussels, and a Michael line from there leads to Charlemagne’s chapel to Saint Michael in his capital Aachen, and from there Michaelmas sunrise leads to Bonn.
    Maybe Stonehenge is a by-product of the Michael alignment between Skellig, Saint Michael’s Mount and the Mont Saint-Michel.
    Saint Michael’s Mount and the Mont Saint-Michel are exactly the same distance from Stonehenge, and the three of them an isosceles triangle, with sides of 6:6:7, and, what’s more, a golden triangle. The distance between Stonehenge and the midpoint between the Mont Saint-Michel and Saint Michael’s Mount is almost exactly the distance between Stonehenge and each of the Michael Mounts times Phi and divided by 2. The distance between the Mont Saint-Michel and Stonehenge is 24 x 36 / 7² x 10 miles, precisely 10/7ths of the Stonehenge Lundy distance.
    Then there’s Durham Cathedral. The Mont Saint-Michel and Skellig Michael are at exactly the same distance from Durham, so that Durham Cathedral, Skellig Michael and the Mont Saint-Michel form another isosceles triangle. Skellig Michael is the same distance from the Cornish Saint Michael’s Mount as Stonehenge is from Durham Cathedral, which is one hundredth part of the meridian circumference of the earth. A line traced from Durham Cathedral to Saint Michael’s Mount goes straight through the centre of the island of Lundy, the western tip of Robin Heath’s Lunation Triangle. A line traced almost exactly due south from Durham Cathedral goes right through the northernmost henge at Thornborough, and the Mont Saint-Michel.
    The Temple of Apollo at Delphi is on the winter Phi day sunrise line from Stonehenge, so perhaps it too can be considered to be derived from the Michael alignment from Skellig to the Mont Saint-Michel. Stonehenge – Delphi: azimuth 117.18°, and winter Phi day sunrise at Stonehenge 10 November (closest match is 2025) 117.04°. Perhaps it’s a coincidence that a winter solstice line from Stonehenge leads to Rome, and Stonehenge’s winter Phi day sunset azimuth line (242.78°) goes to Lake Titicaca, over 6,000 miles away.
    A winter Phi day sunrise line from Brussels goes to Mount Carmel. The winter Phi day from Rouen Cathedral goes to Delphi, the winter Phi day from Chartres Cathedral leads to Alexandria and the Giza plateau.
    I think the Michael lines across Europe and England are more an entire network of sunrise lines, rather than just a single wobbly line. I think this fits in well with what we know about technologically advanced Neolithic cultures and sun worship.
    It also raises the question of what technologies were being used to keep track of time to the second, and to place their sacred places on precise bearings from one another according to specific sunrise azimuths, Phi day or Michaelmas or other.
    And guess what the summer Phi day is in Washington D.C? The 4th of July!
    What do you think of all this? I’d really value any comments.
    If you have a few spare minutes, have a look at this:
    Sorry, that was a very long reply.



    1. I really like your theory about Phi days being the operative logic connecting these sites in what ends up being a rough rhumb line. It’s uncanny how these sites are all connected. Wow, you have done a lot of research into the mysteries of long distance alignments. It will take me some time to read your blog. Phi is greatly underappreciated as just some aesthetic thing but I know phi is the key to much more besides!

  8. Amazing research. This is very mind-blowing. But, with all that said, what does this all mean? Why does this phenomenon exist? Does it have any deeper meaning? Without a doubt, none of these findings are coincidences but if they are not coincidences, what is their purpose?

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