Temples of Dendur, Taffeh, Ellesyia, and Debod

In 1960 UNESCO put out an international call to save several ancient Egyptian temples that were going to be flooded by the construction of the Aswan High Dam including the Temples of Dendur, Debod, Taffeh, and Ellesyia.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations. In my Washington DC and NYC episodes I reveal many Masonic connections to the UN, not least of which is the UN flag:


In fact I was led to UN headquarters in New York City by following the linear structure in the Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis reservoir in Central Park first to The Temple of Dendur in the Met which was given to the United States and then directly to the Security Council chamber of the UN where I found a phoenix among other provocative Egyptian symbols.

Temple of Dendur in the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Image courtesy Ronen Perry under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

In my Paris Part 2 episode I discovered a solar alignment (winter solstice sunset in this case) that leads to the tip of the obelisk in Place Fontenoy in front of UNESCO headquarters.

Fontenoy UNESCO

The Aswan High Dam was completed on 21 July 1970. One year before to the day, 21 July 1969 was the day the Apollo 11 astronauts first walked on the Moon.


The Temple of Debod was given to Spain in 1968.


Image courtesy Osvaldo Gago under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

I discovered that the orientation of the Temple of Debod is such that it points directly to the Vatican obelisk, the line bisecting St. Peter’s basilica and going right over the West wind rose marker in St. Peter’s Square.


This evening I made two new important discoveries. You might think I should have spotted this earlier but alas it took me some time. No one else has ever made these connections (and published them) to the best of my knowledge.

The Temple of Taffeh was given to the Netherlands in 1971. It is located inside the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (English: National Museum of Antiquities) in Leiden.

Temple of Taffeh in Leiden

Image courtesy Paul Garland under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Like I often do I fired up Google Earth looking for geomantic clues.

Taffeh Vatican

The line from the Temple of Taffeh to the Vatican Obelisk goes right over the NNW wind rose marker in St. Peter’s Square. Amazingly it also lines up perfectly with the orientation of the Apostolic Palace which is the Pope’s official residence.

The Papal Palace is arranged around the Courtyard of Sixtus V, a name you’ll recognize if you watched my Rome Part 1 video or read my Snowflake and the Flower post.

Taffeh Peters

Wind rose markers are the 16 elliptical plaques embedded in the ring surrounding the ancient Egyptian obelisk at the center of Vatican Square.

Taffeh Windrose

You can see how the line from the Temple of Taffeh passes over the Nord Nord West wind rose marker.

NNW wind rose

Image courtesy Mattes

If you read Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons novel, my personal favorite of all his books, you might remember how the West wind rose marker was Illuminati murder site #2 where Cardinal Lamasse died by asphyxiation (his lungs were punctured).

West ponente

Image courtesy Alexlot under  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

The Temple of Ellesyia was given to Italy (spelled Ellesija in Italian). It is located within the Museo Egizio (English: Egyptian Museum) in Turin.

Temple Ellesyia

Image source

The Museo Egizio houses the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of Egyptian antiquities outside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. In 2006 it received 554,911 visitors. –Source

Too bad there weren’t 89 more visitors or that would have made it an even 555,000 (like the Washington Monument’s or the Millennium Tower’s 555′ heights for example). Perhaps there were 89 employees? But the resonance with 911 in 554,911 is also interesting.

555,000 visitors to the Museo Egizio reminds me of the world’s most popular museum (the Louvre) having 555,000 square feet of public exhibition space (source). Do you think there is any chance the books have been cooked on these numbers? Or is the universe coordinating everything to fit the numbers? Either way it’s pretty amazing.

The line coming from the Temple of Ellesyia passes right over the NW wind rose marker. In summary you can see the lines coming from the temples of Debod, Ellesyia and Taffeh passing over wind rose markers.

Vatican obelisk temples

The Temple of Dendur in NYC does not go over a wind rose marker however. It is tied instead to the UN, DC, and Stonehenge as I describe in my videos.

As I’ve mentioned before, a line passing through the East wind rose marker goes directly to the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

What does it all mean?

The Vatican has clearly linked itself with a series of ancient temples through the art of geomancy.

Temple Overview

The Vatican, the United Nations, UNESCO, and the Freemasons are all implicated in a massive conspiracy that evidently holds ancient Egyptian temples in the highest esteem. It was no accident that these Egyptian temples were moved exactly where they are to encode the lines passing through the wind rose markers converging on the obelisk from Heliopolis at the heart of the Vatican.

Understanding all this I’ll take it one step further and speculate. Are the Egyptian gods real? Is the Pope secretly working for these gods? Are these gods really the extraterrestrial Anunnaki or are they lying interdimensional Archons that would have us believe they are our creators and masters? Questions lead to more questions but I hope eventually to find some solid answers.

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  1. My hats off to you, Scott. These connections are big. I had an experience, just a tad over a year ago, while at Avesbury, England; when slipping my fingers into a cup ring and closing my eyes, I experienced the large stone to be a gateway to the dreamtime, the otherworld, hyperspace. This was a distinct impression, and the only truly paranormal moment I experienced during my two weeks in England. I would extrapolate that the Temple Stones themselves are conduits, transducers, stellar remnants of the previous stellar evolutions of our cosmos. To expound: the dreamtime is the larger spiritual dimension, out of which the physical cosmos evetually percipitates, via gravitational rotation, convergence.

    1. Try using the Ruler tool in Google Earth. Zoom way in and set your first point, zoom out or type in a search for the other end of your cord. Zoom way in again to your target location and place the second point and you can get it very accurate.

      1. Hey Scott Onstott,

        Very interesting topic! I wanted to ask u some questions. And can u help me with the Google Earth thing? I tried but i don’t understand the Ruler tool. I think I found something interesting. Can we get in contact maybe through email?

        Would be great…

        Thanks Esther

        1. My email is info@secretsinplainsight.com. The ruler tool is very easy to use. Zoom into point A and create a placemark. Position the target of the placemark over your chosen point A. They key is to zoom way in so that you can be sure of the exact place you are marking. Then use search to find another location (point B). Zoom way in to point B and create another placemark. Carefully position the placemark over point B. Then click the ruler tool. position the cursor over point B and click. Then double click point A in the placemark list in the left pane to zoom into that location. Click on the placemark at point A and the yellow cord is stretched from point B to point A. You can change the units of measure in the ruler dialog box to see how far it is between the points and what the heading is with respect to true north. That’s it!

  2. I realize this is an old post. But I had some comments.

    Today I went to the National Museum of Antiguities in Leiden. Before that however I decided to do some homework on the items the museum has on display. One of them, and the main item, is the temple built by emperor Augustine and originally dedicated to Isis. It was used since 710 as a Christian temple but abandoned during the 13th century as a result of Islam taking over.

    The temple has been rebuilt in the main hall of the museum. It is free to access as the entrance fee only counts if you want to see more. The main hall can be rented to have a dinner party. For instance if you’re a freemason (Leiden is full of freemason buildings, including a temple) you can have a party there with your buddies and worship Isis… or whatever it is they do really. I won’t claim to be an expert. Just an observer. They also have weddings there.

    There was graffiti on the temple left by cameldrivers through the centuries. Two of them seemed to resemble an eye with brow. On each side of the entrance the temple had 3 bright blue female heads on display. My eyesight is bad so I couldn’t read the text. But they were 6 total while the temple has 6 supporting pilars. 3 female heads grouped together. One facing forward, two facing sideways, also reminded me of the depiction of the goddess Hecates.

    Whom I believe is right there next to the stairway(surrounding a pillar shaped elevator shaft) when you enter the 1st floor, dealing with romans and greeks and the middle east. It was even just a replica but unmistakably noticable. In a prominent place and right opposite to a large banner depicting a map of europe and the middle east in roman ages with the text, All Roads Lead To Rome. I found the similarity between you drawing lines to the vatican and the whole setup of the museum very unsettling.

    The goddess (or a trinity) Hecates is important because her symbol is the crescent moon. Used alot as an islamic symbol. The museum claimed Hecates was of Turkish origin. If so then it had spread to Arabia before Islam. As the Vatican is riddled in symbolism, so is Mecca. The Saudi royal family have made alot of changes aswell.

    But that was the 1st floor. The ground floor was all about ancient Egypt. It was interesting. But I can’t say that there was really that much interesting to me. Besides Achnaton being portrayed as a destroyer of civilized society by attempting to establish his idea of monotheism.

    The 2nd and top floor was about the history of the Netherlands. it was mainly about how the romans introduced their gods here and the other half of the space was filled with altars and shrines to nehallenia. The only real god(dess) the Dutch could claim to be ‘uniquely’ theirs. There seemed to resonate a great feeling of pride from the exhibition.

    Then there’s actually also outside. I don’t notice anything special about the building itself. Except for the museum logo. In Dutch it’s Rijksmuseum van Oudheden. But it’s printed all small letters except for the O which is a big round circle. Underneath the name there’s also a large oval shape depicted.

    So that was a small tour. I had some questions still. The museum was founded by Willem the 1st. The collection was originally an inheritance. Then he decided to start a museum and more aqquisitions were made. My question was if the museum had always been there or if the collection was moved there at some point in time. I asked a staffmember and he told me that the collection was moved there at some point. Not knowing the when and what and how exactly. But it hadn’t always been there.

    Now I still don’t know. But it is important to establish more reason behind these theories. Leiden is Masonic Capitol #1 of Holland as far as I can tell. The headoffice of the Builderberg ggroup was/is even there. So I am not surprised to find all these links. Infact if I link the temple of Debod and Taffeh (forming a triangle) I wonder at what point the line coming from the vatican through the temple of Ellesyia intersects theirs. It also seems logical to me that the temple of Dendur was given a different destiny. In the ‘new world’.

    If anything though I had an interesting day at the museum!

  3. Are these gods really the extraterrestrial Anunnaki or are they lying interdimensional Archons that would have us believe they are our creators and masters?

    *On September 11, 1997, Art Bell took a call from a frantic man claiming to be an ex-Area 51 employee who grew progressively more upset as the call wore on, culminating in the show’s going temporarily off the air because of “satellite failure.

    Here is a transcript of the talk: “Hello Art? Art? Hi….I don’t have a whole lot of time..um…I was a former employee of Area 51…I was let go on a medical discharge about a week ago…and…and…(starts to cry)…I kinda been running across the country…um…um….man….I don’t know WHERE to start……they’ll triangulate on this position really, really soon… (starting to break up and get more frantic–Art tells him to give us something quick>)…OK…um…um….What we’re thinking of as Aliens …they’re EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL BEINGS…that an earlier precursor of the SPACE PROGRAM MADE CONTACT WITH…uh…they are NOT what they claim to be…uh…they have INFILTRATED a lot of aspects of the MILITARY ESTABLISHMENT particularily Area 51…uh…the DISASTERS that are coming…the GOVERNMENT knows about them….and there’s a lot of SAFE AREAS in this WORLD THAT THEY COULD BEGIN MOVING THE POPULATION TO…N O W – Art…..but they are NOT doing anything about it… THEY WANT THE MAJOR POPULATION CENTERS – WIPED OUT SO THAT THE FEW THAT ARE LEFT WILL BE MORE EASILY CONTROLLABLE….(breaking up more, starting to cry…)…I started getting….” Silence – Art went off the air at that point.

    listen on Video

    from what I heard caller 1 and 2 are different persons

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