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NASA has created many secrets in plain sight. I blogged a bit about Apollo 11 in a previous post, in relation to why 11 “happened to be” the first mission to officially land a man on the moon.

Apollo 11

Did you know the Apollo 11 astronauts brought some very interesting flags to the moon? Of course they left the Stars and Stripes (whose numerical symbolism I go into in my NY Part 2 video), but here is some little-known evidence of two other flags that went to the Moon on Apollo 11 which were returned to Earth:

The Vatican City Flag

Vatican City Moon Flag

As the fine print reads President Richard Nixon presented this flag to “the people of Vatican City” which was carried to the Moon by Apollo 11 and returned along with some moon fragments pictured at the top.

The Scottish Rite Flag


The cover of Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara’s book depicts the flag mentioned in Aldrin’s above letter, although they may have Photoshopped it over the US flag for dramatic effect. I don’t hold it against them as NASA has sure done a lot of airbrushing themselves (airbrushing is what people did in the old days before Photoshop).


The authors have say this in their eye opening book:

However, if you looked closely at the sky over the Apollo 11 landing site, 33 minutes after Landing, not only was Sirius (“Isis”) at 19.5 degrees…[the tetrahedral angle] but, so was the constellation of “Columba”—from which St. Columba and the Apollo 11 Command Module both ultimately drew their names. “The Dove” came with its own sets of coded “double meanings”—relating to ancient Egyptian systems for measuring the Earth, and “previous, now destroyed, ancient civilizations” (one version of which even shows up in the Old Testament, as the familiar Noah story of “releasing a dove after the Great Flood”)…. -Dark Mission page 252

The Orion Connection

What does the Orion constellation have to do with the Greek Sun god Apollo? Pretty much nothing at first glance. But wait, what’s this?

Apollo patch

The original Apollo mission insignia depicts the Orion constellation:

Orion is Osiris

The ancient Egyptians saw Orion as Osiris, Lord of the Dead. Osiris was father to Horus, god of the Sun, just like Apollo was Sun god to the Greeks.

The much more recent Orion spacecraft has this insignia highlighting the three belt stars:

Orion Spacecraftlogo

Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert connect the belt stars of Orion to the three pyramids of Giza in their famous book The Orion Mystery:


Here’s another Apollo mission patch that I find intriguing:

Apollo Stonehenge

What does Stonehenge have to do with NASA and the Apollo missions to the Moon?

Nothing on the literal level and everything on the occult level.

See my Stonehenge episode for more info on how ancient Egypt is connected to this oldest of temples in the UK.

Note also the galactic cross centered in the night sky. This reminds me of the Galactic Cross written about here.


…and the Royal portals at Chartres Cathedral which is covered in my Chartres Part 2 episode.


The four winged beasts of the apocalypse or evangelists as they became known correspond with the astrological signs Aquarius, Scorpio (ancient symbol was a bird), Taurus, and Leo. Jesus sits inside a vesica pisces in the royal portal (central entry of Chartres). Here is another depiction:


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8 thoughts on “Never A Straight Answer”

  1. In response to the letter from Aldrin: The numbers

    9 19 1969, 33, 33, 1733, 16, 2 000 9, 9 16 1969, 33, 11
    Eagle 1, Emblem 2, Insignia 3

    A lot of 3’s 6’s and 9’s in there. Should we break it down further?

    333 1 333 1 333 33 333, 33, 33, 1, 7, 3, 3, 1 33, 2 000 333,
    333 1 333 6 333 33 11 , 3

    Some kind of code. I dont know. But certainly a pattern can be seen here.

    And what is the “Americanism Program”? American-ism?

  2. I really hate how you don’t include your personal theories/conspiracies in your blog posts! Have you shared your opinions on various topics anywhere?

    Much Love,

    1. Johnny: In a sense he does, but kinda Socratically. By asking questions instead of just giving answers. I like how Scott is always encouraging us to arrive at our own conclusions. I WOULD like to have a few beers with him, though, and ask him a few questions, myself. Off the record, of course!


  3. That about pigeons and the language of the birds does remind me of tesla. I once read a story that he loved pigeons and that his ability to create and invent has stopped when a pigeon took this ability took away. If I remember correctly, he said he had also got it from a pigeon. *sorry for short comment and bad english*

  4. Interesting blog. I became interested in this because I was looking into the origin of my last name. It sounds like Horus! I looked it up and realized that Harris is an old British name probably predating the Norman Conquest so not Norman and not even Anglo-Saxon. Then I read that the Greeks said that the inhabitants of the British Isles in the fourth Century BC were Heberus.

    Horus is also known as Heru and Jerusalem was spelled Herusalem. I think the people we called Jews or “Yahoos” were just monotheists, not what today we think of as Jews, and that they worshipped Horus which was a god throughout the ancient Indo-European world. It’s based on worship of the star constellation Orion which is followed through the sky by the creatures of the zodiac. This old religion was messianic and militant and the god figure of Horus was the embodiment of male values of bravery, revenge, chivalry and it became the god of the Phoneicians because they used the star constellations to navigate, which explains why the name is so widespread around the world. When Roman Christianity gained supremacy, this old religion was suppressed but like any suppressed religion, it carried on in different forms among peoples who only superificially adopted Roman Christianity.

    I am sure that Horus and Apollo are based on the same god concept and that St. George is also related. Horus is also the same word concept as the Christ.

    There have been attempts to co-opt this god figure and rework it in Roman Christianity and in Islam where he becomes the prophet Mohammed. The real Jesus is probably King Abgarus of Palmyra whose name was Izates Manu Monobasus, or Jesus Immanuel “Monotheist”, King Ab Karas (son of Horus). He became a High Priest in Jerusalem and led the Jewish revolt against Rome in the 60’s AD, lost and was crucified by the Romans. His story lives on in national myths of the British, “King Arthur” (Jesus of Gamala) and Paris (Abgarus).

    Even the name “America” is just the Italian spelling of Horus while Canada refers to the marriage of two cultures, French and Eglish, by using the name of Jesus’ wedding, Cana’da (of Cana).

    It’s odd isn’t it that after Constantinople fell to the Turks in 1453, it took only 40 years before Columbus discovered the New World. Access to the Eastern half of the old world civilization had been cut off so mariners simply went in the opposite direction, knowing they could reach the East.

    Now it is coming out that there were Celts in Peru building Egyptian style pyramids and DNA shows their descendants are still there.

  5. Nasa is a Hebrew word meaning to raise up, to extend upward, to rise high (and a fitting name for a space agency).

    I guess that passes for a secret in plain sight, since not everyone speaks Hebrew …

  6. On the Apollo 12 mission, the astronauts stayed on the moon for 33 hours (as told by Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean in the National Geographic documentary History’s Secrets: Moon Landings).

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