My jaw dropped recently regarding something that has been encoded in the Great Pyramid. I have studied the Great Pyramid for years but didn’t notice this profound secret in plain sight until a gentleman named Ray illuminated me with his website, The Pyramid and the Yard.

The Great Pyramid has a base perimeter of 1,007.7 yards, as measured by Sir Flinders Petrie in 1883 and confirmed by J.H. Cole in 1925. Ray essentially asked, “What if this was meant to be 1,000 yards exactly?” In other words, suppose for a moment that our modern definition of the yard is off by a paltry 0.77%. Couldn’t our yardsticks have lost less than a third of an inch over the millennia?

Could the yard be much older than we think?

Great Pyramid Base Perimeter

For the sake of this article I will differentiate the ancient YARD by writing it all in caps from our modern yard by writing it in lower case.

1 YARD = 1.0077 yards.

The Great Pyramid is the Rosetta Stone of metrology.

The implications of this comparison is bigger than yards. What if our modern system of inches, feet, yards, and miles are all off by the same ratio? Divide our modern “English” measures by a factor of 1.0077 to get the ancient measures.

Ray pointed out one other key fact: the ancients divided the day into 12 hours. More precisely one revolution of the Earth was reckoned as 12 hours, not 24 as we think of today.

Earth and Moon imagery courtesy of NASA

Earth imagery courtesy of NASA

Again I capitalize the ancient SECOND and leave our modern second in lower case. I will follow this convention throughout this post.

1 SECOND = 2 seconds.

The advantage with these double length SECONDS is that we end up avoiding all confusion about AM and PM and the math is easier with 12. Aside from that simple practicality the real benefit is the one-to-one correspondence between the division of the Earth’s rotation into the 12 hours of time and the division of stars above our heads into the 12 signs of the zodiac. There are also 12 months, 12 traditional divisions of land and society (see Twelve Tribe Nations), 12 mythological Olympians, etc.

Could it be this simple? This halving reminds me of why Tau is so much better than Pi, but that is another story.

An additional set of correspondences comes from our method of dividing any circle into 360 degrees. I’ve heard it said that this was done for the practical reason that 360 has so many factors, facilitating division into many integer angles.

Earth and Moon imagery courtesy of NASA

Earth imagery courtesy of NASA

Consider these facts revolving around 360:

There are 36,000 inches in 1,000 YARDS. 36,000 is 100 rotations around a 360 degree circle.

“The Earth’s solar synodic year is 365.242 days and the lunar synodic year is 354.367 days. Adding these periods together and dividing by 2 yields an average of 360 days, to three significant figures.” -from my book Taking Measure

The 360 day YEAR therefore harmonizes the Earth and Moon as a system. There is one degree for each day in the system’s YEAR. The YEAR is a circle. The date is an angle. Time is cyclical.

Gary Osborn, Randall Carlson, and many others speculate that the 360 day calendar literally represented the Earth’s orbital period around the Sun before an ancient cataclysm that tilted our planet’s axis. This mega-event also kicked us out away from the Sun slightly, lengthening our present orbit to 365.242 days. Perhaps 360 is remembered in our oldest calendars because it recalls the perfect year when we didn’t experience seasons. The “garden of Eden” is in our collective unconscious.

NASA’s data shows that the combined diameters of Earth and Moon is 10077 miles. Dividing 10077 miles by 1.0077 to get the ancient measure equals 10,000 MILES exactly.

The Earth and Moon’s combined diameter is 10,000 MILES exactly.

Earth and Moon imagery courtesy of NASA

Earth and Moon imagery courtesy of NASA

The uncanny perfection of the Earth Moon system can be perceived in another way…

“Here a circle is inscribed within a square. The square has 27.3% more area than the circle. The Moon happens to be 27.3% the size of Earth … in addition, the moon’s sidereal orbital period is 27.3 days.” -from SIPS Volume 1

Earth and Moon imagery courtesy of NASA

Earth and Moon imagery courtesy of NASA

…and another:

Comparing a square’s perimeter to a circle having an equal circumference, the circle’s diameter is 27.3% longer than the edge of the square. The late John Michell showed how the cross section of the Great Pyramid perfectly encodes this relationship. In other words if the square’s perimeter is 1,000 YARDS and the circle’s circumference is 1,000 YARDS then its radius equals the height of the Great Pyramid.

“A circle with a 1000 YARD circumference has a radius of 159.15 YARDS. Petrie calculated the pyramid’s height to be 160.38 British yards or 159.15 YARDS.” -Ray [capitalization added for clarity]

Earth and Moon imagery courtesy of NASA

Earth and Moon imagery courtesy of NASA

This is all very mind-blowing stuff but I have been saving the most amazing revelations until the end of this post.

The Earth bulges at the equator so the equatorial circumference is the largest possible dimension of our beautiful planet, our ultimate measurement. There are two methods for elegantly arriving at this value:

Multiply the number of SECONDS in one Earth rotation times the Great Pyramid’s base perimeter. This product equals the equatorial circumference of the Earth. One Earth rotation = 12 HOURS x 60 MINUTES/HOUR x 60 SECONDS/MINUTE = 43,200 SECONDS.

43,200 x 1,000 YARDS = 43,200,000 YARDS = Earth’s equatorial circumference (99.3%)

The implication is that the Great Pyramid’s base perimeter represents the distance the Earth rotates in one SECOND at the equator. The YARD is conveniently defined as 1/1000th of that measure.

There is another approach to measuring the equator that does not rely upon the Great Pyramid but instead hinges upon a circle and the YEAR:

Multiply 360 degrees in the circle times 360 Earth rotations in the YEAR times 333-1/3 YARDS. This product equals 43,200,000 YARDS, the equatorial circumference of the Earth.

360 x 360 x 333-1/3 YARDS = 43,200,000 YARDS = Earth’s equatorial circumference (99.3%)

This equation ties together cycles, time, the mystery of 33 and single repetitive digits (in 333.33333…). Of course 333-1/3 YARDS = 1,000 FEET so you can remove the repetitive 3’s if you like. However I think there is something uncanny about single repetitive digits and they shouldn’t be canceled out, but that is another story (read Taking Measure for this discussion). The foot is 1/3 or 33.3333…% of a yard.

The mean radius of the Sun is 432,000 MILES (99.4%). The Sun’s radius has ten MILES for every second in the DAY.

Sun imagery courtesy of NASA

Image courtesy of NASA

Lawrence Edlund pointed out that the average distance from the Sun to the Earth (known as the Astronomical Unit) is to the Light Year as the inch is to the mile (99.8%).

Image courtesy Andrew Robertson

Image courtesy Andrew Robertson

O, the perfection of it all!

The ancient YARD works beautifully in encoding the equatorial circumference of the Earth in a memorable way, immortalized in the dimensions of the Great Pyramid, the measurement of time, the circle, and the YEAR. However, another perspective is that our modern yard is also no accident.

I was wondering why the ancient YARD does not measure the Earth with absolute precision but is “only” 99.3% accurate. Was there slight error in the construction of the Great Pyramid, or was the builders’ measurement of the Earth ever so slightly off? Never mind how the ancient Egyptians could have possibly measured the Earth, just set that aside for now. The discussion of four kinds of encoders in Taking Measure is my attempt to answer the separate issue of whodunit.

I calculated how much bigger our modern yard would have to be (I will write this hypothetical yard in italics) to perfectly encode the dimensions of the Earth?

In other words if we want to multiply 1,000 yards x 43,200 SECONDS to equal the exact equatorial circumference of the Earth as measured by GPS satellites, how much bigger would the yard have to be in comparison with our modern yard?

The answer is 1.0145 times larger. If the yard was about a half inch longer this would work out perfectly. The scale factor of 1.0145 rang bells in my head.

I divided the duration of the Earth’s year which is 365.242392, by 360…and wondered what the relationship between the two numbers could be. I was very surprised when I saw that the result was 1.014562, for I instantly recognized that it was the same (99.9%) as the Comma of Pythagoras to the third decimal place.” -Robert Temple in The Crystal Sun

The Pythagorean Comma is the musical difference between twelve just perfect fifths and seven octaves. The Pythagorean Comma is shown as the gap (on the right side) which causes a 12-pointed star to fail to close.

Image by AugPi under  the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Image by AugPi under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Our modern yard therefore harmonizes with the back-engineered yard that measures the Earth with absolute mathematical perfection. The ancient YARD does it in a more memorable way however, revealing powerful secrets in plain sight.

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  1. Scott, I thank you immensely for your dedication and contributions to this work. The torch has been passed on and I’m glad it’s in your hands. Peace to you! I hope you have an incredible holiday/birthday weekend 🙂


  2. I love your enthusiasm, your child-like wonder at all this synchronicity. It has to be = balance! And we are slightly out of balance (have you noticed?!) Doesn’t it harken to Santos Bonacci’s work and Russellian science (harmony) and validate what John Lash says, that our “world” is the Sun, the Moon and the Earth/Gaia-Sophia (only)? Thank you for your work and sharing and have a lovely birthday…LR

  3. That’s one beautiful mind Scott!

    I’m wondering. How would this affect the Pendulum?

    ie) the modern metre being based on a pendulum that swings
    at the rate of once per second?

    Good Vibrations to You!

    1. The seconds pendulum works for both the second and the SECOND depending on whether you count one or both directions of swing.

      “A seconds pendulum is a pendulum whose period is precisely two seconds; one second for a swing in one direction and one second for the return swing, a frequency of 1/2 Hz.
      At standard gravity its length is 0.994 m (39.1 in).” -Wikipedia

  4. … The implication is that the Great Pyramid’s base perimeter represents the distance the Earth rotates in one SECOND at the equator. The YARD is conveniently defined as 1/1000th of that measure.

    43,200 x 1,000 YARDS = 43,200,000 YARDS = Earth’s equatorial circumference (99.3%)…

    To arrive with a 100% accuracy instead of 99.3% you need to look at the yard as a straight line connecting two dots on the 1/43200 circumference of earth.

  5. Utterly astonishing, this post left me speechless!

    Taking this thinking through to the speed of light, it also means that the SoL when expressed as YARDS p/s, is 330,196,240 which could be taken as 330,000,000 to 0.999% accuracy!


  6. Dear Mr. Onstott,

    Thank you for this post and for all your work in geodetics, architecture, art and history. You’ve inpsired me a lot. This summer I wrote a detective story about a London homicide detective who gradually becomes fascinated with the ancient wisdom – Ravella Joins the Number Club.

    I just started my personal website the other day and it’s a newborn weakling, but as soon as I add bells and whistles I will include links to your amazing work.

    All the best!

  7. Hi Scott,
    Was wondering if you have seen this:

    I was thinking about the connection between days of the year and degrees in a circle one night, and the next day I randomly came across this video. It shows how all the canonical numbers reduce to nine, any way you equally divide a a circle reduces to 9, how phi relates to 9… and plenty of other information which has left me scratching my head. Nothing to do with yards, but I thought of your work when I saw it and thought you’d appreciate it. Thank you for your invaluable work.

  8. I’ve always known that the ancients knew everything we know today. I’m even sure they had dreams of modern day life simply because dreams are wild realities, of course I’m sure only the wealthiest of people had them.

    However you have filled gaps in my mind that needed to be filled and I believe your work here has ended the chapter of knowledge on the pyramids that I very much needed to end. I knew it was immensely more complicated then Pi/tau and I had a belief that they had calculated the earth’s parameter through ancient measurements.

    Thank you

    before the Babylonians all the math for star gazing was invented along with every religion, the garden of Eden was in ancient Babylon somthing like 60 * 7 60 time’s or somthing it’s an ancient simple math equation that if you continuously divide the answer of this equation you will be able to get the roatation of every planet in our solar system possibly even pluto down the a second of it’s rotation period. or somthing like that I can’t remember and I can’t find the page now. but I used it and did what they said to do and it worked and I was amazed. ancient calculation try looking it up it’s somthing like 60 time’s 7 60 time’s i don’t think that’s it though, the answer comes out to 3400 or 34000 I think but I keep getting 25200 which I don’t think is right.

  9. Hi, I’m new to all this, and find these facts both profound and very troubling.

    Firstly, the fact that the ancients, (ignorant ancients according to modern science), were ahead of our best scientists/mathematicians of today is troubling enough, particularly as it leads one to speculate about lost technological civilisations or even to alien input.

    Secondly, and much more troubling to me, is reconciling my atheistic views which suggest that size of the sun, the size of the earth, the size of the moon, and their relative orbits should be largely random. Kepler’s laws not withstanding, it is hard to accept that the random collapse of a gas cloud can lead to the mathematical elegance, beauty and symmetry displayed by the solar system today. One is almost forced to consider the actions of a deity to explain these observations.

    As I said at the beginning, this is all new to me, so I think I need to study this subject much more before jumping to any conclusions. I look forward to sharing this journey with you and like minded followers of this site.

    1. John – I just got on this site after watching secrets in plain site – amazing stuff – I had read about the moon bit before and even tho I believe in god and JC I was blown away by the fact that the moon is too perfect and too lined up in the exact spot to exactly cover the sun in an eclipse…yes this does give someone a pause to say “whoa”… too perfect to be random.. and the pyramid dimensions and everything that goes with it is certainly too perfect and exact to have been built by our egyptian friends… anyway – keep up the research – as above – so below…

  10. Hi Scott!

    Great work exposing the .007 “tritone” or devil’s 3 pronged tuning fork which gets a great explanation from Richard Merrick of http://www.interferencetheory.com . Richard has a music degree and is a computer professional.

    “Some say the tritone represents the Devil because it is a dissonant interval with an …… from 13:8 to arrive at 0.00696666667, which we will round up to .007”

    It is further spoken of by David Sereda looking into harmonic differentials ( overtones ) and the pyramids on the Giza plateau here:

    Thanks for all your hard work, I’ve been a close follower for a long time, take care. – Darren.

    1. That is a very interesting observation Darren. Our modern measurements are off by the Devil’s tritone! The Devil is in the details.

      1. Scott, a couple other whole brain metaphors regarding geometry and music reveal that the d’evil ( no evil ) uses a 3 pronged “pitch” fork. 3 is the inverse of 8 due to cubing. James Swagger connects the famous 3 spirals carved into Newgrange with Sirius and geometry: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2013/10/RIR-131025.php
        Michael Poynder’s books are helpful in this research of the crystal properties that connect us living biocrystals to the universal hologram.
        Sereda’s interview above makes a great connection to figuring out how to access the multidimensional reality via harmonics.

        More octahedral tops ( half a pyramid ) keep getting revealed, like this one next to Lake Baikal:

        I wonder where it is located on the Earth Grid if the grid were recalibrated under the expanding Earth theory, back in time, to Atlantian dimensions?

        Have a great Halloween with the Pleiades directly overhead at midnight! I am going for a download from Galactic Center on Thor’s day coming up!
        Cheers! Darren

  11. Scott – I just watched your secrets in plain site vid and had to check out your website – awesome… this article on the real yard makes a lot of sense.. I think i would go with the pyramid perimeter at 1000 instead of 1007 as clearly the grand P islined up a lot more detailed than anything we can do or maybe ever do…and it being at teh center of the whole earth land mass? anyway – was wondering – but you must have seen the Carl Munck the code video? anyway – I will have a look at the other articles – but thanks for all the work you have done – was great to watch the vid

  12. So very interesting but I couldn’t help but wonder if the great 8.9 Japan quake’s shifting of the Earth’s axis by 1/16th of an inch throws any sticks into the spokes of this discovery?

    NASA: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CCAQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nasa.gov%2Ftopics%2Fearth%2Ffeatures%2Fjapanquake%2Fearth20110314.html&ei=0ohzVNOGAZLPgwShxYDYCw&usg=AFQjCNFNR-NINS5UkG8-PmAJoWxSsBMamA&sig2=vep3qT5R63Our9ZbwavzYg

  13. Jean-Pierre van den Berk

    Regarding the adjustment of the ancient standard dimensions.
    It would be great if we would know where their equator was located at their time of the earth’s wobble, shift.
    Yes, ley-lines are great indicators, but what about polar shifting?
    Yes, the equator was “set” hundreds of years ago, but what about the equator landmarks of the ancients?

    Isn’t the ancients location, based on “their center” of the earth?

    Thus leading to the question, where were their “Poles” ?

  14. Tracing Geometry
    I learned today that the trace of a matrix is the sum of its diagonal elements – and look what it reveals:
    12^4 / Earth-moon trace = 1,0077

    The mean combined diameters of earth and moon = 10077 miles

    moon cube diagonal : 6858,92119797275292 miles
    earth cube diagonal: 13717,84239594550584 miles
    Trace of earth-moon matrix: 20576,76359391825876 miles

    Whenever I see a number near some familiar value I look to see if there is a relation – this number jumped right out.

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