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I’m presently in sunny southern California, recording a video training course on AutoCAD 2015 at Yes, I teach software from the future! 🙂

The people at are great and are part of an impressive organization that is an amazing resource to its subscribers. If you ever want to improve your software, design or business skills, please take my advice and check out My personal link gives you 7 days of free unlimited access. You are welcome!'s headquarters’s headquarters in Carpinteria, California

The journey here took me all day – 2 ferries, 2 planes and a rental car to get from my home on Cortes Island to the hotel where I am staying near’s headquarters in Carpinteria. I got up early in the morning and traveled 40.32 km over land and water from my door to the airport in Campbell River, according to Google maps. I then flew 111 miles to Vancouver, BC and waited several extra hours for my second flight to depart. It was delayed due to a mechanical problem and all the passengers had to switch gates 3 times while they tracked us down a plane that would safely fly. We then flew 1081 miles from Vancouver to LAX, just 1 mile off the magic 1080. After waiting in an interminable line and picking up a rental car in Los Angeles, I drove ~86.4 miles and opened the door to my hotel room at 1:08 AM, I kid you not.


LOST counter

At least I had a smile on my face, even though I was tired. If you’re not quite sure why I was smiling, please read the Cosmic Sequence and maybe you too will enjoy the universe’s number games. Apparently it was no accident that I arrived at exactly 1:08.

In the end I recorded 108 videos for my AutoCAD course at

That reminds me, the last time I went on a trip to record tutorial videos was in 2012 when I went to Graz, Austria to the headquarters of Video2Brain. My plane touched down at 5:55 pm local time. I seem to recall another number coincidence on that trip regarding the number 108 but I can’t recall it anymore. In any case, acquired Video2Brain and that is what led to me being in California rather than Austria this time around. The culture in Austria is fascinating but the weather in California also pleases me.

Maybe there is no such thing as a coincidence? I am sure wondering. Take it from Albert Einstein,

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

I like his line of reasoning, although I’m not sure I’d attribute coincidence to a father sky deity, but maybe that’s not exactly what he meant to imply.

I took highway 33 out to Ojai…


…saw Barrel 33 when I got out of the car,

Barrel 33

and saw this sign while strolling down State Street in Santa Barbara:

33 Jewels

I had dinner with a fan of SIPS, Richard Paschal, who snapped these last few photos on the way to meet me in my hotel:

Fire truck RA33

Bus 33

Latitude 33

Richard’s eyes are open to synchronicity. It’s amazing what is in plain sight when you have eyes to see it.

Did I mention I was born at Latitude 33°? That’s another story.

I found all this synchronicity highly serendipitous!

10 thoughts on “Trip to California”

  1. I keep seeing combinations of 14:44 or 14:14 or 14:41 but mostly 14:44 and always starting with 1. Is there any meaning or something special about this number?

  2. hi scott, my name is victor and i’ve bin watching your videos and all i can say is wow what an i opener. i found my self folding money and i was hoping you can look at some stuff i came up with not sure if it has meaning hope to hear from you have a good day

  3. Hi scott. 33 is everywhere it seems. Recently i measured the distance from Stonehenge to Santiago de Compostela, and it wasn´t 33 something though, but the distance in feet stood out anyway. I was exactly 3 456 000. made me think of the cosmic sequence you wrote about recently.
    I have done quite a few measurements in recent months, and at least some seem significant to me, and i´m not sure what to do with them. Have thought about sending you an e-mail with some of them which stood out most to me, it that´s ok.
    all the best

  4. Hi Scott, You are doing the “GREAT WORK” and i sincerely thank you.
    33 has been very significant in my life, my wife (angel) was 33 when she passed in April of 2000. Later that year i purchased a new vehicle and when i got it the licence plate was 033. Then 3 years later after not dating and just focusing on raising my two children.
    A number was given to me by a friend of a women who had lost her husband 3 years prior, someone to talk to, and I decided to meet her and found she was exactly 33 km away from me and her address was 33. Needless to say today she is my wife and i believe heaven sent!
    If there is such things as twin flames we are it.

  5. Hi Scott

    I feel compelled to share with you the fact that I just happened to be in Paris today for a work trip, on what happens to be my 33rd birthday! I’ve been here a handful of times but this is the first I’ve had the chance to explore. Guess what time it was when I made it to the Lourve this morning? 10:08 am!!! I’d love to send you the photo.

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