freedom tower


After discovering the numerological system of divination of JCN that I wrote about in my last post English Gematria, I’ve been typing phrases in JCN Tool and am floored by what is coming up in 21 number full matches. For example: Ground Zero = Wizard of Oz Image courtesy Mark Gray… Read More »11:11

Stars of Lower Manhattan

Orion is perhaps the most recognizable constellation in the heavens: Image courtesy Stellarium open source software Orion is known as the Hunter in the West. The ancient Egyptians identified this constellation as Osiris. As you can see Goliath is depicted below as another Orion. I wrote about this giant and… Read More »Stars of Lower Manhattan

World Trade Center

The new World Trade Center is loaded with secrets in plain sight. My previous post was on the Freedom Tower which is WTC 1 in the following site plan: Image courtesy MesserWoland under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Here’s a brief accounting of the WTC towers: Yes, the sum of… Read More »World Trade Center