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I was born without both of my legs below the knee and without my right hand. This is due to a rare condition called amniotic banding where fibrous material wraps around limbs in the womb, cutting off circulation so that the affected limbs do not develop. I have walked on artificial legs all my life and do very well considering.

My body is defective but I have never thought of myself as defective. I know very well the limitations of my body and completely accept them. By virtue of this uncommon limitation I realized early in life that I am not my body nor sensations felt in my body. This is the grace of my physical disability. If I am not my body then I am something wholly different, but what that something is, is another question. I do not have a problem with it and never have because I am not handicapped, only my body is.

My “differently-abled” body gave me more time to develop my brain’s cognitive abilities. I couldn’t play football nor join the military, as my father would have liked. Instead I became a high school valedictorian and got a full-ride scholarship to a top ranked university. In my striving for academic achievement I subconsciously became attached to the notion that I was my mind. The more I learned, the better I seemed to become, at least in other people’s eyes. I recommend developing one’s cognitive abilities to a high level. The human mind is a wonderful tool.

However I found that once well developed, the continual pursuit of cognitive development is ultimately hollow. Thoughts come and go. You experience a thought for a few seconds and then it passes away. New and old thoughts continually mix and dance about within your mind. No matter how much ability you have in analyzing, synthesizing, and reorganizing thoughts, they still come and go.

So if I really am my mind then I cannot be any possible thought, regardless of its content, or I would come and go and that is simply not my experience. I am always here being aware. I must therefore be where thoughts come from. I am thinking rather than thoughts. I am a process not an object, a verb rather than a noun.

I am always the subject of my sensations, thoughts and perceptions of my body, mind, and the world respectively as the one who experiences them. As a consequence of this I can never be an object. I am no thing, nothing; I witness things.

If you struggle with the notion that your body is not something then consider that the atoms making up your body are continually and naturally being replaced. In fact there is no atom in you that is conserved after the passage of a few years. As a physical object you are a pattern at best, a pattern that is itself continually transforming. Your materiality and its pattern are ever in flux. Some thing therefore cannot be who you are. There is only one aspect to you that does not change, namely your awareness. How far from your awareness are the sensations of your body? How far from your awareness are your perceptions of the world? Do your thoughts take place in a separate space compared your sensations and perceptions? There is no distance. There is no space.

Consider also that the atom is not only made up of 99.9999999999999% empty “space” but the deeper quantum physicists look the more they see that the atom is really a complex set of mathematical probabilities and that it is impossible to observe an atom without changing it. There is no real substance to the atom or the world outside of awareness for how else could you be aware of it?

In my case it took 42 years to fully realize that I transcend the body, mind, and world! However this isn’t really true, is it? If I am both something and nothing then I am a paradox. Who I am transcends the physical and yet I experience physicality in this body every day. I embrace paradox as myself.

What I learned from researching and producing both volumes of Secrets In Plain Sight and in writing Taking Measure is that the world is a setup, that reality bears the unmistakable signature of design and this necessarily implies consciousness. We live in a matrix. The numbers are too perfect, the geometry too sacred, the synchronicity too miraculous to be the result of random chance.

Some imagine human conspirators, aliens, angels, demons, hyper-dimensional beings and/or God behind the curtain ordering the cosmos, our planet, our cities, our buildings, our cultures, our bodies, and/or the microcosm.

I accept all of these actors and recognize that they are each partially responsible at different scales but the consciousness ultimately responsible is you. For who do you suppose the actors truly are? There is only one “I am” behind the curtain. Your conscious awareness perceives these words right now. You are simultaneously intimate and impersonal.

Awareness not only transcends but is immanent in the entire universe pervading all space, time and matter. I am everything. All phenomena are nothing but my awareness of them and they are made of awareness myself.

My nothingness literally is the substance of everything. I am this paradox at the heart of all things. I am the ineffable verb, the unlimited creative potential bringing forth the dance, the dancers and the dance floor.

I went from believing I was a mind who emerged within a body inhabiting a world—to thinking I was really no such thing—to realizing that my body-mind and the world are made of nothing but awareness. All that is awareness and yet we are mysteriously manifesting staggering complexity within ourself for ourself, experiencing it all right now.



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  1. Wow
    “By virtue of this uncommon limitation I realized early in life that I am not my body nor sensations felt in my body. This is the grace of my physical disability. If I am not my body then I am something wholly different, but what that something is, is another question. I do not have a problem with it and never have because I am not handicapped, only my body is.”
    What a wonderful perspective.
    Thank you for the ear to ear smile.

  2. Beautiful piece Scott. I must meditate upon this further. Tonight while gazing at the full moon without, I simultaneously thought of the full moon within, a gleaming 3rd eye/portal to different dimensions and howled with laughter at the spectacle of it all. “All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;” -William Shakspeare or perhaps Francis Bacon

  3. A wonderful piece of writing – so many inspiring thoughts and perceptions … Thank u so much for sharing … So grateful also of my own perception of manifesting these, your thoughts and inspirations into my life and reality at this time!

  4. For me this is another try to express, with words, the experience of being human, here and now. Or rather the notion that we are the consciousness that experiences, and not the experience itself.Valuable insight into your state of being. Thank you for sharing.

    It is good to find this perspective expressed again and again. It gives the comfort that there is significant community of people thinking/perceiving/feeling this way.

    Your work is inspiration for me. We (I believe I speak on behalf of many) support you and look forward to new material coming from you, of course if you feel the need to create something new.

    This comment was supposed to be short.

    Thank you for the post

  5. You never caese to amaze me! I am left speechless. I will say what you have shared here is something I will mediatate on (continuously) I have heard you! Thank you Scott! You are so Beautiful:)

  6. Pi is what we (literally) are, at the present moment right here, and right now. We are nothing else other than Pi.

  7. What a journey! …looking outside only works for so long and then you go deep, that’s where “the observer” lives.

  8. Very effective article! You have a sharp mind. Normally this level of awareness is only reached by psychedelic shamans. Your Soul has insisted you found it while you are incarnated.

    I think your work is very important. I love the way you recently described (Red Ice Radio) how an inch is to a mile what the distance from the Earth to The Sun is to a Light Year.

    Clear evidence of Divine Intelligence.

    A very sharp mind indeed!

  9. I am very glad that I found your videos. I listened to you on Red Ice Radio and you inspire me to learn more.

    I loved your videos and I think I am going to buy your book that you recommended during the interview. I wanted to say thank you for all that you do,, your really amazing to me.

    Have a great day!!!

  10. Scott, a few months ago I came upon the transcriptions of the satsangs of Robert Adams (1928-1997).
    What you are describing here, especially in the first few paragraphs, is completely aligned with his awakening.

    There’s a 2355 page large, (free) downloadable pdf if you search ( It consists of the transcriptions of his talks with students. Who knows, maybe you get just as hooked up at reading this as I am, as it also resonates with some of my own findings.

    Best wishes,

    Marcel Wijnen
    The Netherlands

  11. Thank you Scott
    I am happy to read your work…
    something about the materialisticly indefinable nature of being human…
    It is like opening a door
    through which each individual travels alone

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    peace and love…….John

  13. Scott,
    I was brought to tears by the beauty of what you’ve written here. You said, “There is only one ‘I am’ behind the curtain” and touched something inside here deeply. I am continually amazed not only by the unfathomable information you present, but also by the immeasurable time, energy, effort (and passion–as you said, intimate yet impersonal) that you give to the projects you take on.

    Thank you for your enlightenment, in more ways than one!

    I know what you mean about once you know what to look for, it’s everywhere, even in the most ridiculous mundane places, like three mountains shaped like the Giza pyramids w/a sunrise behind them on the Folgers coffee can, and other such things.

    I can’t wait to receive Vol. 2 of SIPS that I just ordered. When my budget allows again, I’ll be back for your book.

    Thank you, again, Scott, and take care of yourself.

    Oh, by the way, I would suggest you (and I–though there are not two 🙂 are a Noun, not a verb. Awareness is a noun, isn’t it? Beingness? Not doing anything, no action, just Existence Itself. But that’s just my own take on it from behind the curtain :- )

    Om Shanti

  14. Am I the only one who is scared of the thought that everything is just one?

    We, really me, are one? That’s scary no? Maybe it’s just my ego. So you love yourself, there really is no such thing as individuals? We’re only individuals because every body and mind is made uniquely basically making this a delusion? How is that not freaky.

    1. Also, isn’t it human nature to love and share life with others? But others are just you at the basic level? So humans should be generally scared of what they truly are?

  15. I also had a realization of something similar to this. I was hiking w my father. Usual hike nothing too hard. Day leading up to hike was more stressed than usual not eating and sleeping well. As we approached the last segment of the hike my body was shutting down and I just didn’t have the energy to continue. My mind was pushing and pushing but my body was saying no. At age 34 when this happened it was a realization that my body was just a vessel for my consciousness to experience this realm her on earth. It was a truly remarkable experience to have that feeling that once the body is gone I had an extremely real sense that my consciousness will still exist. At this point I realized that to enjoy life on earth I was going to have to take care of my body. The other amazing idea that had become so clear during a time of such fatigue is to have a good after earth experience I was going to have to raise my awareness consciousness and overall frequency or vibe.

  16. From someone who has know you from the day you were born, I have always known you were “special” but never knew what it was and have always wondered what you felt. What a gift your words are for anyone that thinks they have limitations.

  17. Scott, I must say that I am deeply inspired by how eloquently you express yourself. You have quite a way with words. This piece really struck a chord with me and I find that I can relate to what you’ve said on many levels, being that I have dealt with depersonalization “disorder” for about 2 1/2 years now. It was around the time that I discovered quantum mechanics that I noticed the shift in my consciousness. It has been a rough experience getting adjusted to the change, but I’m beginning to get a grasp on it. Reality sure is wild, man.

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