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I’ve recently written a few articles outside this site that you might enjoy. I was Graham Hancock’s author of the month back in September 2014 and I wrote “Measuring the Mystery” for that occasion, which features several images from my book Quantification that hint at many intriguing mysteries.


Ancient Origins published an article I wrote in November 2014 entitled, “Mathematical Encoding in the Great Pyramid” which goes into the multi-layered encoding in the pyramid, exposing the mathematical nature of reality.


I was pleased to be included in a select group of writers included in Ancient Origin’s second year anniversary edition ebook, Unraveling the Mysteries of Ancient Artifacts, where I wrote an article entitled, “The Mystery of Obelisks.” You can download this fascinating ebook by subscribing for free. The mystery in the title refers to the obelisks’ precise positions on the Earth.


I wrote a step-by-step tutorial entitled, “Drawing in Photoshop” in Photoshop User Magazine explaining how to draw the following image, which I discovered encodes the sacred geometry of the Sphinx and the Pyramid. I have been writing a column called “Beyond Photoshop” in this print magazine since 2007, but this is one of my rare articles that crosses over into SIPS territory.


I also discussed how this image came about in Macrocosmic Harmony. This image got the most traction of any I’ve ever posted on my Facebook wall, with over 500 shares to date. I think that is because the image shows the simple beauty of how sacred geometry is the basis of form.


As above, so below.

4 thoughts on “Recent Articles”

  1. You should do an article about the movie Interstellar. It’s full of time symbolism, but i can’t put all the dots together. It has many Saturn, Chronos, Time references. The spaceship itself looks like a clockface or the zodiac. Also many religious undertones (dust, christ figure “Joseph Cooper – or maybe Jesus Christ? The initials match. Also strange names of Robots. “TARS might be TAURUS” Or maybe it means STAR?

  2. Joseph – 9,14,18,5,15,8 – 9x4x8=…x5=…x5=…x8=…X Cooper 3,14,14,15,5,17 C3=172800 (1728). x4x4x5x5x7=483.840.000.
    4x8x3x8x4= 3.072. 3×72=216. 216=85,54 and 77. 216:3=72.

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