Synchronicity in the City

After visiting Los Angeles, I experienced a lot of synchronicity in San Francisco on the return drive to British Columbia where I live. This post builds on the discoveries I made in my San Francisco video and in the Secrets of San Francisco post.

On this particular trip in late November (11/11) I wanted to check up on the asterisk shaped barracks on Treasure Island to see if they’d been torn down and also to visit a number of sites I’d blogged about. I hope you enjoy the synchronicity of what I found.

My first stop was Treasure Island. Recall that I see the ancient Egyptian ennead encoded in the relationship between the angles of Columbus Ave, Mason Street (representing the street grid), the location of the Transamerica Pyramid, and the location, length, and orientation of Treasure Island as shown in my San Francisco video.


The derelict barracks are the two white asterisk shaped buildings at the midpoint of the Treasure Island edge of the nine-sided figure.


On my youtube channel, Andy Hill recently pointed out that the barracks have the same form as the asterisk (six pointed star) over the golden boy’s head atop the July Column in Paris.


I mentioned in my video that the hieroglyph of the risen Sun god Horus looks like an asterisk on a stick which is exactly what is on the genie of Paris’ head. Recall that Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval showed the word Paris comes from Pharia-Isis (in Talisman and The Master Game). Perhaps this golden boy represents Horus (Isis’ son) rather than Mercury as he is often thought of? Mercury often has winged boots or a winged helm rather than having wings himself.

I mentioned that Treasure Island’s 7 sides have Isis’ number. Here is another version:


I speculated that Treasure Island is tied to Isis and the Silver Gate or gate of birth (see my Esoteric Astronomy video) in an axis that passes over Alcatraz (representing the body as prison of the soul) and through the Golden Gate (gate of death) on the way to the Duat.  You won’t believe what is now located right in front of the barracks: a 40 foot tall statue of a beautiful dancing goddess. I think of it as a Statue of Liberty for the 21st century.


Look at how gigantic she is. See the humans by her foot (circled below)? She knocks the socks off the Colossus of Rhodes, wonder of the ancient world. To think that the Anunnaki might be this tall is awe inspiring.


This colossus is called Bliss Dance and is the creation of the artist Marco Cochrane. He has produced an amazing sculpture.


“Marco’s work, his philosophy, his whole purpose of being is to create a sculpture that reveals the core of the person in the moment. When he begins to work, revealing the shapes of the body in clay, you’d think that only the mechanics of their joints and muscles would emerge. Not so. He reveals gestures, tension and motion. The texture of the evolving sculpture reveals more and more of a core essence, the soul, and cradled in physical form. It feels like recognition.” -Ria Megnin


When I was standing there I started up a conversation with a guy who was also taking pictures. He tells me there is an iOS app that allows you to control the LED lights illuminating the statue both from outside and in. The sculpture is made of a metal armature covered by a stainless steel mesh skin. The surfaces can appear opaque or translucent under different lighting conditions, revealing a matrix of geodesics inside.


If the Transamerica Pyramid represents the obelisk (phallus) of Osiris as I claim in my SF video, then I can’t think of a more appropriate place for Isis to dance right across the water.


The site of the colossal Isis dancing in bliss is thrice great because of SOM’s 650′ Sun Tower that’s being planned for the site (to be completed circa 2022), which will replace the asterisk shaped barracks that occupied the same place where the tower from Expo ’37 was also located.


The two hangers and semicircular floatplane terminal on the right edge of Treasure island are the only structures from 1937 still extant as far as I can tell. I went looking for Marco Cochrane’s studio but found the doors locked to the hanger. He moved his studio into such a tall space because its one of the only places where he can build colossi (he is building an even larger one now). The only decoration on the exterior of the hanger is what appears to be Mercury (winged helm).


The other hanger has a sign displaying the rod of Asclepius (son of the sun god Apollo),  a blue asterisk, and wings in Angel Rescue Services which was apparently built for NBC’s Trauma (TV series 2009-2010). We have all been through a lot of trauma and the return of the divine feminine is something we all need in 2012.


Perhaps this angel’s features have an African quality? That would fit the black Isis story nicely.


Recall Our Lady of the Pillar at Chartres cathedral. Black madonna and child are positioned over the crypt which was a sanctuary of Isis long before the cathedral was built.


My next stop was Grace cathedral which has a labyrinth based on the one at Chartres.


There were a few surprises for me inside Grace cathedral. First of all by the entry there was an installation called Invisible Man by the artist Daniel Joshua Goldstein. The brochure about it says it would be there from Nov 16-Dec 4, 2011.


Here’s what the first paragraph on the sign says (shown on the right in the above image):

“Invisible Man is a suspended sculpture made of 864 syringes each tipped with a red crystal bead. The cloud of arrows surrounds a negative space that, as the work rotates, reveals a human figure. As someone who lived through AIDS in San Francisco, this is theme I call “the presence of absence.”

I was blown away reading that. Why does Goldstein tell us how many needles he used? And why did he choose exactly 864?

I’ve mentioned in my videos that the sun has a diameter of 864,000 miles, a mean solar day lasts 86,400 seconds, the distance from Stonehenge to Silbury Hill is 864,000 feet, the Place de la Concorde has an area 86,400 square meters, and the Transamerica Pyramid is 864 feet high including its crystal pyramidion tip.

The Invisible Man has a resonance with Osiris whether the artist is conscious of it or not. It has his solar number and fits right into the myth, Osiris being the invisible Lord of the Dead. This image depicts Osiris from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Book of the Dead

The white structure bears a resemblance to the Transamerica Pyramid. Incidentally my wife took this photo out of the sunroof of our car looking up at the Transamerica Pyramid. It is truly a pyramid when seen from this angle.


Next up in Grace cathedral is a giant metal inlay in the pavement at the center of the nave displaying the Chi Rho symbol.


Chi Rho is composed of the Greek letters chi (X) and rho (P), the first two letters in the name Christ (Greek: Χριστός).

Chi Rho was the symbol Constantine the Great saw in the sky just before the Battle of the Milvian Bridge in 312 CE. He ordered this sign put on his soldiers shields. They went on to win the battle just outside Rome resulting in Constantine becoming the sole ruler of the Roman empire. He then adopted Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire. Constantine used the motto In Hoc Signo Vinces which means In this sign you will conquer. Christianity became part of a plan to conquer the world.

The Jesuits use the letters IHS (in hoc signo) with a cross and nails inside a sun as their emblem.

Jesuit logo

The Knights Templar of the York Rite of freemasonry uses this emblem:

Knights Templar Logo

Don’t forget Windows XP. I still run XP in emulation on Parallels on my Mac only when I have to. Autodesk and Adobe still support XP. Even though Vista and 7 have come after, they haven’t conquered like Windows Chi Rho did.


On the right side of the entrance there is the AIDS interfaith memorial chapel, making the placement of the Invisible Man quite appropriate. Note the solar octagram star symbol on the pavement.


Next up in Grace cathedral is the glorification of the UN. There is a large mural in the nave depicting the UN which was of course chartered in San Francisco.


There is also a plaque on the left side of the entrance symbolically plaing the UN at the center of all world religions. Can you recognize some of the religious symbols? Creating a one world religion seems to be on the globalists agenda.

One religion, one government, one currency, one bank, one media, one army…one ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.


The UN emblem divides (and conquers?) the world into 33 sectors. Among many other things, 33 is the highest degree in Scottish freemasonry.


Right across the street from Grace cathedral is 1111 California Street, better known as Masonic Auditorium. Here I am taking a photo on the street of what’s inside 1111 California (Boaz and Jachin) and you can see the steps to Grace cathedral reflected behind me across the street.

1111 BJ Portrait

Here is a detail of the mural on the building exterior. The right obviously depicts a tug of war. The sphere in the center of the war has curved lines suggesting the lines of longitude of the Earth. The four men appear to have symbols of Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force above them.

Dedicated to Our Masonic Brthren Who Died in the Cause of Freedom is a Remembrance Day message which is funny because 1111 California reminds one of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. See my Repeating Ones post.


I find it interesting that Mason Street is at the crest of Nob Hill. If you’ve ever driven up Califonia street from downtown you know it is frighteningly steep and the ultimate test of your ability to drive a stickshift. You come to level ground only at the top of nob hill when you get to Mason. Interesting that you see Grace cathedral behind the street sign for Mason.


Looking back down California you see 555 California behind Mason, the brown 52 story symbol I’ve written about several times before.


Are masons behind all this? Was all of this intentional? I doubt it. It is synchronicity.

Synchronicity: the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

We went to Pier 33 looking for synchronicity and discovered that there is an interesting view looking back toward the city. You can see the Trance America Pyramid and Coitus tower poking up into the sky on either side of Alcatraz Landing.

AlcatrazLanding looking back

Update: Justin Morgan posted the following photo on my Facebook wall depicting the view from the end of Pier 33 looking back at the city. Justin went to a party there on July 4th so the pyramid was lit up, it being aphelion (the day the Earth is farthest from the Sun) and all. The two illuminated towers appear to have the same height from this perspective.

Justin also discovered that Isis Imports is located at the end of Pier 33. Isis Imports, or “America’s Morgan Source,” has been an importer of Morgan Automobiles since 1968. It’s just a coincidence that Justin has the last name Morgan. Morgan Motor Company has been hand-building one car at a time since 1910. The logo is another synchronicity with the winged disc of Horus, son of Isis.

After so much phallic imagery I sought balance in the feminine dome of city hall, some 3333 meters away.


Recall that I drew a line from City Hall to Alactraz Landing and it passes right over 1111 California (see my Secrets of San Francisco post).

SF Alignment

I foolishly thought I’d be able to enter City Hall and take pictures of the 5th largest dome in the world but the occupy SF movement had the police in lock-down mode. Here they are patrolling the civic center plaza, the same plaza where very close by the UN was chartered in 1948.


We decided to get out of there as the occupy protesters began marching down the street and the police started erecting barricades. That was enough synchronicity in the city for one day.

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18 thoughts on “Synchronicity in the City”

  1. The statue of syringes is interesting also because in ‘Initiation’ by Elisabeth Haich, she is instructed in the ancient Egyptian religion and they explain how when something comes into being, its opposite is simultaneously created in non-being. It’s a bit complicated to fully explain here but the sculpture seems to demonstrate this by creating the human form in ‘negative space’, showing an understanding of this theory as it relates to death (whether consciously or not… it could be supposed that these archetypes are able to influence art without the artist’s conscious knowledge).

  2. Discovered something today when reenacting the Eneead over SF in Google Earth: Coit tower lies not only exactly in the middle between Set (Crossing Columbus Av & Chestnut St) and Osiris (Transamerica pyramid), the legs of the angle are exactly half mile long (or possibly 2640 feet, measured in 2D).
    Maybe there are interesting finds at similar points in the Eneead, one I found near Forbes Island but couldn’t find anything in particular with my limited ressources.

    1. “Synarchy…is ‘government by secret societies’, or by a group of initiates who operate from behind the scenes. It is an analogue of ‘theocracy’, or rule by a priesthood.” ~ Marquis Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre

  3. San Francisco is the place where they launch ideas, trends, movements, change they want to spread across the nation, or world.

    Uranus/Pluto conjunction which is the seeding time was Summer 1967, where the music out of Laurel Canyon in LA invited everyone to come to San Francisco, and they did.
    The city of San Francisco’s natal chart has Uranus/Pluto/Sun/Mercury all conjunct in Aries.
    Uranus/Pluto mass movements, change.

  4. Also of interest on Grace Cathedral is the giant pyramid on the roof between the towers, as well as the obelisk-shaped supporting pillars on the front. Are these significant in any way? I hadn’t noticed them until recently, but they’re right in plain sight 🙂

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