Stars of Lower Manhattan

Orion is perhaps the most recognizable constellation in the heavens:


Image courtesy Stellarium open source software

Orion is known as the Hunter in the West. The ancient Egyptians identified this constellation as Osiris. As you can see Goliath is depicted below as another Orion. I wrote about this giant and other sons of Anak in my post Children of Dan.

David and Goliath

David and Goliath by Osmar Schindler (c. 1888)

The correlation of Orion to a giant is born out in the arabic constellation name الجبار (al-Jabbār) which means “the Giant”. Here’s a list of the brightest stars of Orion:

Star meanings

All the above meanings come from Arabic except Bellatrix which is Latin. Perhaps something was lost in the Latin translation?

The three belt stars are always the first thing that catches my eye in the night sky. They were known as the Three Magi in the Bible.

Three Magi2

The Magi Journeying by James Joseph Jacques Tissot (1836–1902)

Mark Gray and I both independently saw the correlation of the three belt stars to Ground Zero but it was his post on Facebook that inspired me to look closer (thank you Mark).

Belt stars of WTC

Robert Bauval was the first to make the correlation between the belt stars of Orion and the three pyramids of Giza in The Orion Mystery (1994).

Giza Magi

The correlation between Giza and Ground Zero is not perfect (the Freedom Tower should be in the middle of West street), and thus I’m not sure if it was intended. However the Great Pyramid is a Ground Zero of sorts, being the tallest structure in the world for more than 4000 years, marker of the original prime meridian, and last surviving ancient wonder of the world.

I already explored what I see as strong connections between the World Trade Center and the Pleiades in my previous post.

However I have found some other very interesting correlations that might cause you to wonder. Not everything is a conspiracy. Some things, amazing things, seem to be organized by the universe, or God if you prefer. Places like Giza and Stonehenge have layer upon layer of hidden meaning, operating all at once: hyperdimensional meaning if you will.

So for another layer of meaning in lower Manhattan I overlaid the whole constellation of Orion over ground zero. If Betelgeuse and Bellatrix are in the water on the state line separating New York from New Jersey, Alnitak is the foundation of the South Tower, Alnilam is the foundation of the North Tower, and Mintaka is the Freedom Tower.

Orion Manhattan2

The Orion Nebula

The Orion Nebula is one of the most scrutinized and photographed objects in the night sky, and is among the most intensely studied celestial features. The nebula has revealed much about the process of how stars and planetary systems are formed from collapsing clouds of gas and dust. –Wikipedia

Orion Nebula

Image courtesy NASA/ESA

“No male wears a sword between his legs, and very few hunters carry a sword. Perhaps a more appropriate description of that which is hanging down below Orion’s waist is that of a phallus.” -Dan S. Ward of

So the Orion nebula has the stuff that generates stars above and represents the male generative system below (in the microcosm). On the scale of New York, the correlation is to a line of buildings including the Millennium Hilton, 195 Broadway, and the Fulton Street Transit Center.

The Millennium Hilton has 55 floors and is located at 55 Church Street.

Millenium Hilton

It is hard to believe that the owners of the Millenium Hilton accidentally misspelled the name Millennium in their hotel occupying some of the most prime real estate of Manhattan. Thanks to Ian for solving this mystery: Mille Nium means something in Latin:

A thousand [year] dominion is what Millennialsm is all about – notions such as Christ reigning for a thousand years before the Last Judgement or Adolph Hitler’s vision of a Third Reich which would last for one thousand years.

5 is the number of life, the generative power.

Pentagram and human body Agrippa

Image by renaissance alchemist Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

All the secrets in plain sight encoded in the Millennium Tower, Dome, Wheel and Park leave me unsurprised about the Millennium Hilton.

If sperm are generated in the gonads they need to be communicated down the phallus.

195 broadway

Image courtesy Matthew G. Bisanz under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

The Fulton Street Transit Center is a $1.4 billion project currently under construction that will distribute millions of people to destinations all over lower Manhattan. You get the picture.


The location of Saiph is between two adjacent buildings: the American International Building and 60 Wall Street.

The American International is currently the tallest building in lower Manhattan, having 66 floors. The Freedom Tower under construction will eclipse it when it becomes America’s tallest building.

American International Building3

Image courtesy FF23-fr under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

60 Wall Street is the current American headquarters of Deutsche Bank. The building is the largest corporate building in the financial district, having 55 floors. It’s the blue building on the left in the above image. The atrium of 60 Wall Street is shown below:

60 Wall St lobby

Image courtesy Matthew G. Bisanz under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Hypostyle capitals come from the temple of Karnak in Egypt:

Hypostyle Hall

This reminds me of a insightful connection Mark Gray made:

  • Man Aton
  • Man haton
  • Manhattan

Akhenaten and Nefertiti Family rays of Aton

Ahkenaton, Nefertiti, and family worshipping the Aton sun disc


Counting all of Rigel’s radiation (not just visible light, but infrared, ultraviolet and so on), it is 66,000 times more powerful than the sun, and is the brightest star in Orion. –Source

The Manhattan Municipal Building at 1 Centre Street corresponds to Rigel. It is one of the largest governmental buildings in the world.

Municipal Building New York City

Image courtesy Momos under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

1 Centre is surmounted by a gilded statue, the second largest statue in all of New York City, second only to the Statue of Liberty.

If Orion/Osiris is mapped to lower Manhattan then surely the Statue of Liberty is Sirius, star of Isis. Mark Gray made this connection and Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval have made a strong case in their book Talisman that the State of Liberty actually depicts the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis. I notice that her crown of 7 rays and the base star of 11 points she stands on resonates with the proportions of the Great Pyramid which are 7:11 from height to base.

I worked at a 7:11 convenience store in high school and probably at the real 7:11 in a past life.


The statue entitled Civic Fame at the top of 1 Centre was constructed the same way as the Statue of Liberty, in sheets with a hollow core. Any goddess standing on the moon resonates with Isis.


Image courtesy Valeriy Ovechkin under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

The model who posed for the above sculpture of Civic Fame was a fascinating and tragic figure named Audrey Munson.

Audrey Munson (1891-1996) was an American model and actress, known variously as “Miss Manhattan,” “the Exposition Girl,” and “American Venus.” She was the model or inspiration for more than 15 statues in New York City. –Source

Munson was the first woman to appear fully nude on film. She posed for three-quarters of all the sculptures for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE) in San Francisco. I used to love to go on walks at the magnificent Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, the last remaining architectural remnant of the PPIE. I never knew the weeping women atop the dome and colonnade were based on Audrey Munson until now.

Palace of Fine Arts

Image courtesy Kevin Cole under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Here is Audrey Munson in Star Maiden from the PPIE, synchromystically resonating with Rigel.


Munson lived for 65 years in a psychiatric facility before she died at the age of 104. She was a falling star, a weeping woman resonating with all the 6’s and 5’s in this post and The Snowflake and the Flower.

This just in…

Fellow researcher Jan Thulstrup read this post and then discovered something amazing that ties right in. There is a star shaped fort on Governor’s island called Fort Columbus.

Governor’s island is legally part of Manhattan and is less than a half mile from its tip.

FortColumbus Tridents

The line bisecting Fort Columbus goes directly to the Tridents sculpture inside the atrium of the 9/11 Memorial that I wrote about in my Freedom Tower post.


But most incredible are the bearings: the line going from the center of Fort Columbus to the Tridents has a bearing of 6.5° true north. Measure it yourself using the Ruler tool in Google Earth.

Bearings are measured clockwise from 0° which points true north.


The diagonal line from tip to tip of the star has a bearing of 51.84° true north. The Great Pyramid faces have slope angles of 51.84°. My mind is blown. Again.

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  1. Hello, Scott, I hope things are well with you.

    I just came across this article & video about the recent discovery of the brightest and closest supernova to occur in 25 years. It is already being dubbed as “the most significant supernova in history” by some astronomers:

    Seeing as how you’ve been delving into the As Above, So Below of the 9/11 memorial, I thought it was really intriguing (and unusually ironic) that the death of a star will be expected “to reach its peak sometime between September 9 and 12, when it will become visible to stargazers using a good pair of binoculars or small telescope,” as this Yahoo article suggests:

    Just wanted to make you aware of this in case you weren’t already… Thanks!

  2. I just posted my “As Above, So Below” comment under the “World Trade Center” category of this website. I had not realized that you folks had already made the Orion’s Belt/Giza Pyramid connection here. This just means that I’m not crazy; or it means we all are 🙂

  3. I don’t think that the spelling on the Millenium Hilton is an “accident.” None of this stuff is accidental and that sign isn’t on top of a hot dog stand, it’s on the . Most people can’t spell millennium anyway and probably don’t even notice it. Mille nium is Latin for “a thousand dominion.” Appropriate that it overlooks the WTC isn’t it?

  4. David and Goliath by Osmar Schindler pictured at the top of this page also has the sword hanging between Goliath’s legs just as Dan Ward suggests for Orion.

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