What is Light?


Photons are simultaneously infinite and zero-dimensional

Photons have no size. However they are also simultaneously waves that extend arbitrarily, possibly infinitely, across the entire universe.

A photon is an elementary particle, the quantum of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation. It is the force carrier for the electromagnetic force.

Wikipedia Photon article

Photons are eternal

Photons travel at the speed of light—the Universe’s maximum speed—and because of this they experience no time. From the reference frame of the photon, no time ever passes. They are therefore eternal, existing outside the flow of time.

Photons are not made of anything

Photons are also massless, which means they are literally immaterial—the stuff of mind, ideal.

Light carries the universe’s forces

This means that when one electron scatters off another, a “virtual” photon is emitted from one electron and is then immediately absorbed by the other. The virtual photon transfers momentum and carries all the force from one particle to the other. Light is therefore what gives matter the quality of solidity. Material is everywhere mediated by eternal immaterial light.

The massless photon mediates the electromagnetic interaction.

Wikipedia Elementary_particle article
Light mediates electromagnetic interaction
Feynman diagram showing photon as the force carrier between interacting electrons

Light ultimately drives chemistry and biology

By mediating the electromagnetic force, light ultimately therefore drives all of chemistry and life. This is more fundamental and in addition to than the fact that the light emitted by the Sun is a precondition for life to exist on our planet.

The electromagnetic force plays a major role in determining the internal properties of most objects encountered in daily life. Certainly, ordinary matter takes its form as a result of inter-molecular forces between individual molecules in matter.

Electrons are bound by electromagnetic wave mechanics into orbitals around atomic nuclei to form atoms, which are the building blocks of molecules. This governs the processes involved in chemistry, which arise from interactions between the electrons of neighboring atoms, which are in turn determined by the interaction between electromagnetic force and the momentum of the electrons.

-Wikipedia Electromagnetism article

Scientists have turned light into matter

Last year scientists discovered a way to turn light into matter.

The collider experiment that the scientists have proposed involves two key steps. First, the scientists would use an extremely powerful high-intensity laser to speed up electrons to just below the speed of light. They would then fire these electrons into a slab of gold to create a beam of photons a billion times more energetic than visible light.

The next stage of the experiment involves a tiny gold can called a hohlraum (German for ‘empty room’). Scientists would fire a high-energy laser at the inner surface of this gold can, to create a thermal radiation field, generating light similar to the light emitted by stars.

They would then direct the photon beam from the first stage of the experiment through the centre of the can, causing the photons from the two sources to collide and form electrons and positrons. It would then be possible to detect the formation of the electrons and positrons when they exited the can.

Hohlraum or golden room of light
The golden hohlraum where light can be transmuted into matter in a laboratory

It is fitting that an empty golden room is the crucible where light can be transmuted into matter. That is to say, the word chemistry comes from alchemy after all.

Matter is light turned inward

Einstein’s famous equation E=mc^2, rewritten E/c^2 = m says light’s intensity divided by its velocity squared is what we call mass, the basis of matter. Matter is literally made of an immaterial, dimensionless, chargeless substance—light.

You see through Materialism if you realize that all matter is actually made of, and continually mediated by, Immaterial light.


Light as the element with atomic number 0 is entirely compatible with the Big Bang Singularity. Hydrogen as the element with atomic number 1 is not. It’s self-evident that Big Bang theory implies that material, extended atoms come from immaterial, unextended atoms (i.e. atoms of light). Unextended, dimensionless, massless light atoms can constitute a Singularity, the necessary condition for a Big Bang. Extended, dimensional atoms with mass cannot be consistent with a Big Bang Singularity. They can be produced by a Singularity event (a Big Bang), but they cannot be part of the Singularity, whereas “zero” atoms (photonic atoms) emphatically can.

The introduction of light atoms (zero atoms) into science makes complete sense of the Big Bang at a stroke, and renders it an analytic, scientific and mathematical event and not some miraculous, random explosion of existence from non-existence, as science irrationally claims.

One simple change to the head of the periodic table can alter humanity’s entire conception of reality – because that change takes science away from empiricism, materialism and physical (dimensional) mathematics, to rationalism idealism, and ontological (dimensional AND dimensionless) mathematics.

Causation and the Principle of Sufficient Reason by Mike Hockney

Light is the 33rd Column

By putting light with atomic number 0 together with the full-width periodic table (that doesn’t breakout the Lanthanides and Actinides to save space as is usually depicted), we see the symmetry that light stands alone as the 33rd column—the fountainhead of all matter.

The Home of The Supreme Council, 33° has 33 outer columns which are each 33' high.
The Home of The Supreme Council, 33° has 33 outer columns which are each 33′ high.

Light is actually the universe’s thought

If we consider the word light as a euphemism for the word knowledge, our definition of the word light is then clarified. We then find that light is knowledge and we are all on the path of true knowledge.

Now, knowledge as listed in the dictionary comes from the French root word knowen, to know; (1) having understanding gained by actual experience, or practical experience; (2) the state of being aware of something or of having information; (3) the act of understanding: clear perception of truth; (4) something learned and kept in mind.

If we interchange the word knowledge for the word light we have the true Rosicrucian meaning…If light is knowledge, and knowledge is born intuitively, then the “Path of True Light” is not outward but inward.

Light is Knowledge! Knowledge is Truth! Truth is Light!

Ronald Cannata (1971)
Light: as above so below
Light: as above so below

Light may have a role beyond mediating the electromagnetic force in biology in terms of biophotons. That is to say, it’s controversial but plant and animal cells appear to communicate with light. In conclusion, I think we will understand this better once people develop optical computers.

How do I know where creation comes from? I look inside myself and see it.

Lao Tzu

Excuse me if I make light of enlightenment:

Ontological Math 3.3
Ontological Math 3.3

There was a young fellow from Trinity
who took the square root of infinity.
But the number of digits
gave him the fidgets;
He dropped Math and took up Divinity.

George Gamow
Symmetry 33
Symmetry 33 by Scott Onstott

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  1. Miles Mathis has some very compelling ideas on physics:

    He calls out a lot of fallacies & illogic, that are surprisingly embedded in modern theory.

    He has a much better interpretation of Relativity than anyone else I’ve read… Which would mean that photons do experience time…

    and lots more.

  2. Amazing website! Will follow posts from this site! Happy New Year! 2016.

    I initially read the name as “secret sin plain sight” rather than “secrets in plain sight”…Says something about my psyche, eh? But “sin” and “secrets” all must be brought into the light to be integrated into non-dualistic ways of understanding and knowing. Thank you.

  3. you might be interested to google milo wolff and the wsm theory of matter, as well as his equation of the universe, and his standing wave descriptions of electrons. you might also like the book “who built the moon” which takes your info on the moon’s coincidences yet farther.

  4. Biohotonic cellular comms. Bose-Einstein condensate.
    This is most fundamentally reaffirming.
    Atomic coherence – our future is atomic coherence computing. Ah we are light we are light we are light.
    Top Speed Attained – just being.
    Intend the Greater Good We Do.

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