The Metre

The metre (spelled meter in United States) was introduced by the First French Republic in 1799. It was originally defined to be one ten millionth of the distance (10,000 km) between the North Pole and the Equator through Paris.


Since then the metre has been defined variously as the length of certain prototype objects, the wavelength of a specified light spectra, and since 1983 in terms of the speed of light, which is itself defined by the metre and the second.

The first metre, Paris; Image Ken Eckert CC BY-SA 4.0
The first metre, Paris; Image Ken Eckert CC BY-SA 4.0

I discovered that the metre exposes something amazing about the absolute size of the Earth and the Moon. The Earth’s polar diameter is 10,000 times the square root of the divine proportion (aka golden ratio, approximately 1.618033989) in kilometres. The combined polar diameters of Earth and Moon are 10,000 times the divine proportion in kilometres. My book The Divine Proportion delves deeply into this amazing ratio which is symbolized by the Greek letter Ф.


The reason the above correlations are only 99.97% accurate is because when GPS satellites became operational in the 1990’s we learned that one ten millionth of the distance between the North Pole and the Equator is not exactly 1 m as extrapolated at the end of the 18th century, but is actually 1.000197 m.

The Metre’s Connections with the Great Pyramid

In 1973, John Michell published in The View Over Atlantis that the Great Pyramid’s slope of 51°51′ encodes the proportions of the Earth and Moon. The base of the pyramid in the following diagram corresponds with the Earth’s equator. The apex of the pyramid coincides with the center of the Moon when the Moon is drawn tangent to the Earth as shown. The sole surviving ancient wonder of the world therefore encodes the proportions of Earth and Moon in its aeons-old architecture.


I discovered that the Great Pyramid’s location on our planet is divinely proportioned with respect to the longest possible distance on land, based on the global sea level since the last ice age.

Published in The Divine Proportion in miles
Published in The Divine Proportion in miles

Light Speed and the Metre

In my Secrets In Plain Sight Volume 1 film, I pointed out Webb’s discovery that the Great Pyramid’s latitude (29.979245.8°N) precisely encodes the speed of light (299792458 metres per second).

The Great Pyramid's latitude encodes the speed of light
The Great Pyramid’s latitude encodes the speed of light

The metre is officially defined as, “the length of the path travelled by light in vacuum during a time interval of 1/299792458 of a second,” and the latitude 29.979245.8°N makes me wonder if the pyramid was originally designed as a shining mountain of metrology? The metre might have merely been rediscovered in relatively recent times (circa 1799) as an obvious method of rationalizing the circumference of the Earth.

The fact that the light speed latitude and the Ф point along the longest distance on land should coincide is nothing short of miraculous.

Author Gary Osborn discovered that the location of the so-called granite “coffer” within the “King’s Chamber” inside the Great Pyramid is the focus of a golden spiral (based on the divine proportion). This explains why the King’s Chamber is offset with respect to the centerline of the pyramid. Read on to see how this supports the notion that the coffer may have been used as an resonation chamber for the human body.

Gary Osborn ©2005
Gary Osborn ©2005

I speculate that they put salt water in the coffer and the ancient initiate floated in the warm dark like people do in modern isolation tanks. It would be the ultimate place for the human body to resonate with the pyramid mountain, the Earth’s landmass and the Earth-Moon system.

Consider also that the human body is divinely proportioned with respect to the scale of all things. We are literally the bridge between macrocosm and microcosm.

Flinders Petrie meticulously surveyed the Great Pyramid in the 19th century. See page 27 of The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh for Petrie’s measurements of the King’s Chamber. Petrie measured everything in inches but if we convert to metres, something amazing pops out—the King’s Chamber encodes divine proportions directly in metres.

The dimensions of the King's Chamber encode the divine proportion in metres
The dimensions of the King’s Chamber encode the divine proportion in metres

The base circumference of the King’s Chamber is (2 x 5.24) + (2 x 10.47) = 31.42 m. 10π is approximately 31.42. Thanks to Leo Nolette for spotting this connection. So the King’s Chamber encodes the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter in metres and of course base 10.

I have created numerous illustrations of the Great Pyramid’s mysteries over the years and published many of them in my books. This one shows how the pyramid “squares the circle” and how the mathematical constant e (Euler’s number) is encoded by comparing the pyramid with an inscribed equilateral triangle.

This one shows how the human body resonates with the divine proportion and the pyramid form.


This one shows how the Sphinx was located in proximity to the G2 pyramid (neighboring the Great Pyramid) to purposefully encode a single geometric template based on the vesica piscis and the divine proportion. This setup creates a sympathetic resonance as above, so below.

“Through the phenomenon of cosmocization…the human becomes microcosm of the house or temple, just as the house or temple becomes microcosm of the cosmos. The inverse is true as well: the cosmos is macrocosm to the house, the house is macrocosm to the human, and the human is, therefore, in profound interrelationship with the cosmos.” -Beverly White Spicer

Cosmocization is what I referred to in the cover of my most recent book, Tripartite.


In 1999, Osborn showed the correspondence between what I’m now calling the Cosmocization Chamber (aka King’s) and the third eye at the center of the human brain.

Gary Osborn ©1999
Gary Osborn ©1999

Osborn later connected the physiology of the third eye to the ancient Eye of Horus symbol, which he called the Gate of God.


The third eye is the mind’s eye, the Gate of God, the locus of enlightenment. This reminds me of a quote from my essay on Light.

“If we consider the word light as a euphemism for the word knowledge, our definition of the word light is then clarified. We then find that light is knowledge and we are all on the path of true knowledge.

Now, knowledge as listed in the dictionary comes from the French root word knowen, to know; (1) having understanding gained by actual experience, or practical experience; (2) the state of being aware of something or of having information; (3) the act of understanding: clear perception of truth; (4) something learned and kept in mind.

If we interchange the word knowledge for the word light we have the true Rosicrucian meaning…If light is knowledge, and knowledge is born intuitively, then the “Path of True Light” is not outward but inward.” –Ronald Cannata (1971)

The Great Pyramid elegantly encodes great truth using the universal language of proportion and metrology. The way that it does so on multiple simultaneous levels is truly illuminating. We still have much to learn from this secret in plain sight.

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  1. Scott. Your 4th image down shows the GP as a scale model with Earth’s equator as base, and apex as center point of tangent hugging moon

    However Randal Carlson’s says in his Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe that the 51’51” slope produces a scale model of the northern hemisphere, with base of GP as equator, and height reaching up in proportion to polar radius…

    What am I mixing up here? or what relations does this bring out?

    1. The height of the pyramid in the diagram includes the radius of the Earth + the radius of the Moon. I think what Randall Carlson was referring to is the fact that the GP is a scale model of the Earth’s northern hemisphere in 1:43200 scale in feet. In such a model the height of the pyramid corresponds to the polar radius of the Earth alone (99.7%) while it is not the base width, but the base perimeter that corresponds to the equatorial diameter of the Earth (99.4%). I made a graphic about this correlation in my V2 film.

  2. I spent my whole Saturday morning in the best way possible: in absolute awe with your text. I am deeply amazed by anything related to Ancient Egyptian wisdom, and I could not agree more with your last note: we indeed have a whole lot more to learn from the true gods that have once walked the Earth: the Egyptians.

    Just one little thing: when you exposed the incredible phi relation between the Earth and the Moon, you made a little note regarding GPSs, and I quote: “(…) we learned that one ten millionth of the distance between the North Pole and the Equator is not exactly 10,000 km as extrapolated in the 18th century”. I beg your pardon, but shouldn’t it read “we learned that one ten millionth of the distance between the North Pole and the Equator is not exactly 1 metre as extrapolated in the 18th century”? Or even “we learned that the absolute distance between the North Pole and the Equator is not exactly 10,000 km as extrapolated in the 18th century”? I would also note that, since the metre system was first introduced in 1799, and I can only imagine that back in those times things would take a little longer to settle, it would be considered as the 19th century, rather than still 18th.

    Also something silly: in the Quantification image, if you strech the lines that follow the fourth part of the divine proportion, it looks like they’re about to meet right over the Vitruvian man’s head. I mean, it’s hard to make out of anything on a computer screen, but I have this impression.

    Thank you so very much for the text, and I’ll absolutely look for your books listed here.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. I actually introduced Scott to that book a few years ago. Odd, because this is the first time I’ve been on this site since that time period. I think I came here months ago but had to get right off after a minute or two. Read Uriel’s machine if you get a chance, by the same authors.

  3. here is another one, you may not agree with my theological assumptions, but I doubt this would have happened without your help Scott.

    As for scale between the Man and the Chambers I did not double check my sources, but since the fist two images I picked worked out so well, it seems a good synch to me.

    1. Is is possible that the so called “Moon rocks” are actually from Earth. That would offer another explanation why their oxygen isotopes are indistinguishable. This could be due to contamination of the samples, gross incompetence or conspiracy. The theory that a planet hit both the Moon and the Earth and evenly distributed itself throughout both bodies seems unlikely to me.

  4. Have you heard of Tokyos new skyscraper? It is going to be twice as high as Burj Khalifa. They plan a little city that comes along with it, with lots of HEXAGONAL shaped buildings.

  5. hey Scott. you know you are correct about the pyramid and how it was used. they were indeed ascension/healing chambers. Ra/the Law of One stated this. He(rather, THEY) A GROUP MIND..built the pyramids using thought. and the law of One.

  6. Your reseach is truly remarkable and is a modern echo to the works of John Michell and the Heath brothers. Le mètre has deep metrological roots indeed. In french there are two words qualifying as knowledge and they come directly from latin_ “savoir” from sapere meaning the information we get from our physical senses and “connaissance” from com nascere meaning to be born with, in the sense to die and to be reborn in a life changing experience. I like this distinction refering to different concepts of knowledge. More and more enlightened “amateurs” but serious researchers are bringing facts to the table of established science causing a major paradigm shift toward a new collective cultural mind.

  7. (Comment not related to above entry)

    I must say that I’m somewhat saddened and deeply disappointed that you’ve taken down the previous blog entries and now selling it as a book. Yes, I agree that you should be compensated for your work, but those who enjoy and respect your research would not mind paying for the book format, even if the individual entries were all still widely available to enlighten your fellow sentient beings.

    It’s truly regrettable that all this sacred geometry and cosmic symmetry, rather than elevating the consciousness above the petty material plane of profiteering, has motivated you to do the exact opposite. I had pegged you as someone who would derive satisfaction and fulfilment from disseminating this type of knowledge for its own sake, and not for the profit motive. Let’s, merely hypothetically, do a simple arithmetic: say you sell 1000 copies of the “66 blogs” at $55 … okay, that’s $55,000 in your pocket; not an insubstantial sum. But what’s more truly valuable: that sum, or having enlightened, say, just 10 individuals whose entire perception and consciousness would have changed as a result of reading the various posts and blog entries? … and the subsequent impact of the actions of those individuals upon the world, and the ripple effect of those actions through eternity … “Disappointing” doesn’t truly capture and encapsulate the impact of your decision.

  8. Scott, I’m enjoying your information tremendously. I particularly love your devotion to detail in the graphics you create; they have the power to communicate complex ideas on a far deeper level than text alone.

    My own research is in Shakespeare Authorship studies which has surprisingly deep correlations to the overall subject matter of sacred geometry, the Great Pyramid, and cyclical evolution (Great Year/Yuga studies). I look forward to meeting you at CPAK as I’ve just been invited to present there in September.

    My question concerns your comment concerning learning in the 1990’s that “one ten millionth of the distance between the North Pole and the Equator is not exactly 1 m as extrapolated at the end of the 18th century, but is actually 1.000197 m.”

    This seems to harbour profound implications as my own related calculations concerning connections between Imperial Feet, the Sacred Cubit, and the Metre reveal a similar offset and it’s difficult, as you know, to pin down exactly where these minute discrepancies originally crept in. It would be most helpful if you could please direct me to the sources of your research on this.

    Many thanks.

    Alan Green

    1. You are well met, kind sir. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning if Shakespeare was actually Bacon, Marlowe, or a group project?

      When the metric system was initially defined, the metre was said to be one ten-millionth of the distance from the Equator to the North Pole (on a meridian running through Paris). The meridian circumference of the Earth was measured more recently with satellites to be 40,007.86 km, or 40,007,860 m, so one quarter of that to is 10,001,965 m. Comparing with the calibrated value (10,001,965 m / 10,000,000) = 1.000197 m. So the metre was calibrated with only 99.98% accuracy compared with the true dimensions of the Earth.

      Metrologists have reasoned circularly (logical fallacy) because they have defined the metre as the distance travelled by light in 1/299,792,458 seconds, and defined light’s speed with the same self-referential unit as 299,792,458 m/s. Metrologists did this assuming that light speed is always constant and that the metre is arbitrary anyway so why not abstract it? Both assumptions are incorrect! Rupert Sheldrake has shown that the speed of light varies slightly (so too does the fine structure constant, much to astrophysicists’ consternation) and I say the metre is not arbitrary because it should be a unit based on the true dimensions of the Earth and Moon, considered together: the combined polar diameters of Earth and Moon is 16185.6 km, which is the golden ratio x 10,000 km (with 99.97% accuracy).

  9. Scott, I certainly agree with you that the metre IS not arbitrary. But what encourages you to prefer the Earth/Moon/Golden Ratio formula as preferable to the Earth/Polar meridian formula when neither is quite perfect? (I understand the intuition expects the sacred geometry of ø to trump the plain old linear 1/4th of the planet’s polar circumference – but the disappointing fact is the latter is a marginally better approximation.) Do you not think there might be, perhaps, “a more perfect union” somewhere as yet not discovered?

    As for the circular reasoning that led to the ‘arbitrary’ 299,792,458 m/s, I agree that’s disturbing. But the stunning fact of GP’s 29.9792458º latitude surely gives us pause. I find that degree of ‘degree-ness’ even more disturbing… in a way that is very hard to counter. By my calculations, seven decimal places means had the GP been built even a centimeter further north or south it would not have produced that synchronous number.

    Anyway Scott – I’m enjoying SIPS Vol 2. – and I’m very much looking forward to meeting you in September, if not before. If you’d care to drop me an e-mail I’d like to send you a link for mutual discussion before CPAK… I believe you’ll be very intrigued and I’d love to get your much-respected opinion.

    Best wishes and keep up the excellent work.


    1. I don’t have a preference for one formula over another. Both are within a hundredth of a percent accurate so we should think of them as being more or less equally valid. I’m greatly enjoying our private correspondence and look forward to your talk at CPAK!

  10. Hello Scott, this is Tobias from FB …
    I have now found the connection between the scale and sacred geometry. Axel K. has already found out a lot about the whole scale. And I have now added the first step …
    Do you want to know more?!?

  11. hello. Wondered what you think about the work of a YT channel called sacered geometry decoded? I imagine you know his work on the pendulum the vesica and the metre?
    Or his other work, not just on geometry but also town planning? Just curious. I have been following the development of Alan’s work for more than 6 years now, there are only a few who seem to equal his work, imho. He introduced me to yours back then. Thanks for sharing with us!

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