Secrets In Plain Sight Art

My digital art often encodes and illustrates the patterns I have discovered through my research on the secrets in plain sight that are all around us. Many of these patterns are geometric while others are conceptual. I strive to make the unseen intelligible and pull order out of the seeming chaos.

portrait of Scott Onstott, creator of secrets in plain sight

To clarify, my images here are all available through Fine Art America. Each can be reproduced in a wide variety of formats and options.

Secrets In Plain Sight Digital Art Background

I have been making digital art since I first used MacPaint on my parents’ original Macintosh circa 1984. Painting on that little 9 inch cathode ray tube screen with all its glorious 256 shades of gray was like freaking magic. My first painting was a joint effort with my best friend. We painted the top view of a Formula One car. So cool. I wish I still had it but that particular masterpiece has been lost in the sands of time. CC BY-SA 2.5

Did you know that the original Mac didn’t even have a hard drive? Yes kids, grandpa had to load the operating system on a 3.5 inch diskette, wait literally 5 minutes and eject. I still remember the high-pitched mechanical sound, and the anticipation of having the diskette automatically pop into my hand when I dragged its icon into the trash. This was so much cooler than pulling it out yourself as with those old fashioned big IBM 5-1/4 inch floppy disks. Smaller was more advanced. Remember the joy of miniaturization? Cassette tapes were so much better than records because they could fit in the Walkman on your belt and you could listen on the go!

Next step: pop the MacPaint diskette in and load up the application. You had to wait another 5 minutes before you could actually get started painting with the large bar of soap-on-a-rope Steve Jobs cleverly branded a “mouse.”

If you wanted to save your masterpiece, you had to eject the application diskette, pop in a blank Verbatim diskette and save your “painting file” on that, all 1.44 MB of it, as a maximum. Or you could just print it on your $3000 dot matrix printer. I had to master patience out of necessity.

Which is More Significant to You: Images or Story?

Pretty pictures are certainly nice but are you a person who learns more from the written word? Perhaps more than art, my secrets in plain sight books are more your cup of tea!

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